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Re: The Book of Wonder Woman

This is one of CiC's favorite figures. What's sad is she rarely get's any love at my game night. Everyone tends to overlook her for her male counterpart Superman, but to me she can have just as significant of a role in your army ((And in some cases even more so)) then the man of steel.

You know the drill, a quick run down on her abilities before I jump into a sample strategy/army idea based around the figure.

Every single one of her abilities are outstanding, and they play perfectly off of eachother.

Golden Lasso - Your opponents worse nightmare! The thing I love about C3G is that for one most of the figures are characters I grew up watching as a kid, but secondly almost all of them have some sort of amazing ability! Wonder Woman can cripple the baddest of them all, and with good draft buddies she can really put a damper on things. You can only have 1 enemy Lasso'd at a time because she has to start unengaged to use it and you may only choose 1 figure. So choose wisely and follow the Lasso with a heavy hitter for a solid 1 2 punch!

Warrior Engagement - Oh no! Did you happen to wrap that Lasso around your opponents main piece and now he wants to get away from you to regain his/her abilities? Not only will they have to take the chance of a wound, but if you do drop a skull they will also not be able to leave!

Aegis Silver Bracelets - This makes going after ranged flyers very doable. Her stout 6 defense is sure to drop atleast 1 shield, each die has a 33% chance to show blue. This also makes it difficult for an opponent to try and save a Lasso'd and negated friend by shooting at Wonder Woman from a distance. It practically forces the action to come to you.

Ok, so who should you draft with Wonder Woman and who does she match up well against?

For 1000 points I'd suggest you give my "Sinister Diva" army a try. They all compliment Wonder Woman well.
((Added just for Tickle ))
Wonder Woman - 300
Hawkgirl - 225
Jean Grey - 180
Poison Ivy - 165
Harley Quinn - 130
= 1000

The strategy here is to move them out together in the early going, with Wonder Woman taking the lead to both intimidate your Opponent and taking any ranged attacks that may be heading your way.

When you can snag someone with your Lasso then do so! you would ideally want to place the victim on a space that gives you height advantage. Her attack of 6 is respectable, but your next OM should be on the heavy hitter in this army which is Hawkgirl.

This is why you would want to move Hawkgirl with Wonder Woman. Once Wonder Woman Lasso's someone place the figure 4 spaces or further if possible from Hawkgirl and then soar in and use her Hawk Swoop ability!

This is almost a sure knock out for a lot of figures, without there special defensive abilities that is.

Imagine what this could do to say a Green/Yellow Lantern army. There super powered ranged attacks wont phase Wonder Woman and once she gets a hold of one, watch out! There base stats make them easily 1 shotable.

How does Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn fit into the mix? I say keep them close by the action because Poison Ivy acts as a small barrier for Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl as they pound on a victim. If you simply place Poison Ivy between WW/HG and there engaged prey and whoever your opponent is moving out next to try and engage WW to save his piece her vines will stop them in place, buying you sweet time to kill the prey. And if you kill the target and your opponent has a figure held down by Poison Ivy vines... guess who is next on the Lasso / Hawk Swoop menu?

Jean Grey - This is one of my top 5 favorite pieces in the game. She fits so well in this army that it's almost scary! Psionic Grip next to a nearby Lasso'd enemy spells double trouble on there hopes of getting away from WW. Not only would they first have to survive a D20 roll to move initially, they would still have to pray WW's Warrior Engagement blanks as well.
Once your opponent realizes moving away from WW with Jean Grey around is very unlikely they will likely put all of there OM's on a single card at the the start of the next round in order to try and engage WW. Knowing this I usually put my 1 or 2 OM on Jean Grey. And if indeed all OM's are on a totally different figure then I would attempt to throw whoever is already engaged with WW/HG away freeing both the Victim and WW ... you know what that means... She is poised to wrap the next fool that has all of the OM's on them with her Lasso!

Harley Quinn - Bonds with Poison Ivy and adds another attack to PI's OM making her rarely a waist of a turn. If things are going according to plan then I would like use Harley Quinn in unison with PI on the lockdown whoever is coming towards WW/HG mission. Engage the unit with HQ as her Acrobatic Maneuver makes her less likely to take wounds. And she is less of a priority in this set up then Poison Ivy is. Her Smilex Bomb is always a welcome addition to my armies though!

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