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Re: The Book of Yellow Lantern (Arkillo)

I played a game with Arkillo and the Sinestro Corps at my last game night and fell in love with them! So I started thinking of ways to use him in ways I didn't get a chance to the other night and thought I might share them with my fellow scapers!

Arkillo always looked beastly on paper before, but after accounting for his 310 point total and 110 a pop for the Sinestro Corps Soldiers it just felt like for a heavy hitter someone like Darkseid was a better option... But in steps Thaal and that all changed!

If point totals for your game allows field Arkillo, Thaal, and at least 3 Sinestro Corps Soldiers.

Insurgent Motivation - Worth it? ... Absolutely! Whip your men into shape early on by killing one of your own and the rest will know Arkillo means business and will fight harder!

The fact that Thaal is a Insurgent is a key factor as to why I suggest using Insurgent motivation early. At the start of the game with 4 battery markers on Thaal and 2 on each remaining Soldier they will have stats of
9 7
5 3
8 (Thaal) 6 (Soldiers)
6 4
Without height advantage! Oh and they bond by the way... The shear number of dice you throw per turn is enough to overwhelm the hardiest of figures.

And Arkillo's attack of 8 is nothing to snicker at either... But in order to keep your Yellow juggernaut pounding strong you need to be sure he stays alive. Once Arkillo dies then all your insurgents have noone to fear and the 2 extra attack is no longer available... But Thaal will be doing most of the dirty work, right? right

However Arkillo is not someone you want to rule out and keep him hiding in your starting zone... Oh no he will fight, he just needs to pick his battles cautiously.

As I mentioned before, with both battery markers on him he will have a beefy attack of 8 without height, but when do you opt to drop a marker and use his other ability Eviscerate? When you know you need a wound and don't want to deal with the countless defensive abilities that require defensive rolls to work!
Some examples ...
Professor X! - Arkillo is a beastly Mutant destroyer. Eviscerate renders Professor X's "X" ability useless because the ability requires a skull to be rolled... Won't find skulls here Charles! Just death.
Flash! - Tired of seeing Flash zip around the board everytime a blank is rolled on defense? Well bypass all of that and hit him so he can't run away.
Harley Quinn - 1 shield won't save you here!
Deathstroke - Calculated D? Don't think so!
Catwoman/Spiderman/Spidergirl/Venom or anyother D20 rolling escaper.

You get the picture.... And the best part? Even if you roll a 1 you are going to do some damage, and you still get to follow Eviscerate with your normal attack if your victim manages to survive!

But before you get too excited, remember, you can only use Eviscerate twice per game. It requires you to remove a battery marker to use it, and each battery marker you remove also drops his stats back to the reality to the card.

It can make a game for you, but use it wisely! (But for sure on Prof X :P )

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