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Re: The Book of Angel

Here is 90 points that goes a long way!

If you have read some of my other posts then it is no secret that I have love for the Mutants, but I'm not biased I swear!

When drafting Professor X you should really put some serious consideration into drafting Angel along with him. He truly acts as the hands that push Xavier around the board.

Carry is key in the early game when pieces are being spread around the map. Professor X may take a turn with 2 Mutants other then himself if he chooses, but you have to keep him close to the others to keep those good times rolling... So when positioning Wolverine, Cyclops, Colossus, Jean Grey etc etc... Be sure to take a turn or two with Angel to keep "Wheels" in action without having to rely on a D20 roll.

After a round or two and the battle actually begins Carry becomes nearly obsolete and Guardian Angel takes over!

Guardian Angel - I can't tell you how many times I have been able to get Prof X out of a sticky situation without burning his "X" by simply using this ability. You can use it after a normal attack in which you roll the defense dice to defend. If a figure with any sort of hand to hand double attack rolls weak then simply roll the Defense and then use Guardian Angel to move Prof X (or whoever else in range) back a space or two. If a squad starts firing down on someone then use it to move a tank like Blob or Colossus into engagement with the ones that haven't attacked yet.

Angel can is a good play even without his fellow Mutants. If you simply keep him in the general area of a fight Guardian Angel alone can make up for the 90 points you spent drafting him.

To me, he is the C3G version of Raelin... and a excellent "cheerleader" for just about any army, and a must pick when using Professor X.

My favorite pairing with Angel is Jean Grey. If an opponent happens to get engaged with Professor X and you feel confident in rolling Defense against their Attack then go ahead and do so and pull Xavier away using Guardian Angel... If you are unable to surround the opponent with Mutants on your next turn try not to worry to much... If Jean Grey is around the next time your opponent activates the figure they will have to hope you don't roll a 12 ((11 if adjacent to Charles)) or higher or else they won't be able to move in the first place... buying you more time to deal with them.

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