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Re: HS Trade Thread & Good Traders

Hello all,

My laptop is on the fritz and I need some money for a new one. Here is some Heroscape I am sad to depart with, but would like to offer to 'scapers. Paypal, personal check, or cash are all welcome. All items are in great condition, and pictures are included on a few items below that I felt needed pics. I would love for you to PM me reasonable offers on any or all of this:

Warriors of Ashra
Warriors of Ashra
Marro Stingers
Marro Nagrubs
Marro Drudge
Roman Archers
Roman Archers
Orm's Return--all five figures
Road the the Forgotten Forest--including Dumatef Guard (pending)
Anubian Wolves (sold)
Anubian Wolves (sold)
Shaolin Monks (sold)
Microcorps Agents (sold)
Obsidian Guards (sold)
Aubrien Archers (sold)
Shades of Bleakewoode (sold)
Shades of Bleakewoode (sold)
Minions of Utgar (painted to look extra evil) (sold)
4th Massachusetts Line (painted to look like Red Coats) (sold)
Knights of Weston (painted pink and yellow) (sold)
Warriors and Soulborgs Collection 5 in box

Big Box of Terrain. The painted pieces look really nice when put together on a battlefield.
Painted pieces:
24-hex Grass x 12
7-hex Grass x 8
3-hex Grass x 3
2-hex Grass x 19
1-hex Grass x 22
24-hex Rock x 4
7-hex Rock x 2
3-hex Rock x 5
2-hex Rock x 5
1-hex Rock x 6
7-hex Sand x 2
2-hex Sand x 10

Unpainted pieces:
2-hex Sand x 24
3-hex Sand x 3
1-hex Sand x 6
1-hex Grass x 12

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