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Re: HS Trade Thread & Good Traders

Am looking for some of the Heroscape figures and terrain sets that I was unfortunately not around when they were sold. I have a little bit of spare Heroscape stuff, and some Magic: the Gathering cards. Please PM me if you would like to trade!

I have 100% buyer feedback with ~200 purchases on eBay (here), and have made a few sales/trades on Heroscapers, but I don't think any positive feedback was given on those, at least that I'm aware of. I'm honest and won't screw you over.

Bolded wants are higher priority
Italicized haves I'm hesitant to trade away

1x Arrow Gruts
2x Blade Gruts
3x Mohican River Tribe
1x Knights of Weston
1x 4th Massachusetts Line
3x Aubrien Archers
2x Gladiatrons
2x Armoc Vipers
2x Heavy Gruts
3x Tagawa Samurai Archers
6x Zombies of Morindan
3x Templar Cavalry
1x Protectors of Ullar
3x Marro Dividers
1x Greenscale Warriors
2x Goblin Cutters
3x Mezzodemon Warmongers
2x Death Chasers of Thesk
2x Horned Skull Brutes
1x Volcarren Wasteland
2x Ticalla Jungle

1x Laglor
1x Acolarh

1x Samuel Brown (with card)

1x Nilfheim
1x Braxas
2x MacDirk Warriors
2x Greater Ice Elemental
1x Krug
1x Dumutef Guard
1x Jotun
1x Shaolin Monks
1x Sentinels of Jandar
2x Sets of RotV Figures
1x RotV (Nearly NIB, opened but not played)
1x Fortress of the Archkyrie (NIB)
1x Heroscape: Battle for the Underdark (NIB)
2x Soldiers and Wolves (NIB)
2x Marro Cavalry (NIB)
1x Heroes of the Molten Sea (NIB)
1x Heroes of Khorvaire
1x Ogre and the Goblins
1x Veterans of the Last War
1x Golem and Wyrmlings
1x Sir Gilbert (NIB - would only trade for bolded above)
$$ Cash

Magic the Gathering Cards
4x Metalworker
2x Vedalken Shackles
1x Lion's Eye Diamond
1x Lifeline
1x Bloodghast
1x Meloku the Clouded Mirror (foil)
1x Back to Basics
1x Mystical Tutor (Mirage)
4x Stifle
4x Dark Depths
1x Show and Tell
1x Baneslayer Angel (M10)
4x Burning Wish
1x Golin Lackey
2x Goblin Welder
1x Goblin Piledriver
1x Goblin Guide
4x Tarmogoyf
4x Noble Hierarch

2x Glimpse the Unthinkable
4x Crystalline Sliver (Stronghold)
4x Knight of the Reliquary
1x Tinker (foil)
1x AEther Vial (foil)
4x Mishra's Factory
Fetch Lands

M10 Dual Lands
Ravnica Shock Lands
+a lot more, just ask

Trades & Sales
Will gladly buy from or trade with again with:

People who have had good sales or trades with me:
aquamaniac27 (post)
'Scaper94 (post)
rouby44 (post)
quozl (post)
reverie (post)
Yesiamthatguy (post)
yoyomansizzle (post)

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