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Re: Colorado NHSD Rocky Mountain Rumble 2010

Here's the results as I've got them:
  1. Daniel 7-1 (Minions of Utgar x5, Marro Warriors)
    wins over cyberclaw16, Wild_Imagination, Chief, Generalrolondo, kpucblek, and Dylan, loss to dok
  2. dok 5-1 (Kurrok, Fire Elemental x9, Raelin RotV, Deathreavers x2)
    Wins over Daniel, Vivaldi, lafleurhero, Troy, and Revloscaper, loss to Elginb
  3. Elginb 5-1 (Silver Surfer, Thorgrim, Eldgrim, Theracus, Marro Warriors, Blade Gruts x2)
    Wins over dok, cyberclaw16, lafleurhero, Troy, and kpucblek, loss to Vivaldi
  4. Vivaldi 5-2 (Nilfheim, Greenscale Warriors x3, Raelin, Cyprien)
    Wins over Elginb, lafleurhero, Longshot, Revloscaper, and Stryker, loss to dok and chief
  5. cyberclaw16 4-3 (Mogrimm, Axegrinders x2, Heirloom, Sharwin Wildborn, Erevan Sunshadow, Brave Arrow, Isamu)
    Wins over Troy, Revloscaper, Stryker, and Dylan, losses to Daniel, Elginb, and kpucblek
  6. Wild_Imagination 3-2 (4th Mass x2, Fen Hydra, Raelin RotV, Red Wyrmling x2, Black Wyrmling x2, Deathreavers x1, Heirloom, Isamu)
    Wins over kpucblek, Dylan, and Stryker, losses to Daniel and Generalrolondo
  7. Chief 3-3 (Braxas, Airborne Elite, Axegrinders x2, Phantom Knights x2)
    Wins over Vivaldi, Generalrolondo, and Revloscaper, losses to Daniel, Troy, and Longshot
  8. lafleurhero 3-3 (4th Mass x3, Captain America, Sgt. Drake SotM)
    Wins over Troy, Revloscaper, and Dylan, losses to dok, Elginb, and Vivaldi
  9. Generalrolondo 3-3 (Raelin RotV, Phantom Knights x2, Torin, Shurrak, Heirloom, Isamu)
    Wins over Wild_Imagination, Longshot, and Stryker, losses to Daniel, Chief, and Revloscaper
  10. Troy 3-4 (Ornak, Brunak, Kurrok, Air Elemental x2, Fire Elemental x6)
    Wins over Chief, Longshot, and Stryker, losses to dok, Elginb, cyberclaw16, and lafleurhero
  11. Longshot (Dylan_D) 2-3 (Mogrimm, Othkurik, Tandros Kreel, Erevan Sunshadow, Nerak, Blade Gruts x1, Goblin Cutters x1)
    Wins over Chief and Dylan, losses to Vivaldi, GeneralRolondo, and Troy
  12. kpucblek 1-3 (Captain America, Marcu Decimus Gallus, Roman Legionnaires x3, Airborne Elite, Marcu)
    Win over cyberclaw16, losses to Elginb, Wild_Imagination, and Revloscaper
  13. Revloscaper 3-6 (Raelin RotV, Deathreavers x2, Airborne Elite, Krav Maga Agents, Jotun)
    wins over Generalrolondo, kpucblek, and Stryker, losses to Daniel, dok, Vivaldi, cyberclaw16, Chief, and lafleurhero
  14. Stryker 1-7 (Kaemon Awa, Krav Maga Agents, Syvarris, James Murphy, Ninjas of the Northern Wind, Shaolin Monks)
    Win over Dylan, losses to Daniel, Vivaldi, Ross, Wild_Imagination, Generalrolondo, Troy, Revloscaper
  15. Dylan 0-6 (Iron Golem, Red Wyrmling, Black Wyrmling, Kurrok, Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Finn, Roman Legionnaires x1, Marcus Decimus Gallus, Sahuagin Raider
    Losses to Daniel, cyberclaw16, Wild_Imagination, lafleurhero, Longshot, and Stryker
Welcome to bizarro results land, where #1's only loss is to #2, #2's only loss is to #3, and #3's only loss is to #4.

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