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Re: HYDRA Agents - Design Phase

NAME OF THE TEST UNIT HYDRA Agents @ 60 points

- Theme/ Does it pass. Pass
- Mirror/ Does it pass,. Pass
- Bonding/ Does it pass. Pass (not really good bonding unit)
- Synergy/ Does it pass?. Pass (don’t know yet)
- Power/ Does it pass?,. Pass
- Fun Test/ Does it pass? Pass
- Fun Competitive Test/ Does it pass? Pass
- Drafting Test/ Does it pass? Pass (Will need Ruthless Mastermind)
- Usage Test/ Does it pass? Pass
- Strategy Test/Does it pass? Pass
(Be sure to list what official units you used and what BoV map you used per section below.)
Heavy Hitter/ Does it pass?
Played on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh map.

HYDRA Agents x 1 (60)

Vs. Zetacron (60) Zetacron wins with 1 wound on T1R2
Vs. Johnny Shotgun (65) Johnny wins with 4 wounds on T2R2.

HYDRA Agents x 2 (120)

Vs. Agent Skahen (120) Skahen wins with 2 wounds on T4R2
Vs. Mogrimm Forgehammer (120) Mogrimm wins with 5 wounds on T6R3.

HYDRA Agents x 3 (180)

Vs. Punisher @(180) Punisher wins with 3 wounds on T6R2.
Vs. Jean Grey @ (180) Jean wins with 3 wounds on T1R3.

Thus far, it’s evident that they aren’t worth their points w/o bonding use. Also, Skahen was tough because of Agility, though her double attack allowed the use of Hail Hydra for second attack. Mogrimm was tough because of Tough and his auto shield vs. mostly attacks of 2 or sometimes attacks of 3 with height. They had to roll at least 2 skulls and hope he whiffed with his 2 def dice to chip away at him.

Punisher had height most of the time and rained down some heat with his Assault Rifle. He made sure that the others got +1 defense for the rest of the turn after he killed the first Agent every time. Even with their defense up to 3, they are vulnerable to multiple attacks, at the 180 point range, that's what they'll face often.

I figured Punisher was kind of a rough test for them, so I tired Jean Grey who has a shorter ranged normal attack and an occasional Throw attack. She got a couple Throw kills, but had height often and her normal attack was pretty accurate. The Agents had some opportunities with two of them having height on her for a couple turns worth of attacks, but they couldn't take advantage of the bump to attack of 3.

Squad/ Does it pass? Pass
Played on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh map

Hydra Agents x 2 (120) vs. Arrow Gruts x 3 (120)

Game 1. Arrow Gruts won with 4 left on T4R2.
Game 2. Hydra Agents won with 3 left on T5R2.

I had them go against Arrow Gruts because they were a ranged unit with bonding they couldn’t use, so they’d be even in that regard. They didn’t need their Disengage power, though Hydra Agents did use Hail Hydra.

Game 1 saw Arrow Gruts take advantage of their speed to gain height and that helped some of them to be even attack and defense vs. the Agents. Their numbers helped as the Hydra Agents weak attack didn’t ensure auto kills whenever attacking the lowly Arrow Gruts.

Game 2 saw the opposite in that due to initiative rolls the Hydra Agents were able to reach height point and destroy first wave of Gruts there and then maintain height for much of the game. Arrow Gruts did what they could, but their low attack and defense wasn’t helping them at this point and neither was their speed.

Army Test 1/ Does it pass?. Inconclusive as they didn’t have need to get activated until the end, but they died pretty good in the meantime. Not much of a threat.

Played on Platforms 5 and 6 map

Red Skull (190) Agent Skahen (120) Hydra Agents x 2 (120) Wyvern (100) Theracus (40) and Guilty (30) for 600 points.


Thugs x 2 (150) Black Mask (100) Nightcrawler (140) Pyro (120) and Angel (90) for 600 points
Spoiler Alert!

Army Test 2/ Does it pass?.
Played on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh map

Red Skull (190) HYDRA Agents x 3 (180) Punisher (180) Spiderman (160) and Angel (90) for 800 points.


Cyclops (190) Jean Grey (180) Mystique (165) Iceman (150) Toad (95) and Marcu (20) for 800 points.

Spoiler Alert!

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