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Re: HS Trade Thread & Good Traders

Large Sets
Aquilla's Alliance / Raknar's Vision (No card for Jotun) / Orm's Return
Full set of Flagbearers (NIB)
Elite Onyx Vipers w/ Original Card

Wave 1
Heroes of Bleakwood, Snipers & Vipers, IX Roman Legion, Grut Orcs

Wave 5
Gladiators & Agents

Wave 6
Heroes of Durgeth

Wave 7
Heroes of Elswin, Fiends and Vampires, Spearmen and Riflemen

Wave 8
Heroes of the Molten Sea, Elves, Marro Cavalry, Soldiers & Wolves

Wave 9 (some NIB)
Heroes of the Moon Tribe, Dwarves & Repulsors, Dividers & Defenders, Braves & Brawlers

Board Games

One (1) Ice Tile from a TT set
Knights & Swog Rider
Minions & Drones
Gorillas & Hounds
Kilts & Commandos
Monks & Guards
Soulborgs & Elves

Good Trades: Keglo, mikelizzio, EternalThanos86, R˙chean

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