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Re: Blob C3G X-Men Set - Playtesting Phase

Originally Posted by Spidey'tilIDie View Post
NAME OF THE TEST UNIT ___Blob @ 160 pts__

- Theme/ Does it pass, if not, list your Theme Check observations. Pass, after tackling and nearly defeating the Hulk I think Blob is perfectly thematic!
- Mirror/ Does it pass, if not, list your Mirror Check observations. Pass
- Bonding/ Does it pass, if not, list your Bonding Check observations. N/A
- Synergy/ Does it pass, if not, list your Synergy Check observations. N/A
- Power/ Does it pass, if not, list your Power Check observations. Pass, man, he may be sorta weak for the Blob, but he is very fun to play!
-Squad/ Does it pass? Pass
-Played on Under The El vs.Warriors of Ashra x3 (150 points).
Warriors of Ashra took the victory on turn 2 of round 4. Blob took out 5 WoA before being killed. When he had height on WoA he usually won even with Defensive Agility, especially because once they engaged they were Stuck. WoA got height on him and he should have taken a Leaving Engagement Attack because they were only able to wound him with height because of his Blubber and even then bad rolls assisted them. Pretty interesting match since dice rolls had to be epic to wound or kill. Blob did as expected considering his Blubber is really tough against normal attacks, especially lower normal attacks that would require him to whiff defense dice to take wounds.

I also played on the same map with Blob vs. Mohican River Tribe x2 (140 points)

Blob won on turn 6 of round 3. He had 4 wounds. The Mohicans have low attacks, so it took him whiffing on two occasions to take 3 wounds and only getting 2 shields (1 actual) vs. a 3 skull attack. Again, Blob should do this against this type of opponent. He killed one Mohican by switching on the electrified Track. They first tried to attack via Range but could never wound him because he took height and waited for them. (2 Attack vs. 6 Defense plus Blubber) Once they were engaged then he would take a Leaving Engagement Attack to gain Height while keeping them adjacent this basically kept them from moving most of the game. For them a victory may have been possible if not for the track as that Mohican had only attacked once with height and whiffed. A second or third try and maybe his dice fail him.

-Heavy Hitter/ Does it pass? N/A, not finished
-Played against Major Q10 (150 points) on Under the EL.
-Test 1 Blob won with 0 wounds on turn 5 of round 2.
-Test 2 Major Q10 won with 3 wounds on turn 5 of round 2.
-Test 3 Blob won with 3 wounds on turn 3 of round 2.
-Test 4 Blob defeats Joker (190 points) with 1 wound on turn 6 of round 3.
-Test 5 Black Canary (190 points) defeats Blob with 1 wound on turn 5 of round 2.
-Test 6 Hulk (370 points) defeats Blob with 7 wounds on turn 1 of round 4.

Blob’s Powers didn’t really come into play very much since Q10 is Large and has not one but TWO SA. It is for this reason I chose him. I wanted to see how he did, if his powers were basically no good. Blob was smart enough to always use the Warehouse ruin to force Q10 to come toward him and not just sit back and attack from range. First game Q10 moved around wall to become engaged, Blob attacked, Q10 attacked and wiffed, Blob wiped him out. Second time, Same thing with Blob using ruin to hide, Major Q10 waited to move around. Forced Blob to come to him. Blob engaged and attacked, Q10 moved, took damage but got height and used SA. When Blob moved to re-engage Q10 still had height. Attack defended, Q10 attacks with SA, Game over. Third game, Q10 finally wins initiative. Moves first, this changes Blob’s strategy finally. Q 10 gets behind ruin first, Blob decides to move across and under the EL track, out of LOS. Q10 moves forward, but can’t attack no LOS. Blob moves out from behind El Support, and attacks with height. Blows Q10 away with second attack with height with 5 skulls on 6 dice against just 2 shields.

Against Joker, who had no benefit from Reorganized Chaos, Blob wrecked shop. Joker tired to get up high and use his Wanna Hear Another SA, but to no avail. Blob also moved up but up hill instead of Ladder. Joker and BLob have same move number so reached the top pretty evenly. Joker got one Wanna Hear Another with height but had an epic fail on the dice, one skull. Blob blocked easily then moved into engagement, from there it was all down hill for Joker even though he consistently rolled 2 or more skulls. Blob's Stuck is proving to be an awesome power.

Against Canary, Blob had a tought time. First off she tried to stay away and use her Canary Cry SA, but anytime she would be close enough, he could turn around and make her adjacent on the next turn, whihc she was trying to avoid. Finally, she took height and dared him to move close. She missed with CCSA and he moved in engagement, which she took advantage of with Fists of Furry. On her first FOF attack she rolled 3, 4, 3, and 2 skulls for a total of 3 wounds. BLob blocked them all on the next turn, but succumbed on the next turn.

Hulk was interesting because it was a story of two games. Before Hulk got his 5th wound, he couldn't touch Blob. After boosting Rage Smash all the way, he quickly took Blob out in three attacks even with Blubber. Hulk started by Super Leaping to the top of the EL, but didn't move down in order to avoid Blob moving adjacent on his turn and getting first attack. After Blob moved, Hulk Superleaped down to engage. Then Blob moved up while staying in engagement. This kept Hulk from moving the rest of the game. Slowly Blob chipped away at his life until there was only one left. Then Hulk went to town. Great test!

Still to come: Ranged Army test and Melee Army Test
All tests played on Badru Valley.

- Does it pass? YES
Units: Blob and Grundy VS Hulk and Raelin
Raelin moves up to position. Grundy advances. Hulk leaps and intercepts Grundy, but fails his low attack. Grundy leaves engagement successfully and goes after Raelin, but can't quite reach her. Hulk chases him down and gives him two wounds. Grundy Leaves Hulk again successfully and gives Raelin 4 wounds! Raelin flies away leaving Grundy and Hulk at the bottom of the mountain. Grundy puts 3 wounds on Hulk, then Hulk kills Grundy. Hulk leaps after Blob, gets stuck, and fails his attack. Blob moves up on height and gives Hulk 4 more wounds! Raelin moves up to offer Hulk some support, while Hulk goes back and forth with Blob for two rounds until Blob resurrects Grundy and then Blob Dies. Hulk moves up on height above Grundy and kills him.
Hulk and Raelin win with 7 wounds on Hulk and 4 wounds on Raelin.

RANGE ARMY TEST - Does it pass? YES
Units: Blob, Joker, and Green Arrow, VS Batman, Catwoman, and Venom
Blob runs up and Venom takes a mountain. Then Blob ties Venom down, but Venom has height. Venom attacks Blob and gives him 2 wounds. Green Arrow moves up and snipes Batman with a ranged skill shot of 18 and 8 spaces away. Batman takes 3 wounds! Catwoman moves up and attacks GA and gives him 1 wound. Then GA attacks Batman again and finishes him off. Catwoman misses her attack, then GA chases after Venom but misses. Catwoman goes after GA and puts him one away from death, then GA gives Catwoman 4 wounds! Venom attacks Blob and gives him 2 more wounds putting him one away from death, then GA finishes Catwoman off. Venom uses his Web Special and kills Blob, so GA takes height on Venom but Venom "senses" it coming. Venom Kills GA and Joker approaches putting Venom 2 away from death with "Wanna Hear Another?", but Venom ultimately kills the psycho clown.
Venom wins with 3 wounds.

Blob feels perfect at 160!

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