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Re: Magneto C3G X-Men Set - Playtesting Phase!

Magneto and I spent some quality time in Badru Valley, and these are the results...

Magneto vs. Solomon Grundy
Map: Badru Valley
Magneto took the high ground early on and spent most of the battle tossing Solomon Grundy around like a rag doll. Grundy got in a single shot the entire battle, after Magneto whiffed a pair of throw rolls, but Magneto shrugged it off.
- Magneto wins at the end of round 2, with full health. Admittedly, this was a nightmare matchup for Grundy.
Magneto Wins, Round 2, full health

Magneto vs. Silver Surfer
Map: Badru Valley
Surfer's first Cosmic Blast claims half of Magneto's life. Magneto manages to blast away 4 wounds of Surfer's before he succumbs to a 6 Skull Power Cosmic Blast in middle of round 2.
Surfer Wins, Round 2, 2 wounds remaining

Magneto vs. Silver Surfer
Map: Badru Valley
Rematch Time, and it's bloody. By the end of Round 1 both are half dead. Round 2 is an utter stalemate with neither being able to harm the other. Surfer wins at the end of Round 3, with 2 wounds remaining, with a 5 Skull Power Cosmic blast.
Surfer Wins, Round 3, 2 wounds remaining

Magneto vs. Abomination
Map: Badru Valley
Round 1 was almost a stalemate, with Abomination only able to score a single wound on Magneto, and Magneto unable to penetrate Abominations thich hide. The draw holds out untill the end of round 2 when Magneto changes tactics to throwing, and then fails every throw and defense roll. Abomination is untouched.
Abomination wins, Round 2, full health

Magneto vs. Abomination
Map: Badru Valley
No Holds Barred Action !! Magneto dishes out an unblocked 5 Skull Attack, only to catch a 4 skull sucker punch in return. Abomination wins on his second activation, but with only 3 wounds remaining.
Abomination wins, Round 1, 3 wounds remaining

There weren't any 310 point characters for me to use so Surfer and Abomination were a bit over and Grundy a bit under. For the most part Magneto's offense was not enough to crack high defense characters like Surfer and Abomination without exceptional dice rolling. On the flip side his defense proved quite formidable to them as well, but the managed to nickel and dime him, or straight out KO him if he rolled poorly.

The throw is fun, and is hell on anyone without travel powers, but not all that usefull against heavy hitters.

Magneto & Captain America vs.
Green Arrow, Black Canary, & Joker

Map: Badru Valley
The first round was all Magneto. He took the high ground, carried Captain to high ground adjacent to him, and manages to pair of wounds on each Joker and Canary.
Round 2 starts strong for Mags and Caps with high ground and adjacentcy bomus. Despite that Canary's Cry and Cupid's Arrow each put a wound on Cap. Magneto responds by crushing both Joker and Canary. The Emerald Archer is on his own, and furious at Canary's demise. He delivers a killing blow to Magneto right between the eyes (Skill shot roll of 20 followed by 4 Skulls)
Round 3 Captain America takes out Green Arrow
Captain America with 3 wounds Remaining wins in 3 rounds

WHAT IF ?!?!?
What if the Emerald Archer's shot hadn't been as decisive ?
If Green Arrow had rolled 1-19, Magneto with his bubble up shrugs off the 4 skulls. 2 More rounds of combat before Green Arrow falls before the might of Magneto.
Magneto and Captain America win in Round 3

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