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Re: Blob C3G X-Men Set - Playtesting Phase

BLOB: PASS @ 160


Blob Playtest Feedback

Heavy Hitter Test vs Sonlen
Game 1: Blob's attack dice were very good and he demolishes Sonlen in 3 attacks. Blob wins with 1 wound (from Dragon Swoop).
Game 2: Sonlen succeeds at 3 Heals and 4 Swoops. Sonlen wins with 3 wounds.
Game 3: Sonlen only rolls one 15, for a Swoop. Blob wins with 3 wounds.
Game 4: Blob gets very unlucky early and takes not only 2 Dragon Swoops (both 20s!) but 3 wounds from normal attacks. Sonlen proceeds to win with 1 wound.
Game 5: Blob blanks on a 3-skull attack from Sonlen (then rolls 4 shields against a 1-skull attack). But Blob wins with 4 wounds.

Result: Pass.

Squad Test vs 2x Wolves of Badru
Game 1: Wolves kill Blob in round 1 after leading off with a 5-skull Pounce (for 4 wounds). Blob's only attack fails to kill anything, so 4 Wovles survive.
Game 2: This time the first Pounce is a whiff and Blob actually gets to kill something. Blob wins with 4 wounds.
Game 3: Blob's defense (on height even) is simply too good for the Wolves. Blob wins with 3 wounds.

Result: Pass.

Melee Army Test with Crixus, Kozuke Samurai vs 3x Anubian Wolves, Khosumet, Tarn Vikings
Game 1: Anubians start things off with a useless 20 (thanks to Khosumet) then take the Move glyph which allows them to grab the Defense glyph, too. For the other team, Blob takes a high spot on the road to block off one main road. Wolves only get +2 Attack and decide to bring up reinforcements instead of trying to take on Blob, while the Kozuke make their way to the road, ready to run 11 spaces next round. One of them does just that while the other two go after the glyph holders. 3 Wolves fall. Khosumet bumps the bonus to +3 and the Wolves retaliate taking out 1 samurai. The samurai cut down 2 more Wolves. With only 2 attack dice, one wolf gets Counter Struck before another takes out a second samurai. Another wolf retook the Defense glyph. Blob goes after that wolf, but his attack is blocked. The Wolves only have 3 Attack, but two are able to attack Blob (1 from height) as the last wolf moves toward the Move glyph again. No hits on Blob. With 1 additional attack die next time, they still fail to land a wound (Blubber blocks a 5-skull attack). Blob returns with a 6-skull swing that kills the Defense glyph wolf. Vikings pull off a Charge that retakes the Defense glyph and lets them get 2 attacks on Blob. 1 hit. Blob gets blocked again trying to take out the glyph. 2 Vikings attack Blob for another wound and a 3rd Viking engages Crixus. Blob finishes the round by killing the glyph Viking. Crixus takes 1 hit from the 2 Vikings no engaging him. Blob destroys another Viking. Crixus takes another hit. Blob kills a wolf. The last wolf takes some high ground and prepares to defend himself. Blob destroys a Viking. The last one hits Crixus for 2, then Blob takes him out as well. Khosumet advances, he and his lone wolf facing tough odds. That last wolf ties up Blob but can't hit with only 2 dice and dies after his attack. That let Khosumet get first crack at Blob, too, though, but Blob rolls lots of shields. Blob hits Khosumet for 3. Khosumet hits Blob for 1. After a couple more turns, Blob finishes Khosumet, leaving himself (3 Life), Crixus (1 Life), and 1 Kozuke.
Without any high Fury rolls when they mattered, the Wolves couldn't crack Blob's defense. Though his team did better than I was expecting, including Blob doing 225 points of damage, this is a Pass. Blob's defense is reliable, but when his single attack doesn't come through it can leave his team in danger. I'm also happy to say that Stuck certainly helped force the enemy's fight to come to him sometimes, rather than his teammates.

Range Army Test with 2x Mohicans, Brave Arrow vs 2x Arrow Gruts, Krug, Mimring
Game 1: Mimring flies across early and roasts a couple Mohicans while an AG takes the Move glyph. In a perfectly executed counter-attack, one Mohican shoots Mimring while two engage him and together they deal 4 damage, then BA comes in for the kill. AGs bring Krug forward, but because of Jungle bonuses are able to kill only 1 Mohican. Mohicans destroy 2 AGs. Krug doesn't land a hit, but AGs kill another Mohican (who rolled a second 1 in a row for Concealment). Mohicans kill an AG but can't hit Krug. Krug and the AGs finish off the Mohicans. Then Krug, not angry at all, goes after BA but doesn't hit while an AG finds the Initiative Glyph. Blob advances. BA barely misses a Concealment roll and takes a hit from a Grut. Blob ignores the weak Krug in favor of taking out Gruts, but Krug leaves engagement with BA (who declines the attack die) to engage Blob. Blob, on high ground, lands 2 hits on Krug, defense, then lands 1 more. Krug still can't hit Blob, who punches in 2 more damage, really pissing him off, but he doesn;t even roll well on his next attack. Blob kills Krug without taking a single hit. Blob chases down the 2 remaining Gruts and he (full health) and BA (3 Life) win.
I'll run this one a couple more times, because being able to take out a full Life Krug without a scratch is something far and away from anything we've seen from other mid-range heroes.
Game 2: Mimring cuts through Mohicans like butter, though they do mange three (!) 20s for Concealment rolls against the AGs. Blob does well early on in the Krug match-up this time, scoring 5 wounds, but it's quickly over when Krug is able to get height and the Attack Glyph bonus (an AG is standing on that and the Initiative Glyph), for 9 dice. Krug (3 Life), Mimring (3 Life), and 4 AGs survive.
Results: Pass.

C3V Brainstorm
Pepperony - 14/09/13

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