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Re: Blob C3G X-Men Master Set - Playtesting Phase

NAME OF THE TEST UNIT ____Blob____________

(although if his army gains a defense glyph 14 potential shields)

Played on Ruins of Pine Tree Marsh
v. Drake 2.0 (170) for Games 1-5 and
v. Krug (120) for Games 6-8
- Heavy Hitter or Mid-Level Hero/ Does it pass? – Pass

Game 1 – Drake stayed melee. Blob wins on Turn 4 of Round 3 with 4 wounds.

Game 2 – Drake tried special attack first for 1 wound. With height disadvantage, Blob smacks him for 3 wounds. Drake moves to height: 4 skulls to 3 (now 6) shields. Blob adds another wound to Drake, wins Round 2 initiative and finishes the sergeant off. Blob wins on Turn 1 of Round 2 with 1 wound.

Game 3 – Drake tries more SA’s. Doesn’t break through 5 defense until last turn of Round 1 (1 wound). Blob rolls 4 skulls to Sarge’s 3 shields to even things up. Drake takes passing swipe to try special attack, to no avail. Avoids passing swipe second time and special attack adds another wound on the big fella. Round 3 – Initiative Blob, who smacks the veteran for 3 more. Drake can’t risk disengage, and rolls 5 big skulls—only to see 2 shields turn into 4, for a mere flesh wound on the big guy. Blob wins on Turn 3 of Round 3 with 3 wounds.

Game 4 – Round of SA’s for Drake nets only 1 wound. Blob returns the favor on Turn 6 at height disadvantage. Round 2, Blob good for only 1 wound on Drake. Round 3, Drake wins initiative and re-returns the favor. Turn 3, Drake on height finally comes through – 7 skulls – only to see Blob roll 4 [now 8] shields. In shock, Drake whiffs next defense roll for 3 wounds. Four skulls for Drake with height, and another 4 [now 8] shields for the eating machine. Blob belly bucks Sarge for the win. Blob wins on Turn 6 of Round 3 with 2 wounds.

Game 5 – Drake determined to salvage something from this match-up. Two SA’s get nothing. Blob moves adjacent with height disadvantage for naught. Drake gets only 3 of 7 skulls, but Blob whiffs on five dice, so finally Blubber has no effect. Round 2, Blob initiative for nothing. Drake grapples over water and avoids passing swipe to try the special attack, but again for nothing. Blob can’t get adjacent because of the water, and can’t outmaneuver the Army man. He whiffs again, this time on Drake’s special of 3 skulls. Drake wins on Turn 4 of Round 2 with 0 wounds.

Game 6 – First attack Krug, nothing. Blob hits for 1. Krug hits for 2 (defense whiff). Round 2: Blob hits for 3 more total over turns 3 and 5, gets 8 shields twice. Krug manages just one more wound on the slob. Round 3: Initiative Blob on height – 6 skulls – for 3 more on the troll. Rolling 9 dice, Krug manages 3 and 4 skulls, which just bounce of Blob’s 2 shields rolled each (4 with Blubber). Blob kicks the troll with a final 3 skull attack. Blob wins on Turn 3 of Round 3 with 3 wounds.

Game 7 – First attack Blob, nothing. Krug on height gets 2 and 3 skulls, which are blocked by rolls of 4 [8] and 3 [6], respectively. Round 2: Initiative Blob. One wound on Krug first turn, then nothing. Krug gets one all round (3 skulls v. 1 rolled shield). Round 3: Initiative Krug, nothing. Krug takes 2 more, gives 3, takes 3, and rolling 9 dice again, puts Blob down with a thunderous crash. Krug wins on Turn 5 of Round 3 with 6 wounds.

Game 8 – Round 1, nothing. Round 2: Initiative Blob, who hits for 1. Krug counters for 2. Blob counters with 4. Krug, rolling 7, gets 4 skulls, which are blocked by 2 (4) shields. Second attack is for 5 big ones, on which Blob whiffs. Krug wins on Turn 4 of Round 2 with 5 wounds.

- Squad/ Does it pass? -- Pass
v. Roman Archers x3 (165)

Round 1: Initiative Blob. First volley from Archers lands 1 wound. Blob engages first archer - dead archer. Second squad moves into position to fire over friendlies, but lands nothing.
Round 2: Initiative Archers. To keep from giving Blob height, they use individual attacks, but nothing lands. Another dead archer. Volley blocked without Blubber. Another dead archer. Next volley lands 2 wounds. Round ends with the 4th dead archer.
Round 3: Initiative Archers. Strategic movement allows rear squad to regain height for volley (not that it matters for the attack).= 2 more hits and Blob is reeling. Hoping to gain height himself for the next volley, Blob foregoes attack. Height doesn't matter as last volley of 4 skulls easily defeats 1 of 6 non-Blubbered shields.
Archers win on Turn 3 or Round 3 with 5 figures remaining.

v. Sentinels of Jandar (110)
The Battle of the Double Shields

Round 1: Initiative Sentinels. Movement until Turn 5, where 2 Sentinel attacks of 3 yielded only 1 hit. One Sentinel stayed out of attack to avoid giving up height.
Round 2: Initiative Sentinels. One wound on Blob. One dead Sentinel. Lots of double shields.
Round 3: Initiative Sentinels. 3 wounds on Blob from 2 defense whiffs. One dead Sentinel. Lots more double shields (they're like rabbits).
Round 4: Initiative Sentinels. Nothing doing.
Blob wins on turn 4 of Round 4 with 4 wounds.

- Melee Based Army/ Does it pass? - Pass
Team 1:
Blob (160), Warden 816 (90), Kumiko (80), Granite Guardians x2 (200), Tarn (50) and Isamu (10) for 590
Team 2:
Drake 1 (110), Minions of Utgar x2 (220), Axegrinders x2 (140), Tagawa Samurai (120) for 590

Round 1: Initiative Team 1. GG move out out 4 spaces w/Warden, then a 5th w/Take Hi Ground. Axes out. GG again, kill 1 Axe and set 2 GG on highest perch. Axes again, 3 attacks, nothing. Tarn out (no Berserker). Minions out.
Round 2: Initiative Team 1. GG, 3 attacks on Axes, 3 dead dwarves. Minions, 3 attacks on GG, can't break through. GG, 3 attacks on Minions, 3 dead Kyrie.
Axes down entire squad, so only get 1 attack, but it counts on GG. Tarn, 2 attacks on Axe, 1 dead Dwarf. Minions move from start zone. Things going well for Team Blob.
Round 3: Initiative Team 2. Axes, 3 attacks on 2 Tarn, 2 dead Vikings. Blob moves out. Minions move 2 toward Blob, 3rd wiffs against Tarn. Remaining 2 Tarn get no attack love (and no Berserker). Tagawa move out. 2nd GG squad out.
Round 4: Initiative Team 2. 2 Minions engage Blob w/height, 3rd still on Tarn, dead Viking, whiffs against Blob. Blob up at Minion, swing and a miss. 3rd Minion flies to engage last Tarn, last dead Viking, and double skulls beat double shields, putting 2 wounds on Blob. OM 2 on Tarn, so Axes go from even height against GG, getting only 1. GG return the hit.
Round 5: Initiative Team 1. Blob KO's a Minion. Minion flies over and fills spot, so 2 shots at the big guy. Double skulls again does it for 2 more wounds. Blob fights back, but wimpy 1 skull is defended easily. Minions smell victory, as second double attack is whiffed on, and down goes Blob. OM 3 on Blob, so Tagawa move up.
Round 6: Initiative Team 2. With Blob out of the way, all the OMs are on the Tagawa. They engage 2 GG, killing 1. GG get a dwarf. Tagawa, w/their +1 bloodlust, get a GG. GG get a minion. Tagawa surround Kumiko in her start zone, and get her, 1 life per samurai attack. That was OM 3 for Team 1.
Round 7: Initiative Team 1. Not that it matters much. Warden evisceraxes a Tagawa. Remaining samurai exact their revenge for their fallen comrade, getting 1 life each from the Warden. GGs whiff on Minions. Tagawa can only get adjacent to 1 GG, but it's enough, scoring from height disadvantage (6 attack helps). Last GG whiffs, and pays for it with a 6 skull attack from a samurai.
Round 8: Initiative Team 2. Tagawa adjacent to Isamu, who can't even roll a paltry 9, and dies from embarassment on the spot.

Team 2 wins on Turn 1 of Round 8, with 2 Tagawa Samurai, 1 Axegrinder, 1 Minion, and 1 unused Drake.

- Ranged Based Army/ Does it pass? - Pass

Team 1:
Blob (160), Atlaga (90), Protectors (110), and Stingers x3 (180) for 540
Team 2:
Nilfheim (185), Kaemon Awa (120), Microcorp x2 (200), and Guilty (30) for 535

Round 1: Inititative Team 2. Agents move. Stingers move, 3 in range, Stinger Drain=3 OUCH! Agents to height, 1 more dead Marro. Stingers counter, Drain=5 WHEW! 2 dead Agents (Armor 3 and 12). KA shoots and misses. Only 1 Stinger in range of Agent, Drain=10 WOOT!, 3 skulls to 3 shields.
Roud 2: Initiative Team 1. Stinger Drain=14, 1 wound on Nilf in starting zone, 1 more dead Agent (Armor = 5). Agents react, 2 dead Stingers. Only 1 Stinger can shoot, no drain, misses anyway. Nilf flies adjacent to pesty Stinger and whacks him normally. Protectors out. Nilf on rampage, takes out two Protectors and just misses a Stinger with Ice Shard.
Round 3: Initiative Team Nilf. SA only good for 1 more Stinger. Return fire blocked easily by the dragon. Nilf SA again good, this time good (actually bad) for last Protector and another Stinger. With Nilf now so close, Blob enters the fray, and whacks the ice lizard on the nose for 2 wounds. 2 Agents in range take out 1 Stinger (just 1 left now). Blob shows his muscle? and knocks the king right off his throne, as Nilf whiffs against 3 skulls.
Round 4: Initiative Team Blob. Last Stinger standing puts 2 skulls on nearest Agent, who whiffs, but wait, Armor=17! Agents return fire, and put down the final Marro. Blob easily blocks the pea shooters. Atlaga can't get in range so tucks in behind ruin. 3 Agents with height rain down 3 skulls each on Blob, who blocks the first two sets with ease, only to whiff on the third for 3 wounds. Exacts his revenge by taking out nearest Agent, Armor=13. KA whiffs first SA, but lands 1 hit on the big guy to end the round.
Round 5: Initiative Team Blob. Atlaga flies over the ruin with his Bolt of Witherwood at the ready for KA. 5?!? Are you kidding me? Consoles himself by putting 1 on the archer with his regular attack. 1st KA special falls short, but Blob whiffs on the second, and creates a small tsunami falling back into the river. OM2 in Blob, so KA's special make short work of the shirted flyer.

Team 2 won on Turn 4 of Round 5 with 2 Microcorp Agents, KA with 1 wound, and Guilty untouched.

When I started, I thought Blob's double shields were going to be overpowering, but it did not turn out to be the case. He can go toe to toe (and those are BIG toes) with both melee and ranged normal attacks. Since we don't test with glyphs, I didn't see how well he could hold them, but it seems pretty obvious--you're not moving him off of there unless you dangle a triple cheeseburger and a large shake a few hexes away.

I know that I do not know.

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