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JC McMinis July 27th, 2015 08:47 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Ok partial it is. @TREX I do have glyph labels done for the bow, boots and cestus. Just have not posted them yet will post them with the final cards as well as the display thread.

TREX July 27th, 2015 11:04 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Me and my bros just finished playing a 700 pt per player free for all game (2800pts)
This brought to light a handful of issues with this character, major issues. First issue with kratos himself. I strongly believe his reach needs to be reduced to 2. He was able to take height 9 out of 10 times. Matched up with the boots he was able to take height and then evade enemies completly. With the phantom walk, the boots should be taken down to +2. That would still be more than enough to pick them. The most broken glyph was the claws of hades. In the game, the claws of hades help you summon creatures to help you attack your enemies. My brother took off up to 8 wounds and slaughtered a good 10 characters in 5 turns or less. Half of them being ice giants and such(not small frys). There is no heal regeneration in the game from them and it truly broke our game. By the end of the game none of us(with the exception of my brother playing him) was having anything remotely close to fun. Kratos killed 1470 points, out of a possible 2100 between his three opponents. He killed roughly 5 times his point limit. He only died once courtesy of the broken claws of hades. There needs to be some adjusting. This one game was the equivalent to 3 or 4 play test because of the massive point limit. I hope you guys hear me and want to fix this guy before we release a broken card.

TREX July 27th, 2015 11:04 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Sorry Double post.

Dysole July 27th, 2015 11:33 PM

Quick Thoughts
He'll invariably be a bit swingy but dropping Reach makes sense to me. I'll think on how to fix the claws.

~Dysole, ideating

TREX July 28th, 2015 12:18 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
@Dysole , to fix the claws, I would just drop the healing regeneration factor. Me and my bros all agreed that the claws are still way worth picking with just the extra attack bonus. I would also like to drop the Boots to +2 move. I like the phantom walk with the boots but dropping the move down 1 would reduce the chance that he always gets height advantage. Before the last game we played, we played a couple others that he did crazy awesome on. The reason I played horrible with him prior, I blame on the map I was testing. It needed work, so he got bottle necked and couldn't pick up any glyphs.

McHotcakes July 28th, 2015 02:01 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Were you able to pick up all of the Glyphs? How many games did you play? Maybe Kratos just had a lucky game?

Just curious

TREX July 28th, 2015 04:12 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
@McHotcakes, I have played over a dozen games with Kratos, The last three games were on pretty open maps. In all 3 games kratos got at least 3, the last he got all five. On the last three games. The Cestus seemed to be fine, The boots helped him get out of range of most attacks and then take height most of the time, thats why I would like to reduce it by 1 move. That still puts kratos at 8 move with phantom walk-still godly enough. The Bow played well, It has a low chance at first but can become deadly. The fleece was not picked for most of the games, it had no effect really on any games. When the claws came out, that was the factor that over the top broke the game. My brother would kill at least two figures per turn. The attack bonus from the dead figures was really helpful at killing additional figures piling up the body count. What broke it was the added health regeneration. He would have got killed 2 more times had he not got to take wounds off. My brother that played him did not use a single other figure in his 700 pt army that last game. We all agreed that the claws would be really great with just the attack bonus. I also think it serves theme better.(as there is no healing factor on them in the game. As I said before, I was testing a map I was building for BOSS that still needs a bit of work, along with bad die rolls. Kratos last three games were over the top. Along with Confreds beastly games with him I can now justify these small changes.
EDIT: The larger the point size on your game, the better Kratos will do. The more bodies to slay the merrier. It allows him to grow and upgrade, that part I did like. I think we nailed the theme of this guy. Just need to check him a little.

Confred July 30th, 2015 12:23 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Sorry about the disappearance and lack of activity, RL can be demanding

What if we reduce his Move value to, 5 and keep Boots at +3?

I don't like duplicate powers - powers that are the exact same, but named differently.
If we reduce Blades to Range 2, I'd prefer to rename it to Reach. Unless we add something to differentiate it from Reach, but I prefer not to do major adjustments at this point. I'm not sold that reducing his Range by 1 will do much anyway

I'm still working on the previous scrupels, but on phone and prefer to do intricate work on computer.

Great feed back everybody

I'm fine with adjustment to Claws, because even though I liked them, their power level itched me.

TREX July 30th, 2015 01:30 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
@Confred , the move reduction is fine to the card of Kratos, I just wanted to reduce by 1 somewhere. We could change the name to reach, that is fine. Blades of Exile sounds cooler but reach is the generic that blades are precedent to. If those three things are changed I think he is good to go. Still at 300pts. It will make him slightly less able to get a height bonus every time. I don't know how many points he would kill, He almost hit 1500 pts but ran out of guys to kill.:) He only died once, but would have maybe died another time or two had the claws been fixed. Those should fix him up to be more competitive and balanced.

McHotcakes July 30th, 2015 03:48 PM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Things are looking good. I think Kratos is just about finished with these changes.

Confred July 31st, 2015 03:25 AM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Easy change first:

Before each order marker you reveal after Kratos has been destroyed, roll the 20-sided die. If you roll 18 or higher, place Kratos on any empty space that is no higher than any figure's base and immediately remove all wound markers from this card. Each time Kratos is destroyed and is your only figure on the battlefield, roll for Climb From Tartarus.
(Adds back bonus roll restriction)



MOVE 5 (Move value of 5)
It looks less bad on the card than expected. I almost like it as it reduces memory complexity. Reducing both his Move value and his Range value is a serious nerf - as it was relevant is a significant number of quick play tests on my end. It may be a change that is warranted to bring him further away from 500Points and closer to 300.


When attacking with a normal attack, this figure may use these claws to remove figures from this Claws of Hades card to roll 1 additional attack die to a maximum 3 additional attack dice. Each time this figure destroys a figure, place the destroyed figure on this Claws of Hades card.

Each time Kratos destroys an opponent’s Unique Hero, place a Godly Artifact Glyph on this card. You can use By the Gods 5 times this game.
Again, why this version vs the next top version: Tagawa? Tagawa use a passive voice, which modern figures do not use and the wording is more ambiguous to boot.

JC McMinis July 31st, 2015 06:45 AM

Re: Heroes of Fiction: Design Thread
Ok guys here the initial card for the Golden Fleece Glyph. Please ley me know what you think. As with all the others I will 'shop in the Goldy Artifact part after eveything is finalized. Are we still debating on the Claws of Hades?


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