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kevindola February 24th, 2021 09:26 AM

Maekor Public Playtesting

-Figure Photo
Spoiler Alert!

-text version of the card
Spoiler Alert!

Rulings and Clarifications:

Suggested R&C:

Q: If a figure that receives wounds from Maekor's attack has a power that can ignore those wounds (e.g. Stealth Armor), do you roll for that power before or after applying Plasma Blade Arc?
A: Roll for the defensive power first.
If the wounds are ignored then Plasma Blade Arc cannot trigger because the wounds were not actually received.
-Combinations and Synergies-

Synergy Benefits Received
- Greenscale Warriors: Loyalty to the Lizard King
As a Unique Lizardfolk Hero, Maekor can be chosen as the Lizard King for the Greenscale Warriors.

- Greenscale Warriors: Lizard King Bonding
If Maekor is chosen as the Lizard King for the Greenscale Warriors, the Greenscale Warriors may take a turn with Maekor before taking a turn themselves.

Synergy Benefits Offered
- Greenscale Warriors: Loyalty to the Lizard King
If Maekor is chosen as the Lizard King for the Greenscale Warriors, Greenscale Warriors within 2 clear sight spaces of Maekor receive an additional attack and defense die.

- Lizardfolk War Cry: Lizardfolk Unique Heroes
Maekor may activate the following Lizardfolk Unique Heroes with his Lizardfolk War Cry special power:
Zogross Hardscale

Company Defensive Formation: The following figures can receive an additional defense die when adjacent to Maekor and either Maekor is engaged or a Mercenary figure adjacent to Maekor is engaged.
Wastewalker Gage

Heroscaper Guy March 8th, 2021 09:09 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting
Playtest Summary
510 points
Map: April by BiggaBullFrog
Army 1: Mezzosx5, Marcu, Sonya, Krug
Army 2:3x Lizardfolk, Maekor, Wastewalker, Zogross
Which Units Survived? 10 mezzos (4 markers left), Krug, sonya

Spoiler Alert!

Maekor removes 3 exo markers from the mezzos before he died in a whiff and lost a round of oms.
Power Usage
Lizardfolk War Cry used once to bond with Zogross before Zogross was killed. Defensive Formation was used 4 times in fighting with melee mezzodemons. Plasma Blade was used never due to mezzo markers.
So to me and Stupendous it looks like the lizardfolk build isnt the right build for him. While he was decent with Zogross being tanky, I think that the lizardfolk warriors just don't work with him quite. I think once the other lizard hero in the pack gets released, I'm gonna guess its gonna be a decent option with him. Right now though, he gets pulled too much in different directions (only one other mercenary and one other lizard hero) and having it in the same army wasnt good. I cant think of what really would work with him though at the moment along with Zogross. Only being able to bond with one lizard king, makes you pick Zogross due to him being tankier, and I tried to use him and the lizards as the first wave but they just died to the mezzos and then Zogross whiffed when the lizardfolk had casulties so I was bringing up Maekor. I feel like there could be another build for him but at the moment this one wasnt it.

kevindola March 16th, 2021 04:20 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting
Split (Unique, Wannok)

kevindola: Romans x3, Azurite Warlord, Valguard
@heroscaper2010 : Greenscales x2, Maekor, Q10, Isamu

Azurite (2 life)
Valguard (3 life)
5 Romans

Round 1: Romans slow roll. Q10 moves once, Maekor and Lizards twice

Round 2: Valguard reaches Q10 for 1 hit and Greenies and Romans engage. Arc Blade hits and 3 total Romans go down to 1 GS hit

Round 3: Arc Blade hits clearing out a Roman screen and allowing Greenscales to hit Azzy for 3. Azzy hits Maekor for 1 with Wrath and a GS goes down to Romans. OMs switch to Q10 at an inopportune time and are blocked. Azzy hits Maekor for 3 more and another Greenie gets taken down. Q10 knock out a Roman. Maekor goes down and a 2nd hit on Q10

Q10 can't hold off the the remainder, especially with wannok in play, but makes an effort

Maekor has a real shot of winning this if the order marker shift to Q10 doesn't happen in Round 3.


Defensive Formation: 6 times for himself only

Normal Attack: 2/2 (2x Roman)

Arc Blade: 2 (2x Roman)

Total Kills: 4 Romans (50 points)

Flash_19 April 10th, 2021 08:02 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting
@kevindola , should I still report a game where I played him incorrectly? I didn't realize defensive formation worked on himself as well :oops:. Granted, it only would have made a difference on 2 attacks, but then, those were the only attacks that put wounds on him... The second of those attacks just barely killed him. If he hadn't gone down that turn, the game likely would've ended quite differently.... Himmelskralle killed him, then preceded to wipe out almost all my greenscales (which essentially destroyed two of my order markers).

I like him with the greenscales - Seems like a fun figure.

kevindola April 10th, 2021 10:13 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting

Originally Posted by Flash_19 (Post 2458715)
@kevindola , should I still report a game where I played him incorrectly? I didn't realize defensive formation worked on himself as well :oops:.

No worries at all! Thanks for testing. It happens more than you'd probably think and it's important as we can parse out useful data no matter how it was played to a point.

So please post away and thanks again for testing!

kevindola April 23rd, 2021 09:51 AM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting
@Flash_19 just wanted to give you a bump so you don't forget to report the test. Thanks!

Flash_19 April 23rd, 2021 11:59 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting

Originally Posted by kevindola (Post 2460755)
@Flash_19 just wanted to give you a bump so you don't forget to report the test. Thanks!

Thanks for the bump.

500 Points
Refraction by HS2010

Army 1 (Flash): Maekor, 3x Greenscales, 3x Mezzos
Army 2 (Shiftrex): Arktos, Himmel, 5x Wulfing Hunters, MW's

The wulfing hunters are a custom unit in development by Shiftrex. We played with this version of the card

Survivors: MW's and 1 life Arktos

Round 1 - Wulfing slow roll - Himmel and maybe Arktos moved up. Maekor and greenscales slow roll with 1 OM on Mezzos to positions at the bottom of the map.

Round 2 - more positioning for the first part of the round. Maekor backed by Greenscales comes in and hits two wulfing on OM 2 and another 2 on OM 3 using Plasma Blade Arc. Unfortunately, Maekor gets hit hard by Arktos on OM 3 from Shiftrex and takes 3 wounds - neglected to roll an additional die for Defensive formation though it should have activated.

Round 3 - Big initiative roll goes to Shiftrex, who hits Maekor with Himmel (who was boosted by Arktos) for two wounds - just enough to kill him. Maekor was on height, and again neglected to roll an additional defense die. Himmel proceeds to decimate almost 2 squads of greenscales in addition to Maekor. First two OM's on greenscales are essentially wasted. Switch over to Mezzos for OM 3.

Round 4 through end of game - Mezzos try to stage a comeback while Arktos backed wulfing blaze through exo markers. The game ended up being fairly close in the end, but the mezzos couldn't last quite long enough.


Defensive Formation - should have activated twice, did not use either time. There's a fair chance that neglecting this ability cost me the game - even one more turn with Maekor and buffed Greenscales could have made a huge difference - especially if Himmel became engaged (there was also a Kelda on the board that Maekor could have made a run for).

Normal Attack 2/2 (Wulfing)

Plasma Blade Arc 2 (Wulfing)

Total damage = 100 points

I think he works great as a bonding hero with the Greenscales. And based on this game, I liked him in that role without trying to fit Zogross in - though the potential synergy is interesting. I'm guessing that ability wasn't necessarily created with Zogross specifically in mind though... I don't think I'd ever take Maekor, Greenscales, and Zogross together as OM's feel too inefficient.

Muskie May 12th, 2021 01:07 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting
It would be cool if he connected to serpentfolk. Kha is just sitting out there with no connection. It would be a nice tie in. Is there a plan for more serpentfolk?

superfrog May 12th, 2021 02:42 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting
Kha does have that rogue synergy! But Maekor will get his own synergy sooner or later!

Muskie May 27th, 2021 02:09 PM

Re: Maekor Public Playtesting
custom map (Wannok)

Muskie: Greenscales x3, Maekor, Zogross, Marro Warriors, Guilty
Tiamat : Ziggo, 6 Brigands, Locksley, Kha, Bol

One Brigand

Round 1: Maekor and Lizards charge, get to the brigands Ziggo and Locksley. Zogross gets to move up once. Very affective round

Round 2: Greenies and Maekor and Zogross dig in and take out Locksley and surround Kha, the end looks like it is in sight.

Round 3: Kha avoids every attack and starts destroying the greenies and puts hits on the heroes with the help of remaining Brigands.

Round 4: game turns when Kha wont die and brigands whittle away remaining greenies and takes out some Marro (ziggo hangs in there and picks away). Ziggo dies on Wannok and it is down to a one life Zogross and a single Brigand.

Round 5: Brigand finishes off Zogross.


Defensive Formation: against range, only used once

Normal Attack: used often

Arc Blade: could not use (no squads to hit)

Moving Zogross: used several times

Biggest take away from the game: it is a fun character, but we both felt that Green Scales do not need yet another bonding hero. I think Maekor is an interesting 120 point build, but I would rather see it paired up with other squads (using the space theme). We do not have to use the lizard theme (rocket from Guardians doesn't just pair with forrest animals). It works okay, but I have way too many things that pair with Greenies. I would not use this pairing over other ones. He could allow you to move 3 brigands, for example and make him a rogue space commander.

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