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Scath January 1st, 2008 06:28 PM

Will trade Blue Moon / Neuroshima Hex for Heroscape

I am looking for HeroScape expansions which are impossible to get in Poland. I can offer the complete Blue Moon card game, including the base game with a board, 3 dragons and two decks plus all nine expansions. In total, you get 11 decks which will give your many months of enjoyment and customization options. The decks are in a very good (like new) condition.

I can also send you a new shrink-wrapped copy of Neuroshima Hex!

I am looking for the following:
1x The IX Roman Legion
1x Snipers and Vipers
1x Grut Orcs

2x Minions and Drones
1x Knights and the Sworg
2x Devouers and Minute Men

2x Monks and Guards
2x Gorilla and Hounds
2x Kits and Commandos

2x Greeks and Vipers
2x Soulborg and Elves
1x Heroes of Trollsford
1x Thaelenk Tundra
1x Fortress of the Archkyrie

2x Soulborgs
2x Warriors and Soulborgs
2x Gladiatrons and Agents

2x Zombie Horde
2x Archers and Kyrie
2x Shades and Orcs

2x Spearment and Rifflemen
2x Templar Cavalry

If you are interested, please let me know what you can offer. I do not need unopened packs, so anything goes provided that the figures, cards and terrain are in good condition.

The shipping would be international, so you can take that into consideration. A 4-pound priority mail package from US to Poland costs about $30. The value of my offer is around $130-150, but you can PM me with any offer you see fit. Maybe you got some packs on clearance and do not know what to do with them ;)

Aldin January 2nd, 2008 10:38 AM

Please use the trade thread. Thanks!

~Aldin, aggregately

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