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elf326 September 16th, 2007 02:02 PM

The Great War for Feylund By elf 326
Part 1
10 years before the war had started: Cliffs of Destiny:[/size] Morsbane and Sonlen are fighting a rogue vampire by the name of Cyprien Enswein. "Aaaaaarrrrghhh!" screams Cyprien, hit by sonlen's dragon. "This battle has been going on for days now, Cyprien," shouts Morsbane, "and to think that you were once an elf like us."

"I have no need for you anymore old man," says Cyprien, "I now have powers beyond your wildest dre-" "SHUT UP!" Shouts Sonlen. Sonlen Jumps at Cyprien with his dragon. Cyprien bites Sonlen on the neck, dogding his attack. Sonlen Screams.

Cyprien then uses his new learnt ability, the chilling touch on Sonlen. "Wh-what are you doing Cyprien," says Morsbane, "I thought he was your friend?" "Only as a child, old man," says Cyprien. The expression on Cyprien's face changes from anger to an eerie smile. Cyprien Lunges forward at Morsbane, swords in hand.
"Now you die!" Screams Cyprien. Morsbane dodges the attack, fires a shot from his rod at Cyprien. The blast sends Cyprien off the Cliffs of Destiny. Cyprien struggles, and finds that he can't fly, he'd been hit with a negational blast.

To be continued

The Tree City of Ashra: present Day

"Are the elves ready?" says Morsbane. "Yes sir," says Syvarris, An army of 5,000 ashra warriors and 2,000 of the elite aubriens." Good," says Morsbane, "bring a small team of elves with you, I want you to ambush Cyprien's army before it gets here."

Syvarris leves the city and brings 40 warriors of Ashra and 15 aubrien elites to ambush an army of 8,000 zombies, 2,000 anubian wolves, and 200 dumutef guards.

As they're on their way to the ambush location, Syvarris says, "Our goal is simple, we kill as many of those dumutef beasts as we can. I want Ashra Warriors in front, archers find some cover. I expect we will die."
"Why did Morsbane send us on this suicidal mission?" says an aubrien elite. "I think that Morsbane has been going a bit more insane every day this giant army gets closer. I'm guessing he forgets about how he values everyone. I t makes me sad to see him this way," says Syvarris.

No one talks at all until they get to the ambush point.

to be continued

Present day: Cyprien's Story:

I was once an elf of many skills: accurate with a bow, brave, kind, a leader of a strong team of elves... But I lost it all...

I was raised as an orphan by the great elven wizard; Morsbane they call him. He was like a father to me. But I betrayed him.

When I was still a young elf, and unaware of the world, a tragedy occured. Some members of the great elven council (Morsbane was one of the members of this council) found a chance to make their own tree cities in the lands of Anubia-where the wolves lived. They were told by Morsbane not to do it because it would bring too great a shift in the balance of nature. But they didn't listen.

A great 10,000 elves went to make the tree cities. The wolves in Anubia attacked the elves regardless of their chances of winning. But one day, the wolves sent out a giant, full scale invasion. These were no ordinay wolves though, they ripped everything to pieces. The elves retreated after a great battle. But the elven council members were bitten specially. They turned into the thing they hated. Most of these former elven council members couldn't take the change and went mad. Only one of these council members was "hypnotized" into a wolf. Khosumet.

Then the elven council decided that they would raise one child to be a wolf killer, to destroy the new anubian leader; Khosumet. I was the one who was chosen. In 10 years of hard work, I trained complicated magic to learn about everything from a to z on killing dark forces. Even dark magic. The time had come to put my skills to the test.

I was sent to a cave on the border of the elve's land and the land of evil. I went into the cave and killed swarms of wolves and zombies. I had finally almost reached the center of the cavewhere I would battle my final test. I walked into this giant room and founda vampire. I battled valiantly. This was no ordinary vampire though, it was a very strong one. It was at the point when this vampire was about to bite me that I found out that the elves had expected more than I was capable of. The vampire bit me.

In this moment I realized that I was only a tool of the elves, they never told me my purpose. The vampire fled while his bite took effect. I screamed loudly. I was turnig into a vampire in those moments. A panicky feeling was overcoming me. Then rage replaced panic. I was angry a t the elves for using me!

I killed the elves that were on the other end othe cave. I killed elves throughout the land making my way to the elven council tree. There I would take no explanation, I would make them pay!

The day arrived when I reached the tree, never had I felt so alive! I killed the guards and got to the council room. I killed some of the elven council members. At the moment all had fleed the room, I turned and saw Morsbane. He shot me with his rod. I was hit through the wall and fell down the tree. Morsbane... he, the one who was like a father would shoot me. I had no friends... only enemies.

to be continued...

Syrarris' Test: present day:

After 2 hours of running, Syvarris' elf team had reached the point where they could see their enemies' first line of Dumutefs. He had brought 100 Warriors of Ashra and 50 Aubrien Elites.

Syvarris said, "All right, I want Ashra Warriors in front, and Aubriens in the trees. Show no fear. I won't lie to you that chances of winning are low. Keep the dumutef beasts off the roads. They are stronger on roads."

Everyone hid except the 100 Ashra Warriors, they were there to hold off the dumutefs so the Aubrien Elites could pick off the dumutefs.

After only 15 minutes, the dumutefs arrived. The dumutefs swung their arms like hammers, but the Warriors of Ashra were strong, they ducked, they blocked and they held their ground, the aubriens picked off about 50 dumutefs with their swift arrows as Syvarris commanded them. The elves were very loyal to their leaders and followed their orders exactly how they were told. Only about 20 Ashra Warriors were killed because the brutish dumutefs were too much for them. The battle lasted about 45 minutes, the Warriors of Ashra kept throwing out their lives to defend the archers. 50 dumutefs were left, but unfortunately, all of the Ashra Warriors were dead. All the aubriens and Syvarris were alive though.

The fight went on, and Syvarris raised his sword and yelled to the 40 surviving aubriens, "This is for all of our kin who have died, for Morsbane, and the glory of the elves! Charge!" The elves and the dumutefs charged at one another, some elves were trampled by dumutefs, butmost of them managed to climb up dumutefs with speed. The elves stabbed about 30 dumutefs in the charge, and miraculously, most of the elves lived.

About 20 dumutefs were left, against 30 aubriens. Most of the aubriens and dumutefs had spread out now. Victory was at hand for the aubriens. One aubrien, while taking his bow back out of his arrow-holder said, "We are ranged, and they are not," but just after he said this, a swarm of anubian wolves (about 200) joined the fight. The elves and Syvarris retreated without even bothering to fire at the enemy anymore. But the wolves were too fast. Almost all of the Aubriens were killed or wounded. Syvarris was also wounded. He was carried back to Ashra by the luckier elves who weren't wounded. Syvarris thought to himself, "I have failed everyone, now the dumutef beasts will come and kill another 50 good elves when they regroup. Another 50 elves killed, all because of me." Then Syvarris went unconscious.

to be continued...

Syvarris' Dream

"Where am I," thought Syvarris. He looked and saw that he was laying on his back in the dirt. "Am... am I... dead?" he thought. Everything was foggy around him. He got up and said, "Hello? Is anyone here?" Then he heard a grunt. "Who is that?" said Syvarris. Then he heard growling. And then moving. Something was coming toward him, running. And it wasn't an elf. "What are you, show yourself," said Syvarris. Just then a troll lunged at him. "AAAhhhh-"

Syvarris woke up, screaming. It was only a dream. He was in a bed. There were other elves leaning over him on the side of his bed. "He's awake," said one who Syvarris recognized to be Sonlen, the dragon tamer. "Oh good," said Kyntela Gywn, an elven wizardress. Then some aubrien elites walked into the room with food and some armor. They gave Syvarris the food and explained how they took Syvarris back to Ashra.

"We had to run and carry you up the tree," said one. "You wouldn't believe what it's like to go through that situation," said another.

Syvarris ate his food, rested, and in a few hours, he felt better again (with the help of Sonlen healing him). The same elves that carried him back to Ashra came in again with the armor they were carrying and with Morsbane. "Syvarris," said Morsbane, "I want you to lead the elves into battle when the enemy arrives. Wear this armor, it was enchanted for battling purposes." Syvarris took the armor, it was made of mithril, the strongest of metals. It had a glow to it. "I accept," said Syvarris, "But what do you mean by enchanted?" Syvarris looked at the armor again. Morsbane said, "You will find out soon enough."

to be continued

Cyprien's Training

"Easy Cyprien, don't overdo it," said Khosumet. "No I think I'm the master, Khosumet," said Cyprien. "What," questioned Khosumet, "I've seen dozens of wars more than you, Cyprien, now get back to that chilling touch. You must turn it into a flaming touch."

Writer's Note- A flaming touch is the strongest weapon when in battle, chilling touch is usually used for torture.

"I don't think you're my master anymore Khosumet. You're a wannabe but inside, you're still a quivering litle piece of elf scum. Get out of my presence you worthless-" Cyprien was cut off of his sentence. Khosumet struck him down with his sickle. "Aaargghhh," yelled Cyprien. "Now you get it!" Screams Cyprien. "Alright," says Cyprien, I'll show you what skills that vampire that bit be put in my blood! Flare Barrage!" Cyprien darted around the room he was in at lightning- paced speeds. "Now you die Khosumet!" Screamed Cyprien. Cyprien's sword was on fire, blazing. Just at the moment that he was about to stab Khosumet, he vanished. "Aaaargghhh!" Screamed Cyprien on the floor. He was alone had Khosumet fled? Not at that pace.

Writer's note- I n case you're wondering, Khosumet was just summoned to fight in Valhalla.

The Great war of Ashra (part 1)

Syvarris had been dreading this day. It was the day when he was to fight the bulk of the Great Zombie Army. He went to Morsbane for guidance.

"Master," said Syvarris.
"Yes, Syvarris," responded Morsbane.
Syvarris said, "What was Cyprien like when he was a child?"
"Well," said Morsbane, "he was a great elf. He was smart, a tactician, kind, and he had many admirers."
Syvarris laughed. The thought of Cyprien having admirers was hilarious to him.
Morsbane explained to Syvarris about how Cyprien came to be what he is now.
"Whoa,"said Syvarris.
I thought you were old enough to know now,"said Morsbane,"I was against such an insane final test for him."

There was a long silence. Then Syvarris walked out.

Three hours later, a scout reported that the enemy was only 5 miles away.

"At this rate, it'll only take them another 2 hours to get here," said the scout to Syvarris. Everyone got ready for battle. Slowly but surely, the enemy advanced. When about 4/5 of the elven army of 7,000 was ready, the enemy was sighted from the base. Eveyone worked faster. Some elves were even putting steel plating on the Great Tree's trunk.

Syvarris took command of the Great tree's main branch. It had 2,000 archers on it. He was in his enchanted armor. He now could see the army through his spyglass. The army looked like a giant ocean headed for them.

to be continued...

The Great War for Ashra: Part 2

The wolves had arrived. They were the first wave of attacks. Arrows rained from Ashra like a storm. Every elf was working as hard as they could. Clouds were gathering in the sky. It was late afternoon.

Syvarris heard elves screaming and whimpers of wolves from every direction. He shot and shot his bow until he couldn't aim any more.

All of a sudden, he heard thunder, and heavy fog joined the battle. "What is this evil," he heard one elf shout.

All of a sudden, a wolf jumped at Syvarris, knocking him to the ground. just before the wolf swiped his face, Syvarris block the attack with his sword. He and the wolf pushed; claw vs. sword. An amzing thing shocked Syvarris, All of his remaining arrows and his bow and sword glowed red. He easily beat the wolf and killed it. He now found that he had glowing red claws. He swiped and swung past about 50 wolves until the branch was cleared. Now he found that his claws had grown ten-fold. He could jump 10 feet high and 15 feet far. He liked this new power.

Then, he recieved orders from Sonlen to go to the bottom of the tree with some Ashra warriors to stop the dumutef from destroying the tree. The Ashra warriors and Syvarris climbed through many passages down the tree and made it to a secret entrance into Ashra.

Syvarris and these (30) Warriors of Ashra snuck up and attacked the Dumutef guards. Some 25 Ashra Warriors were killed. The more Dumutef guards Syvarris killed, the more muscular and powerful he grew. Some of the Warriors of Ashra accidently swung at Syvarris because of his new features. Syvarris stayed as the remaining Warriors of Ashra fled back to Ashra. Syvarris stayed; the more dumutefs he killed, the stronger he felt.

Syvarris eventually killed all of the Dumutefs and another 80 wolves. The reason he could do this now was because he was about the size of 2 Dumutef guards. He had claws that were 3 feet long. He looked like a monster. But he still went on. Orders were shouted at him from the tree, but slowly, no one recognized him. He could now jump 40 feet high and 80 feet far.

Eventually, he got tired out, and returned to the tree. Not a single elf recognized him. Many attacked him, but they were too small for Syvarris to feel their weapons. He went up to many commanding elves who either attacked him or ran away. Eventually, he had to go to Morsbane. Morsbane told him to take off his armor and rest. Then, as he took off his armor, he returned to his normal state of being. "Why did I turn into that monster," said Syvarris. "I will soon reveal to you the secret of the enchanted armor," said Morsbane

to be continued...

The Great War for Ashra: Part 3

Syvarris couldn't believe that he turned into such a monster. "I was hideous," he thought. Morsbane then said, "That armor was the enchanted armor of your father, it consumed him into a great evil. He killed hundreds of Dumutefs daily with it until one day. It was a fateful day. He tried to take off the armor, but... it wouldn't come off. An enemy wizard must have sealed it. We tried to get it off of him, but that armor has a will of its own. He tried to take it off every day until he soon learned to accept it. But before he accepted it, he still did his part in killing the enemy. He eventually got to a point where his body could grow no larger. So this was when he turned into... Krug." Syvarris was more shocked than he had ever been.

Then Syvarris said, "But how did I get this armor if you said he never got it off? And why did you give it to me then if it's so terrible?!"
Morsbane said, "Well that's the thing, I gave it to you to destroy the enemy, those wolves were too strong. The council of elves voted on me to give it to you. I voted that we shouldn't give it to anyone. Second of all, we did get the armor off of your father, but his body and mind stayed the way they were with the armor. I expect that he is approaching Ashra this very min-"


There was a bolt of lightning, then there was creaking, a swish, screams, and another booming noise. In that order. Morsbane and Syvarris ran out of the tree and into the rainy battle.

They saw a gigantic burnt branch on the ground. It was Ashra's main branch, the one that Syvarris was originally on. Under the branch were thousands of zombies, elves, and wolves. There were also wolves climbing up the tree in the spot where the branch originally was. These were no ordinary wolves though, they were glowing red. Syvarris recognized them as unleashing their fury.

to be continued...

The Great War for Ashra: Part 4 (Syvarris' True Colors)

Syvarris was angry, his father was Krug and his bretherin elves were dying. He, without any hesitation, ran back into the room that he talked with Morsbane in (the council room) and put back on the enchanted armor. Morsbane shouted, "Syvarris! No! Don't do it!" He then tried to use a negation technique on Syvarris, who, in turn, dodged it. He locked th council room door and quickly put on the armor. He wanted to kill all the wolves. Sure enough, his sword was glowing red again. He stormed out of the room, past Morsbane without even glancing at him, and into the fight. "Just like his father," whispered Morsbane sadly. Syvarris jumped to the battle and into the fray. The wolves were extremely powerful, but when he defeated them, his claws grew three times the size they did earlier. He dropped his sword and started clawing the enemy with his enormous, razor-sharp claws. Surprisingly, after killing 5/6 of the wolves left in the entire battle all by himself, he started to grow fur, like the wolves.

Eventually, Ashra was cleared of wolves. Now, he looked down at the battle, took out his bow, smiled, and said "Now for the zombies." Now, he did a thing that would seem foolish to every elf on Feylund; jump off of Ashra. He jumped, and while in the air, shot many zombies with his bow. He landed, undamaged, because of all of the wolf energy in him. He now looked like an undead werewolf who was fast and strong on the ground.

Syvarris fought what seemed like hundreds and hundreds of zombies for what seemed like hours. Eventually, he jumped through the horde of zombies.

He came to a jungle about 1/2 mile away from where he was fighting. He then rested, there were no zombies here. It was a dense jungle.

After 1/2 an hour, he rebuilt his energy and took off the armor. Then he heard growling. It grew louder, and louder until... WHAM!

A giant rusty axe was right next to him in the ground. He looked behind him. It was Krug, his father, who had come to kill him. Syvarris now realized that Krug destroyed the armor in trying to kill him with his axe.

Syvarris took out his bow. He slowly aimed at Krug and shot at his neck. Krug yelled, clearly, he had now become angry and meant no mercy if he meant for at first. Krug attacked Syvarris and missed. Syvarris shot more and more arrows in Krug's torso and neck. The fight went on for about 20 minutes. Syvarris was dodging everything thrown at him by Krug. All Syvarris' attacks aimed perfectly. Eventually, Krug became extremely mad and swinging more and more quickly until... he swung a final swing as Syvarris shot a final arrow. Just before Krug was about to hit Syvarris, Syvarris vanished. The final shot Syvarris shot, was just about to hit Krug, when Krug vanished.

Note: Krug and Syvarris were just summoned to Valhalla.

to be continued...

PS- I'm sorry if anyone was disappointed in this chapter, but it leaves me with less to write about Syvarris and Krug. Room needs to be made for other characters.

Part 2

The Great War for Ashra: Part 5 (Final part of the Great War for Ashra)

Morsbane was furious. He was the first to know of Syvarris's death. He knew this because of his meditation he was doing since Syvarris had leaped off of Ashra.

Sonlen had his hands full because the zombies had found Ashra's secret entrance at the bottom of the tree. He and the remaining 750 Ashra Warriors were fighting off a horde of 6,500 zombies Along with the only remaining (250) Aubrien Elites. Now several militia groups from other trees near Ashra had come to join the fight (they weren't too strong, but they added 1,000 elves to the army.

Now, Morsbane did an odd thing, this happened maybe once in a century (remember that elves had very long lifespans). He climbed Ashra and blew a horn that echoed throughout the entire land. All of a sudden, in a great flash of light, an elf jumped out of nowhere. It was Acolarh, Kyntela's older brother. Acolarh was not as old as Morsbane. Morsbane was 1,548 years old, while Acolarh was only 200.

He walked over to the ledge and saw a horde of zombies headed into Ashra. Morsbane said, "I need your powers for a moment, Acolarh." Acolarh had learned twice as much about magic than Morsbane in only 180 years. Morsbane said "I need them for the forbidden powers."
"Do you mean-" Acolarh was cut off by Morsbane. Morsbane said, "of course that's what I mean. The fire mastery spell. Acolarh handed Morsbane his staff, and said, "Do it right."

Morsbane drew up the rod and muttered a spell. Flames came shooting into the sky and then rained to the ground, hitting Every zombie, each flame locking onto a zombie target. Morsbane screamed and fell to the ground. The elves had won this battle.

to be continued...

Cyprien's Story: Part 2

After I ran from The Great Tree (Ashra), I decided to begin my life again... this time, I would go down another road, a darker one in which I would never look back.

Every day, I ate the flesh of elves until I was a highly feared criminal among the elves. It soon came that the elves became aware of how evil I really was. Many elves left the wilderness area I was in, and moved to Ashra. There were less and less elves to feast on every day. I soon craved the taste of blood. The only things left were griffons which tasted awful.

I had no home and ate griffons, I admit I was a mess. The council of elves started to send assassins daily. I loved to taste elf blood again with this.

But one day they did something I didn't expect. They sent a giant. His name was Jotun, one of the strongest giants. He snuck up on me when I was asleep one night. In the blink of an eye, I dodged his attack, faster than I thought I'd be able to. His loud breaths must have woken me up. He charged at me again, and I ran under his legs. Giants were rather dim-minded, especially this one. Once I was behind him, he looked around. He couldn't find me. The expression on my face changed to a smile. I leaped and turned into a bat. He didn't know it was me. He thought I'd left the area. I turned back into a human on his shoulder and stabbed him there. He screamed and moaned and swung his large sword everywhere. I kept stabbing his in different spots until I managed to stab a pressure point. He screamed the loudest noise I'd ever heard, and ran off.

All of a sudden, a vampiress leaped at me from the bushes. It was the lady I'd one day have as a bride- Sonya. "That was very impressive," she said. We shared thoughts and all about ourselves over the next few months. I did one day marry her. We had two children named Marcu and Iskra.

Author's note: I hope I added Sonya to the story right. And btw, Marcu was not in his monster form until his very last moment on Feylund- Read his bio for more info.

Before I had my children though, I decided to give the elves a taste of their own medecine. I sent them cursed armor labed: enchanted armor. I forced an elf to put a spell on it so that it looked like I didn't send it.

I also enlisted the help of the zombies and the Anubian Wolfes and Dumutef Beasts to fight the elves with me.

to be continued


In the honor of Syvarris, a plaque was put up in the council room of Ashra. Elves came by every day, unknowing that he was in Valhalla.

"We need a plan of action," stated one of the elders in the room. The other elves nodded. "But their army is too great," said a young elf sadly. "Indeed, they do have a strong army," said Morsbane, "But we have the giants." There was a silence in the room. Suddenly, the eldest elf walked to the center of the room and pointed at Morsbane. "Fool!" he shouted, "the giants despise us now. After that incident with Jotun a few years ago. Our allies killed him." There was another short silence. "He only disappeared to Valhalla," said Morsbane, "I meditated over it."
"What is it with you and all of this Valhalla nonsense." Acolarh entered the room and said, "Morsbane speaks the truth." The elder kept speaking against Morsbane and Acolarh. Soon all the elves in the room thought the elder was nuts. They all knew how smart Acolarh was and dared not speak aginst him and Morsbane.

After an explanation about Jotun, Morsbane announced that he and Acolarh would recruit the giants. Acolarh was a good negotiator. They traveled north and into the wilderness; over mountains, and through dwarven mines until they reached the territory of the giants.

Note: I plan to add dwarves to this story in case if you wondered about the last sentence.

The giants' had short tempers and were quite dim. Their leader was chosen by whoever was the strongest in a contest. Their leader's name was Kragnor. Kragnor was muscley and had a long dark brown beard. His hair was in a braid (much like Eldgrim's). He spoke in a heavy accent and had a great, booming voice. He wore clothes like Jotun's, except with a little more armor.

"What can I do for you, little people," said Kragnor as he saw Morsbane and Acolarh. He was quite friendly. Soon another giant came who had grey hair, this one was, of course, an elder. He started telling off Acolarh. "Who do you think you are, elf? Coming into our land without courtesty. You are disgusting; killing Jotun with your allies. You killers! I bet you planned it all along!" said the elder. "Acolarh gave the elder a dirty look and said, "I think you have no right to say that." Acolarh would have probably killed the giant if he didn't want an alliance. Kragnor said to the other giant, "Clearly they didn't mean to kill him, the elves are peace loving people.

Morsbane and Kragnor talked for a while and settled all past grudges between their people. Meanwhile, Acolarh and the elder giant stared at one another angrily.

to be continued...


Morsbane sent for Sonlen to bring an army, the largest army of elves he could make all the way to where he and Acolarh were.

Many of the giants did not accept the alliance. The elder giant (whose name was Gravin) and Acolarh were feuding about their species. The arguments were never mild ones, and Acolarh and Gravin became so angry at one another, that Gravin and Acolarh often fought. Morsbane one day decided that it would never stop, so he arranged a duel. The loser would have to admit defeat, and the winner would be able to shove victory in the other's face. The elf-hating giants routed for Gravin, and the elf-friendly giants routed for neither of them. Acolarh had no fans.

When the day of the challeng arrived, it took place in the forests in giant territory. Acolarh spotted Gravin, and he intended to kill him. He used the darkest magic he knew, the forbidden spell. "Lhasa Corroda!" He screeched. Gravin heard him, laughed, and thought, "Now you die, small elf." In effect of Acolarh's spell, storm clouds gathered above Gravin. Black and green lightning streamed across the sky like a million fireworks. Gravin screamed.
At the last moment, Acolarh felt mercy, and shot up his best known healing spell. The clouds disappeared, and Gravin didn't know what to think he knew exactly what happened. So he walked off. He decided that Acolarh won. He sadly walked on and on until he went out of view. Acolarh had no idea where he was, so he shot up a weak flare. His powers had been completey used up.

He stayed in that spot for about a half hour. No one had seen the flare. He started meditating to regain his powers. No one could see him under the trees. The giants didn't want to step on him either, so no one looked for him. Morsbane was back at Kragnor's house with Kragnor too. All of a sudden, Acolarh heard a voice. An eerie voice. The voice of Cyprien Enswein.

"I killed them all," said Cyprien. Acolarh looked around, horrified.
"I killed Morsbane, Kragnor, and even Sonlen. Oh...and your dear little sister." Acolarh was petrified. If he had killed all those people...how little chance did he have? All of a sudden, fear became rage. The strongest rage that he had ever felt. His hands were in fists. Cyprien laughed. "I tasted their flesh. And it tasted so good!" He laughed harder. Acolarh's body were on fire, but he couldn't feel the pain. He now realized that he had truly mastered magic. He didn't even have to use a spell to make fire. But this was no ordinary spell. He screamed, "ENOUGH!!!!!!!!! Now DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" An evil overcame Acolarh. A will to kill.

Author's note: This is the final scene of this story. I couldn't get a better idea to continue the story. It would just get worse. I thought I'd better leave on the best note I could. Pure anger.

Acolarh's power increased ten-fold. Cyprien bit Acolarh without being stopped, but it didn't affect him.

"MONSTER!" Shouted Acolarh.

Acolarh picked up his staff. He raised it high in the air. Cyprien tried to attack, but a flame wall stopped him. Acolarh slammed the staff down. Light was coming out of the spot that he hit the ground. The light was sucking everything inside of it. It seemed reality itself was breaking apart. Cyprien, Acolarh and everything on Feylund was sucked inside of this. Even the whole planet. Soon, the wormhole stopped sucking everything up. All of Feylund was in another dimension. Every organism from Feylund was sorted into a different place on Valhalla. Cyprien fell into Utgar's fortress. Acolarh fell into Ullar's Great hall. Many creatures were being sorted.

The battle for Valhalla continues to this day.

The End

Thank you for reading.

elf326 September 22nd, 2007 10:06 PM

Feel free to post any comments. :D

Syvarris the Ruler September 23rd, 2007 12:23 AM

Wow, great story.I love your take on all of the characters and their powers.Can't wait for next chapter.

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*skims the story for a mention of a Deathwalker*
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*skims the story for a mention of a Deathwalker*
aaaaawwwwwwwww :(


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That last entry was good but a little under detailed and a bit too quick.

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Originally Posted by Syvarris the Ruler
That last entry was good but a little under detailed and a bit too quick.

I was a bit pushed for time, I might extend it.

darkclown789 September 23rd, 2007 07:15 PM


Originally Posted by DEATHWALKER
*skims the story for a mention of a Deathwalker*
aaaaawwwwwwwww :(

They are just to dang COLD and HEARTLESS for a story!

Notice I did not say SOULLESS.


elf326 September 26th, 2007 04:05 PM

I've updated the last chapter.
Next: Syvarris' Dream

elf326 September 29th, 2007 12:15 PM

New entry.

elf326 October 12th, 2007 07:38 AM


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