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mrcrimson March 25th, 2010 02:57 AM

The Book of Aldridge Chemicals
The Book of Aldridge Chemicals Map

Required Sets: 1 Rise of the Valkyrie™ Master Set, 1 Swarm of the Marro™ Master Set, 2 Marvel™ Master Set, 1 Road to the Forgotten Forests™, 1 Volcarren Wasteland, 2 Fortress of the Archkyrie, 1 Thaelenk Tundra™, 1 Battle for the Underdark Master Set

Aldridge Chemicals Bio- Aldridge Chemicals, the world wide leader in house hold cleansers and military grade corrosives was at one point in time the pride and joy of founder Jared Aldridge. However after the billionaires attention diverted to his quest to obtain a professional baseball franchise, the factory became neglected. Routine maintinence ceased, and vats began to leak. As a result, there has been a spike in OSHA recordable incidents, most notably 2 admitted to the local psych ward for brain damage (both employees on permanent disability) and 3 fatalities caused by fume inhalation. Mr. Aldridge has closed the plant after stating "Upgrades must be made to bring the plant into a new millennium". In another cost cutting measure, Mr. Aldridge has refused to hire security to guard the building, and was quoted off the record as stating "That place has been sealed tight for weeks. Anyone dumb enough to break into that fume filled dump deserves to die." Before the plant was closed, rumors circulated about a new compound being developed, that could eat through the strongest metals known to man.

-Rulings and Clarifications-
  • Toxic Chemical Effect
    At the end of each round, roll the 20-sided die for each figure you control that does not have an Insane personality. If you roll a 15 or higher and the figure is not a Unique Hero, destroy the figure. If you roll a 15 or higher and the figure is a Unique Hero, choose an opponent. That opponent now controls the Unique Hero. Give the Unique Hero's Army Card to that opponent.

-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-
  • N/A

-Heroscapers Community Contributions-
  • TBA

IAmBatman March 25th, 2010 03:33 AM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
That's really cool ... man ... if there was only some way to do a catwalk over some of those vats, though?

Griffin March 25th, 2010 05:07 AM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
I love this map. I am gonna have to address some of those optional rules later. But for now, great stuff man. Stay golden Pony-boy. :D

A3n April 1st, 2010 08:51 PM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
Man, how did I miss this?

Ok, you didn't add a link in the C3G Map Discussion thread. I haven't had the time lately to look at anything I am not subscribed to. For that I am sorry.

This look pretty cool. I will have a better look later but if you were inclined to do catwalks the road 5 hex piece would probably work well.

I'll drop back soon I promise.


IAmBatman April 1st, 2010 10:13 PM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
Catwalks are soooo a must too. I mean battling with Knockback rules high over chemical pits is so something I need to do with SuperHeroscape. :-D

mrcrimson April 2nd, 2010 02:46 AM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
When I was first discussing this map with Griffin, knockback was my big selling point. I think a catwalk would be awesome, but the problem is that one 5 hex road is already in use in the center vat, and on this map my challenge was create a map that used no more than 2 sets each. Here are some real world pics of it.

mrcrimson April 2nd, 2010 02:48 AM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson

Originally Posted by Griffin (Post 1046573)
Stay golden Pony-boy. :D

This phrase always makes me LOL

Cavalier April 2nd, 2010 09:57 AM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
I'm loving this map!8)

IAmBatman April 2nd, 2010 11:50 AM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
Hmm ... shoot ... I don't suppose I could convince you to cut out a vat or two and repurpose some hexes for that catwalk? Definitely keep the big one in the middle, but you could replace the five spacer there with some one and two spacers from a small vat or two that would be cut. Just a thought ... I love the map as is, but it still feels like it's missing that "final touch."

quozl April 2nd, 2010 01:20 PM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
It's not spelled out but I'm guessing that "chemical" is all 5 kinds of the half-height tiles. Is that right?

mrcrimson April 2nd, 2010 02:31 PM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
Yeah, I felt that the goal of the army breaking in was to steal samples from each liquid which they would mix to make the super chemical (basically being adjacent to the liquid and rolling a d20 to successfully collect without touching it).a3n did some mods to the map last night and found a way to incorporate catwalks. I think his results look fantastic. I will be posting VS pics tonight after work and will build it tomorrow.

mrcrimson April 2nd, 2010 03:11 PM

Re: Aldridge Chemicals- C3G Map by MrCrimson
found a second before work, heres a shot of A3N's mod. I will update the download file tonight.

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