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Tornado September 2nd, 2016 01:30 PM

Re: Decision 2016
Yikes, I always get a little scared when I agree with DS. :)


Originally Posted by wriggz (Post 2108215)
Before it gets too out of hand remember for the religious it is a fact that an unborn child is alive. To them it is a crime.

This is an argument of definition (and tge morals that are a result) not ethics.

In Canada the stance is... there is no stance, each individual makes their choice. The pro choice group can make their choices and the pro life group can condem them to heLl safe in the knowledge that God will punish them.

Its a tough issue and a civil discussion is hard but valeable.

wriggz, do you have Planned Parenthood in Canada? In the US it is a place where a lot of abortions take place and also where many protest.

I am just curious what type of protests take place in the Great White North.

Dad_Scaper September 2nd, 2016 01:36 PM

Re: Decision 2016

Originally Posted by vegietarian18 (Post 2108322)
He's not perfect. I've said that before. But as for the the list of grievances against Trump - failed businesses, racism, attraction to his daughter - the closer I look, the more absurd each accusation appears.

Just because there are two perspectives doesn't mean one of them has to be right. It could be that one group is arguing that the sky is yellow, and the other is arguing that the sky is red.

Well, sure, except that there is a long trail of meritorious accusations against Trump - racism, foolishness, potentially compromising business debts and associations - and he really said many of the awful things that he said.

In the universe of your point, as I understand it, the actual truth doesn't matter and/or isn't knowable. I don't accept that, though I am keenly aware that if that is your point, there is nothing I can really do to change your mind. So I won't try.

wriggz September 2nd, 2016 02:10 PM

Re: Decision 2016
Under the Previous Conservative Government it was mostly a non-issue. Harper activity avoided the issue since he was going for a more center approach, and he never wanted to be viewed as extreme. Under Trudeau, it will remain a non-issue. There is the odd protest, but for the most part it is viewed as an individual choice.

The Federal Government also has far more power in Canada than the provinces so Very liberal Provinces like BC, Quebec, the Atlantic and Urban Centers in Ontario (Toronto/Ottawa) and easily out weigh the Conservitave leaning West and Rural Ontario. So the Government cannot be so extreme and extremists don't get much of a voice.

Canada is funny in that our national news is primarily the CBC which is a Crown Corporation (owned by the government) and CTV. Both are fairly balanced in their reporting so extremists are not given much of a voice. We also get NBC, ABC, FOX and CNN, so we can watch what is going on in the US which helps us make choices. Our news also takes the "International, National, City" Approach with little emphasis on local. This helps keep us fairly unified. I remember a holiday in the US where I saw the results of High School Football on the NEWS and thought it was the weirdest thing. We don't even report on sports at the provincial level let alone regional.

Basically Canada, is like you took New York State, California, Washington DC, Texas, a couple of random States from the plains and a couple from the North East and made a country. Urban Centers have lots more power, there is less room for extremism, there is more cultural diversity, and people are generally more unified.

I would never identify as an Ontarian (and other than Quebec which has a French Nationalism) I doubt many other Canadians would Identify with their province. That is the type of unity you see out of European countries and something that seems to be decaying in the US.

As for Trump, the more his ranting are reported the more normalized they seem. I only highlight this since he didn't seem to have any knowledge of the issues in Russia and the Ukraine, he has talked about Nuclear Weapons (Even if he is joking, do you think Russia or Iran would really take the chance), Virtually all Economists consider his Budget plan flawed, He wants to dismantle the Department of Education, THE WALL, If his immigration stance is ever in acted the French have a valid case to want the Statue of Liberty returned, the list goes on.

Two/Three years ago any of those things would be a skit on Saturday Night Live. Now they are a reality. This is like after Swift suggested eating poor Irish babies, someone actually suggested eating poor Irish Babies and was in contention to be the Leader of one of* the Most powerful countries in the world.

* I remember when people use to call the US THE most powerful country in the world. Times have changed.

Tornado September 2nd, 2016 02:21 PM

Re: Decision 2016
Thanks for the perspective.

Oh and yes we take our high school football fairly seriously, especially in the south, practically a religion in Texas.

Do you get the BBC? I always enjoyed their news reporting.

wriggz September 2nd, 2016 02:27 PM

Re: Decision 2016
BBC is not part of a standard Cable Package (where as you can still get the CBC reliability by antenna). But you can get it easy enough (Except Newfoundland they are very British there).

Ranior September 2nd, 2016 03:14 PM

Re: Decision 2016
Every time I come through and read this thread and think about replying to someone, I see Dad Scaper has already done so in a reply that is both twice as brilliant and thrice as short. Someday perhaps I will master the skill. In the meantime I'll just join the "I'm with Dad Scaper" train until sometime where I feel I have something to actually add to the discussion myself.

Son of Arathorn September 2nd, 2016 07:44 PM

Re: Decision 2016

Originally Posted by Ranior (Post 2108342)
Every time I come through and read this thread and think about replying to someone, I see Dad Scaper has already done so in a reply that is both twice as brilliant and thrice as short. Someday perhaps I will master the skill. In the meantime I'll just join the "I'm with Dad Scaper" train until sometime where I feel I have something to actually add to the discussion myself.

He's handy that way. ;)

Tornado September 3rd, 2016 08:40 AM

Re: Decision 2016
I really appreciated the use of the word thrice. Single syllable old-time-y goodness there. :)

Nukatha September 3rd, 2016 01:05 PM

Re: Decision 2016
I strongly recommend paging through the recent release from the FBI on the topic of investigating Mrs. Clinton's handling of classified information.
It is actually quite disgusting.
"Clinton could not recall a specific process for nominating a target for a drone strike"

"After reviewing an email dated December 11, 2012 with the subject line "FW: Significant FOIA Report," CLINTON stated she did not recall the specific request and was not aware of receiving and FOIA requests related to her email during her tenure as Secretary of State."

"After reviewing an email dated November 26, 2010 with te subject line "MbZ call 7:15 am," CLINTON stated she recalled the time period of the WikiLeaks disclosures because it was a difficult time for State. ... Regarding the specific email, CLINTON did not know why it was not in the approximately 30,000 emails produced to State and, based on its content, would expect it to be considered work-related."

"The FBI does not have in its possession any of Clinton's 13 mobile devices which potentially were used to send e-mails using Clinton's clintonemail.com e-mail addresses. As a result, the FBI could not make a determination as to whether any of the devices were subject to compromise. Similarly, the FBI does not have in its possession two of the five iPad devices which potentially were used by Clinton to send and receive e-mails during her tenure... "
"Investigation identified multiple occurences of phishing and/or spear-phishing e-mails sent to Clinton's account during her tenure as Secretary of State. [Paragraph Redacted]...
Clinton received another phishing e-mail, purportedly sent from the personal e-mail account of State official [Redacted]. The email contained a potentially malicious link. Clinton replied to the email [Redacted] stating, "Is this really from you? I was worried about opening it!" ... Open source information indicated, if opened the targeted user's device may have been infected, and information would have been sent to at least three computers overseas, including one in Russia."
She's either technologically incompetent, has severe memory issues, or this was actually done to hide something. I'd argue any of those are severe problems for a presidential candidate.

Tornado September 3rd, 2016 02:39 PM

Re: Decision 2016
Or was done by an aide.
Though that last one is especially troubling and rings true.

That is why they need to inform these old timers the Inspector Gadget way.

Self destructing messages.

flameslayer93 September 4th, 2016 10:29 PM

Huh, this thread exploded out of nowhere again?

Originally Posted by Tornado (Post 2108195)
Woah, you really jump in with both feet PGS. :)

I like your 'old' angle flameslayer.

Bernie is above corruption because he will die before reaping benefits. I have never seen it proposed in such a way. Nice perspective though I am not sure exactly how valid it is. :)

I am not sure if you know this but the current candidates would be the oldest(Trump) and second oldest(Clinton). Reagan was the oldest.
I hope I got those right. :)

Death really is a major incentive for people to stop being s***heads. Nobody wants to be remembered as a horrible person. :p

I do believe you are right, Trump is 70 and Clinton 69. Still, I'm going off them having a full 8 years to live to fullest extent of any possible corruption/boneheadedness. Trump might not make it the whole 8, but the odds of that happening are still fairly slim.

Its funny how often people forget they are subject to reality. Money won't stop dying (and may speed it up in some cases!).

Jdet September 6th, 2016 02:34 PM

Re: Decision 2016
Eh, I'm voting for Stein. She's closest to where I stand on economic issues, and no candidate really fits my moral views, so I'm voting for economics. (I should point out that I'm an American.)

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