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Arido Krylor August 26th, 2009 09:19 AM

Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
Hey Guys! The Central Arkansas Heroscapers are getting ready for an awesome National Heroscape Day!! Here is what I have so far.

Date and Time: October 17, 2009, from 12:00pm to 5:00pm. I was thinking that we could start earlier to give people a chance to get home at a better time.

Place: Jacksonville, Arkansas
First Presbyterian Church 1208 West Main Street

Format: 5 round Swiss with a point value of 550.

Prizes: Right now all that i know of that we are going to have is just the prizes people bring (community prize table).

Maps and Glyphs:
Here are the glyphs we will be using Kelda (Healing)
+2 Movement
+1 Defense
+8 Initiative
+1 Unique Attack

Also the maps we will be using are posted in this thread.

Attendees: I'm going to start a sign up list so let me know if you can come, or think you might be able to come.

1.) Arido Krylor
2.) Ben
3.) Revdyer
4) Longheroscaper
5) Longheroscapers brother
6) Deadeyedan7
7) Franklin
8 Jon
9) Matt
10) David
11) Geryon
12) Allen
13)Kaemon Awasome
14)KA friend Doug
15)Hai Nguyen

Longheroscapers wife
Moon Blade
KA friend

Thanks guys!!!

LongHeroscaper August 26th, 2009 12:21 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
1.) Arido Krylor
2.) Ben
3.) LongHeroscaper
4.) LongHeroscaper's brother
5.) David

1.) LongHeroscaper's wife.

If we have time to play 5 rounds, I would like to suggest the following: We will play 3 rounds and rank people. Then group of 4 will play for the final ranking where additional points will be added. Example: We have 12 people attending, playing 500 point army. After 3 rounds, say 70 points are added to the existing army. Person #1 plays person #4, person #2 plays person #3, the winners of the pair play for championship, the losers play for 3rd and 4th place. Person #5 plays person #8, person #6 plays person #7, the winners play for 5th and 6th place, losers play for #7 and #8 place, etc.
That way, we still play 5 games each, but we can incorporate the adding point to day 2 used at GenCon. What do you think :) ?

Arido Krylor August 26th, 2009 04:37 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
I think that sounds great. What does everyone else think about Longheroscapers suggestion?

Kaemon Awasome August 26th, 2009 06:49 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
Assuming I can go, I wouldn't mind ranking the players for a little playoff action. But I don't know if 3 rounds would be enough to get an accurate ranking. I would think we would need at least 4. Which would bump us to 6 rounds total... don't know if that will work.

Also, I would love to see a higher point total for the whole time. 500 is becoming so standard that particular armies are becoming very regular. Even with what they did at Gencon it makes everyone build a 500 point army that, more or less, they would take to a 500 point tourney anyway, and then just find ways to add onto it later. I would love to play with true 550 point armies or 565 or whatever. I think we would see a more interesting pool of armies.

However, knowing my lot, I will probably have to work my one-Saturday-a-month part time job that weekend, and miss out hanging with you all again. We'll see.

Arido Krylor August 27th, 2009 11:25 AM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
We would love to have you Kaemon Awasome if you are free that day. I am up for playing six games, but if we have six games we will have to start at 10:00 and go until 5:00. Also, I think that we should have a set number of points through out the tournament. I was thinking that we could set designated points values for each number on the D-20 and have two people present to roll the dice and then have that point value through the entire day.

Kaemon Awasome August 27th, 2009 11:37 AM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
Please, call me KA... :)

See, 10:00-5:00 PM sounds awesome! But I don't know if we could realistically ask for that kind of time commitment from people (maybe we could, I really don't know). If not, then I think it should stay five rounds of Swiss. After just 3 rounds you could have several people at 3-0 or 2-1, narrowing that down to 4 would be really hard.

What are you thoughts LH?

Arido, what do you mean by "designated point values for each number on the D-20?" Our group picks a number (say 500), and then we roll the D-20 and take whatever number rolls x5 and add that to 500. So if a 5 is rolled we have 525 point builds. Your starting number can change according to the point range you're looking for. I've also heard of groups that start at 400 and multiply by 10. We like a little more control than that, but whatever floats your boat.

Is that what you mean?

Arido Krylor August 27th, 2009 05:27 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
We have done it multiple ways, but I like your idea of starting at 500 and multiplying by x5. If everyone agrees with the idea then I will get someone to roll a d20 asap.

LongHeroscaper August 27th, 2009 08:05 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
I agree with Arido that 6 games could be too many. After 3 games, we will rank based on win-loss difference and on points as well, so ranking and narrowing down to groups of 4 should not be a problem.

I like the idea of adding point to the existing army very much and would like to see it incorporated into a smaller tournament than GenCon. Adding point after a certain round really adds another layer to army selecting and a bit of counter-draft. With only 5 or 6 rounds in hands, I think my way is the only way to do that. We won't roll the D20 on that day to determine the point limit. We will have a limit in advance, say 520. Then on that day, after 3 rounds, a person will roll a combat die. If a skull comes up, we add 70 points; a shield adds 100 points and a symbol adds 130 points. That way, people should be able to come up with 3 scenarios for their armies, instead of 20 based on the roll of a D20.

Of course eventually, it's all down to what everyone else wants. I am fine with or without adding points. I just think that it is something interesting that should be considered :) .

Arido Krylor August 27th, 2009 10:45 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
I think both ideas are great. My concern with Longheroscapers way is that people get to see the armies that they are playing against and those of us who are able to access our collection easier may have an unfair advantage to those that are traveling.

Kaemon Awasome August 28th, 2009 01:09 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
At this point it looks like I won't be able to go. I hope that changes, and if it does then I will let you all know ASAP.

I'm going to hang around for the discussion, because I still really want to make it down to you all, but I won't expect my vote to count. I just want to be involved as much as possible until I can start coming to ya'lls events.

LongHeroscaper August 31st, 2009 02:58 PM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
About people who travel, people at GenCon did travel, and they were still able to complete their armies if necessary. If you are well-prepared, you should be fine. Besides, I can bring my collection, so that others can borrow the figures they need.

I think we should start working on maps and contacting more people who can and will play in this tournament. I'd love to hear from RevDyer about his possibilities :) !

Revdyer September 8th, 2009 09:36 AM

Re: Central Arkansas NHSD 2009
Note that with the site roll-back, we've lost the lists of suggested maps and the question about the glyph pool we're intending to use on maps with random glyphs. We've also lost the list of the latest people to sign up.

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