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Porkins September 24th, 2009 08:35 PM

Scenarios by Porkins
August 21, 2012

Adding two scenarios: Disarm the Bomb (played on C3G's Statue of Liberty) and Find the Loot (played on C3G's Carnival of Carnage). Both are games that I played a while ago on C3G maps and posted about in the C3G area. They were fun though, so I wanted to quote them here so I wouldn't lose them.

Disarm the Bomb Scenario


Originally Posted by Porkins (Post 1394447)
This is really a great map guys, bravo! After playing through the scenario, we made up a new scenario. I wanted to share because it was a lot of fun too.

Agent Minivann was over a few weeks ago and Statue of Liberty was set up, so we came up with the following scenario. It needs some tweaking, and we didn't have a very clear victory condition, but it was fun nonetheless.

Place the Glyph of Time Bomb on the torch at the top of the Statue of Liberty. Team A activates the Time Bomb by stepping on it and activating it instead of attacking. Immediately roll the d20. A roll of 2 or less activates the bomb. At the beginning of each subsequent turn by Team A, first roll the d20. For each additional turn after the bomb is activated, add one to the number required for the bomb to activate.

Team B can deactivate the bomb by stepping on it and attempting to disarm instead of attacking. Roll the d20. Add four to the roll if the figure is a scientist. The bomb is deactivated on a roll of 16 or higher. A roll below the bomb activation number (ie- 2 or less, 3 or less, x or less depending on how many turns have transpired) by a figure from Team B attempting to disarm the bomb activates it. If the bomb activates, a six die attack is leveled at all figures standing anywhere on the Statue. (We considered having the bomb exploding being the victory condition for Team A, but decided to try this instead).

A deactivated bomb may be reactivated by Team A. A deactivated bomb may be permanently destroyed when a figure with super strength tosses it into the water.

The game went like this (quick summary version):
Team A: Doom, Namor, 4x Doombots
Team B: Fantastic Four

Doom won initiative and immediately flew up and activated the bomb. Torch attacks Doom to try to get him off the bomb. Doom and Namor kill off Torch and Sue as quickly as possible to remove the fliers. Namor then engages Thing. Mr. Fantastic begins rubber stretching up the ladder, but is reset once by Elaborate Pit Trap. At this point Doom gets the H out of Dodge, leaving the bomb unguarded. Mr. F. scales the Statue anew, while taking fire from Doom. He makes an attempt to deactivate, fails. Makes another attempt to deactivate, and this time he trips the bomb.

He survives the explosion, but is later destroyed by Doom/Namor.

Anyway, the game was a bit one sided, but it was great fun to have this bomb ticking away. Trying to figure out when to abandon it and run was a great addition to the game.

Find the Loot scenario


Originally Posted by Porkins (Post 1327758)
Played a fun game on this map with my son (10 years old). As mentioned, it did take a long time to build, but we invented a cool scenario:

The bad guys have robbed the bank and hidden the Loot in the rundown old carnival. In addition to the Loot, they have also hidden Smilex and a Time Bomb. The good guys must find the Loot and return it to their starting zone.

I played the bad guys: Agent Bob, Mystique, Angel, Toad, Cyclops, Prof X, Jean Grey and 1x Civilians. My son went out of the room while I took the three glyphs and placed them symbol side up wherever I wanted. We also had Wind, Initiative, Lucky 20 and Superspeed glyphs in play, power side up.

My son played the good guys: Cap, Spidey, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic (Greyowl), Ghost Rider (Greyowl) and 2x Hydra.

First my son sent out the expendable Hydra grunts to find the Loot. They found the bomb first, but it got disabled after a couple of turns. The map has lots of places for Prof X to hide behind bushes and other cover which was good for me, bad for my son. He didn't really try to touch the Prof, so I was getting two turns per OM. He also made the mistake of frightening my civilians over to the Superspeed and Initiative glyphs, and then leaving them be.

Anyway, I killed all of his figures except for Spiderman while only losing Mystique, Bob and some Civilians. Spiderman killed Jean Grey, who was helping to keep his Swing Line in check. Once she was gone, Spiderman swung across the map with ease, grabbed the loot, and swung back across the map with my figures powerless to stop him. A couple of times I was able to get him engaged and then tounge lash him away with Toad, but missed the disengage rolls.

Anyway, thanks for the fun map! I thought the tower/carousel thingies were a neat idea.

August 15, 2012

Hunger Games Scenario

My daughter and I came up with this scenario for the Hunger Games map she built. We played the scenario a few times and tweaked it a bit, so it should be pretty playable, and adaptable to other maps as well. The map she built (see below) mimics the Hunger Games arena from the second book of the series. That arena was divided into 12 segments, like a clock. As each hour passed, a new trap would be activated in that hour's segment of the map. So we came up with some traps that are similar to those mentioned in the book. Rather than advancing the traps around the map, we decided to randomize it using the d20.


Each player chooses two unique heroes with a total cost of 300 points maximum. We found that 4-5 players is about the sweet spot. More than that did not work out because the game was too slow.

Spread treasure glyphs all over the map, face up. A large number of them should be near the center of the map. Each figure is allowed to carry up to three glyphs at any time.


At the beginning of each round, before placing order markers, a trap is activated. Roll the d20 until you get a number from 1 to 12. This indicates which segment of the 'clock' is affected by the trap. The center section of the board is also affected (we made this change based on playtesting, because otherwise everybody just hides in the middle of the map and nobody is affected by the traps). After rolling the d20 for the map segment, roll again for which trap is activated. There are seven traps, so if you roll an eight or higher, roll again until you roll 1-7.

1. Acid Fog - immediately after revealing an order marker on a figure located in the map segment affected by Acid Fog, roll the 20 sided die. Subtract the number of the order marker revealed from your roll. If you roll 2-8, the figure receives one wound. If you roll 1 or less, the figure is destroyed.

2. Beast NPC - when an NPC is on the board, any player, after revealing an order marker, may take a turn with any NPC figure or figures on one NPC card instead of taking a turn with one of their own figures. When placing NPC figures, each player rolls the 20 sided die. The player with the highest roll places the NPC figure or figures anywhere within the affected map area. When NPC figures are placed, the player who placed them must make an immediate attack with the NPC figure(s) if possible. NPC figures may not move out of the affected map segment and may not attack figures outside of the affected map segment. At the end of the round in which the NPC figures were placed on the map, the figures are removed from the game.

We used several methods to choose the Beast, including just having one ready as well as having a stack of cards at hand and randomly choosing one and rolling a d20 to select from a list. The random card draw was probably the best.

3. Blood Rain - Any figure within the map segment affected by Blood Rain must immediately (before revealing any order markers) move four spaces. If the figure is still within the area affected by Blood Rain after moving, roll the 20 sided die. The figure receives one wound on a roll of 1-5.

4. Insect NPC's - Place two squads of NPC Fyorlag Spiders and Sujoah on the map. Follow NPC rules as above.

5. Tidal Wave - Any figure within the affected map segment and within four spaces of a water space in the affected map segment must immediately be placed on a water space up to five spaces away, if possible.

6. Monkey NPC's - Place two squads of Quasatch Hunters or C3G Gorilla City Warriors on the map. Follow NPC rules as above.

7. Jabberjays - Order markers may not be placed on any figure in the affected map segment for this round.


Last figure standing wins!

June 13, 2012

Helm's Deep

These are some pictues I took a long time ago but never posted. We used about 3.5 castles to make this map and mixed Sherman Davies' LOTR custom cards in with Knights of Weston, Templars, Gruts and some other stuff. These pictures were taken pretty late in the game, after the wall was blown up by the Uruks. In one picture you can see one Templar after they rushed out of the gate. No Ents :( but the humans still won the day, despite Aragorn and Legolas being chomped by Grimnak down near the wall breach.




May 11, 2012

Gentlemen, behold:


My daughter, who I have now started calling Madame Weirdscaper, has really gotten into the Hunger Games books. She built this map, complete with cornuca-whatzit in the middle of the map, to be the arena from the second book. We used it for some C3G action last night. Anyway, this map took most of four ROTV's and two SOTM's as well as some dungeon tiles, snow tiles and extra water tiles.

And here is Madame Weirdscaper herself.


And what game would be complete without some poison dart blowing action:


Sept 26, 2011

Wow, it's been too long since I last updated this. Below is a map that my son built. The pictures aren't stellar because I'm no photographer, and they were taken with a phone. But my son was proud of his map and wanted to "see his name in lights" on the internet. So I'll call his map Craggy Hill. Each of the terrain types have representative areas: jungle, ice, swamp and lava. The hill has a couple of tunnels through it that medium sized figures can traverse.

We played capture the flag. Charos was able to fly in and steal the flag from my son's base by first putting the smackdown on Nilfheim while Q9 sucked up all the OM's. Charos escaped with the flag to the top of the hill, but Q9 killed him before he could drop down the far cliffside. At this point Theracus flew in and saved the day, bringing the flag the rest of the way in to capture it. All the Venoc Viper proxies for Armocs rejoiced exceedingly.





Nov 13, 2009:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Battle of Teth

That's a lot of colons...and clones

Anyway, I used most of 3 ROTV's, 3 FOTA's, 2 TJ's and 2 SOTM's to build the Battle of Teth. This is from the animated movie/pilot episode of the Cartoon Network series. In this battle the Clone Troopers must ascend a cliff face to assault an ancient monastery at the top of the cliff that has been overrun by Battle Droids led by a Sith Assassin named Ventriss. Anakin, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka accompany the Troopers.

I have attached some pics of the battlefield. I'll update later with a battle report.

An overall shot of the battlefield:

Clone Troopers can either ascend the staircase and can temporarily duck for cover in the cave, or climb the ladders that rise up the cliff face:

The monastery atop the cliff (built by my daughter, Porkins Juniorette):

The Star Wars troops staging for battle:

Sept 24, 2009:

Red Deer Heroscape

No, this isn’t another thread about where to buy stuff in Red Deer, Alberta. However, all of the threads about Red Deer inspired me to create a scenario (and thread) by the same name.

The game is basically a hunt scenario. I played it a few times with three and with four players, and we thought it was fun. Here goes:
  • Build a map with a large area. We played on Longheroscaper’s map, Nogard Land. We designated the starting areas to be at one end of the board, opposite the castle and mountains.
  • Choose several squads of beasts and place them randomly on the board, away from the players’ starting areas. Each beast gets assigned a point value based on how powerful it is, or how difficult to kill. We used the following figures, with point value assigned:
    • 1 squad of Marden Hounds (the Red Deer), 3 points
    • 2 squads of Wolves of Badru, 2 points
    • 2 squads of Fyorlag Spiders, 1 point
    • 2 squads of Marden Nagrubs, 1 point
  • Each player drafts 250 points worth of human or elven heroes, your hunters. Roll the d20 to choose starting areas.
  • The objective is to score the most points for destroying beasts. For each beast figure you destroy, you earn the point value assigned to it above (i.e. – three points for each Marden Hound figure destroyed). How you go about scoring points is up to you…if you want to attack your opponents’ hunters first, then get the kills, feel free. Or, get a fast moving hero like Sir Dupuis and rush around the board destroying beasts before anybody else can get to them.
  • Roll for initiative. Each player takes their first turn per normal HeroScape rules. After all players have taken their first turn, each player, in order, moves the beast figure of their choice according to the move number on the beast’s card. A beast cannot be moved again until the next “round” of beast moving. If a beast moves adjacent to one or more hunters, it must attack using either a normal or special attack as described on its card. The player who moved the beast controls the attack.
  • After each player has moved a beast, play resumes as usual, with players taking their second turn. After all players have taken their second turn, each player moves a beast. This continues to the end of the round, when players then reset order markers and roll for initiative per normal HeroScape rules. Continue until all beasts have been destroyed.
Some issues that probably need tweaking:
  • The beasts are very underpowered compared with the hunters. I considered having each player move and/or attack with an entire squad of beasts, rather than a single figure, but have not tried this.
  • The player who wins the initiative roll has a great advantage, because he is able to move a beast within range of his hunters, and then attack that beast on his next turn before any other player can react. I considered having players roll for initiative for each turn within the round, thinking that this would spread out the initiative roll advantage, but have not tried it.

Gold1 September 24th, 2009 09:45 PM

Re: Red Deer Heroscape - a Porkins scenario
This sounds like fun but I'm thinking it might be harder to complete if the armies were a lower point cost, say 150-180. This way you limit the amount of kills you get per turn allowing the opposing players to move the beasts more often. I'm also wondering if this scenario could use any type of hero. That might make it more diverse if you have a greater amount of players. I'll have to try this out sometime, thanks for the post Porkins.

habs1009 September 24th, 2009 10:31 PM

Re: Red Deer Heroscape - a Porkins scenario
Looks pretty fun might try it on another map because I don't have enough terrain but oh well.

ProtoFury September 25th, 2009 01:04 AM

Re: Red Deer Heroscape - a Porkins scenario
I like the scenario, Porkins! Very creative, I'm going to have to try this out.

Porkins November 13th, 2009 04:59 PM

Re: added: SW Clone Wars: Battle of Teth - Scenarios by Pork
Updated first post.

Porkins September 26th, 2011 03:04 PM

Re: Craggy Hill by Porkins Jr. - Scenarios by Porkins
Updated first post.

Porkins May 11th, 2012 06:21 PM

Re: Catching Fire by Madame Weirdscaper - Scenarios by Porki

iceman3317 May 11th, 2012 08:17 PM

Re: Catching Fire by Madame Weirdscaper - Scenarios by Porki
Really love the Catching Fire map. I was thinking about making my own map,just didn't have a set up for it.

Dr. Weirdscaper May 14th, 2012 02:55 PM

Re: Catching Fire by Madame Weirdscaper - Scenarios by Porki

I did a complete doubletake when I read the title.

Cool map.

Mossman May 14th, 2012 03:02 PM

Re: Catching Fire by Madame Weirdscaper - Scenarios by Porki
What a great job she did! Love that book series.

Porkins June 13th, 2012 05:02 PM

Re: Helm's Deep - Scenarios by Porkins
Added some old pictures from a Helm's Deep game we played.

Porkins August 15th, 2012 11:19 PM

Re: Hunger Games Arena scenario rules - Scenarios by Porkins
Added Hunger Games arena scenario rules for the Catching Fire map my daughter built.

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