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Splash January 24th, 2021 06:47 PM

The Book of Demogorgon Stalker
The Book of Demogorgon Stalker


Comic PDF

Mini PDF

The figure used for this unit is a D&D figure from the Stranger Things Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set set.
Its model number and name are Demogorgon.

NOTE: Demogorgon Stalker requires The Upside Down.

Character Bio -
DATE: November 6th, 1983
LOCATION: Hawkins National Labratory (U.S. Department of Energy) - Hawkins, Indiana
SUBJECT: Unknown biological organism

INITIAL ASSESSMENT: The facility run by Dr. Martin Brenner made contact with a possible ____ and was performing a follow up through further experimental means. [see SUBJECT: 011] Some sort of _____ opened up in the sub-basement level and an, as of yet, unidentified organism appeared.

INCIDENT REPORT: The event resulted in the death of one lab worker and a breach of facility by both said creature and test subject 011.

RECOMMENDATION: Contain and control AT ALL COSTS. All other actors are considered expendable.


-Rulings and Clarifications-
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-Combinations and Synergies-

Incoming Synergy:Outgoing Synergy:
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Immunities, Benefits, and Weaknesses:_________________________________________________________________

-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-
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Splash January 24th, 2021 06:48 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing



LIFE = 5

MOVE = 5

POINTS = 175

At the start of the game, if you've already placed a Demogorgon in your army in your Start Zone, place this Demogorgon Stalker on an empty space in the Upside Down battlefield. After revealing an Order Marker on this card, instead of moving normally, you may place this Demogorgon Stalker on any empty space in the Upside Down battlefield.

Before taking a turn with this Demogorgon Stalker, you may choose an opponent’s small or medium figure without the Super Strength special power up to X spaces away from this Demogorgon Stalker, where X is the number of wounds on the chosen figure's card, and place this Demogorgon Stalker adjacent to the chosen figure. After moving and before attacking with this Demogorgon Stalker this turn, you may place the chosen figure on an empty space adjacent to this Demogorgon Stalker and it will not take any leaving engagement attacks.

If this Demogorgon Stalker would receive one or more wounds, ignore one of those wounds.

Splash January 24th, 2021 07:02 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
Comic Art

Figure pics


Thanks everyone for letting me run this!

I just thought of this the other day so I didn't wanna tack it on without consideration, but I think Weak Minded would be a fitting one to put on as well, since they are mostly/usually under the Mind Flayer's control.

If any player rolls the 20-sided die to take temporary or permanent control of this Demogorgon, that player may add 4 to the roll.

Arch-vile January 24th, 2021 07:51 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
Looks good. Don't forget to tag the heroes and post in the promotions or welcome thread so people know this thread started up.

Pretty simple design, they'll be fairly useful as assassins if the opponent has a leader figure in their start zone. No opinion either way on the weak minded thing.

Splash January 24th, 2021 07:56 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
Oop almost forgot, I knew there was something, thanks!

Tornado January 24th, 2021 08:01 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
Could be nice with Frankenstein. He can lumber forth and these guys can just pop in.

Soundwarp SG-1 January 24th, 2021 08:27 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
Liking the general idea here.

Weak-Minded seems a bit odd to me since like, I don't think they've been mind-controlled by parties other than the Mind Flayer have they? Like we don't really know enough about them to give them that IMO. For all we know they're super strong willed but the Mind Flayer is just that l33t at mind control or what-not.

But maybe the comics elaborate on that.

I'm not super keen on Predatory as a personality personally. Like the only other card with that is the White Martians and it doesn't really tell us much. Seems like they should just have the class of Predator if that's an important thing to convey.

Menacing/Relentless/Terrifying strike me as better personalities personally.

IAmBatman January 24th, 2021 09:22 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
I like Terrifying Creature or Terrifying Predator. Both seem to sum them up pretty well. Probably lean Terrifying Creature just because I'm not sure if they've ever been shown to really exist to eat so much as to exist to terrify.

Wouldn't be surprised if 140 is a bit higher for them. They basically pop in wherever you want, which means tracking isn't a big deal, but other than first strike, they don't do terribly much in combat, and their stats are only worth about 75 points.

I could see anywhere from 110-140 justified on the calculator, but personally think they're closer to 110-120.

tcglkn January 24th, 2021 09:34 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
I just don't feel like Blood Tracking does anything for the card with their teleport power. I'd consider something like Feeding Frenzy from King Shark:
When King Shark attacks, he receives 1 extra attack die for each Wound Marker on the defending figure’s Army Card, to a maximum of 3 additional attack dice for Feeding Frenzy. When King Shark destroys a figure with his normal attack, he must attack again. King Shark must continue attacking with his normal attack until he does not destroy a figure.

Or just Blood Frenzy from Wild Child:
When attacking a figure that is not a destructible object, Wild Child receives 1 extra attack die for each Wound Marker on the defending figure's card up to a maximum of 2 additional attack dice for Blood Frenzy.

IAmBatman January 24th, 2021 09:37 PM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
Yeah, I dig either of those. :up:

Lord Pyre January 25th, 2021 10:10 AM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
I've only seen season one so I can't comment on theme past that. But currently he's a bit... boring? Blood tracking is useless since it's redundant with teleport. And while teleporting is a good horror villain "you never know where he is" mechanic, he's just not too scary. In the show they kidnap kids and are freaking terrifying, so maybe something like Imposing presence (But maybe not exactly that since that power on uncommons would be bad), or something that lets them place opponents figures on their card for a time, similar to Angstrom.

MrNobody January 25th, 2021 10:13 AM

Re: The Book of Demogorgon - Breathing
What if the Upside Down was a separate map?

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