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ollie November 4th, 2015 06:17 PM

Free College Tuition to Study Heroscape.
OK, the title is a slight overstatement, but it overstates it a lot less than you might think.

Here are two announcements, both from Marlboro College in Vermont where I teach math.

First, the summer program for 14-19 year olds that I teach is running again this year. The topic is the mathematics of games and puzzles.

In the past Heroscape has featured heavily and my intention is that it will again next year. The official announcement isn't ready to go yet, but it will almost certainly be running 10th-16th July. Last year's description isn't quite accurate---the current plan is to scale back the social change implications and return to older versions that emphasise puzzles as well as games---but you'll see that it mentions 'scape regardless.

Unrelatedly, Marlboro College has a ridiculously brilliant program to give free tuition to one student from each state.

I'd say two of the key components of succeeding at Marlboro are the desire to be part of a small passionate community and to want to communicate complex ideas clearly, especially through writing. There a bucketloads of people in this community that meet these, many are highschoolers (I think) and many have grown in both of these attributes while here. So I think there are likely some great candidates, or people who know great candidates, reading this.

Added to this, I suspect that the distribution of 'scapers is different to the typical distribution of Marlboro applicants (and the college is actively seeking students from beyond our regular distribution). This means that for many of you who are the right age, the odds of success are out of proportion to other similar opportunities.

Finally, to justify the original claim somewhat, in the last ten years I've been involved in three students' degrees that incorporated games to some extent (although I confess that none were explicitly 'scape related).

One was in Game Studies (under the "Liberal Studies" designation for interdisciplinary work that we don't explicitly support, and included some game design), one was in Sociology and Theater (I was mostly a sounding board here rather than an active academic collaborator) and the other was in Writing and Math (it looked at aspects of narrative and gaming and the student designed a space-based combat game as a project; all undergraduates are ultimately evaluated by an outside evaluator who, in this case, was our own @theGuru ).

I'm very happy to answer questions here or via PM. Apply! Study! Scape!

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