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Dad_Scaper October 17th, 2017 02:37 PM

Letters From the Front
So, what's going on in your RPG?

Inspired by @Tornado , I'll be sharing stories from my D&D campaign here. He said he was interested! I swear!

But I also encourage all of you to share your current campaign's derring do as well.

Scaperedude October 17th, 2017 02:58 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
My current 5e D&D campaign..... (I'm the dungeon master)

In the highly mystical, oriental campaign of Shin-Kaza (My own homebrew.....) the party has just emerged from the forsaken monastery high in the Choko mountains. There they were able to recover a number of ancient scrolls continuing music of an ancient and powerful nature. In the process of recovering these scrolls, one party member was permanently turned into a Carrion Crawler, and another was slain fighting a Blue Slaad. They now need to travel back through the underground mountain pass, and bring these scrolls to the greatest storyteller in the land. In trade for this music, they will receive one of the fabled Nine Mirrors. (They have five already.....) These mirrors are needed to stop a massive apocalypse that has been prophesied.

After that, they will travel into the spirit lands (An actual location on the map! It is a massive bamboo marshland!), where the lines between reality and the spirit realm are blurred. They are searching for a very powerful demon by the name of Fragalax. This demon has another mirror which is missing a shard. (This shard was recovered earlier by the party in the Tomb of the Scorpion King in the northern Wasakabi deserts.....)

Throughout all of this, a powerful group of psionics from the Far Kingdoms are attempting to recover the mirrors for themselves. They believe they have been chosen to save the world, and no puny group of adventures will get in their way. (This group is secretly led by a powerful demon, though this is a closely guarded secret.)

In summary, lots of ninjas, lots of spirits, and a good time.

Dad_Scaper October 17th, 2017 03:10 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
What level is the party, Dude? And who are its surviving members?

Dad_Scaper October 17th, 2017 03:16 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
Pasting in my posts from the other thread, in which I was also describing a D&D 5E campaign:


Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper (Post 2165011)
I play a weekly D&D game, which isn't exactly a board game, but I'll mention it here anyway. My character is a sorcerer, a "wild mage" whose magic is barely under control. Sometimes when he does stuff he sets off something he didn't intend, and it might be good (turn invisible), there's a good chance it'll just be weird (turn blue), and there's a moderate chance it'll be bad (a fireball detonates, centered on you). The fireball, of course, is extremely unlikely, but last night I triggered it.

My party is only level 4, and we'd already been fighting for a while, so between our existing injuries and a few failed saves, all of us but one were knocked unconscious. And the big bad boss guy was just outside of the blast zone. Also my zombie minion survived. So we scrambled to throw around heals while the zombie minion grappled the boss. Somehow everyone is now barely conscious, dragging each other away from the battle, while the big bad end guy (hopefully) gets distracted by his big evil-magic tree, which is, on account of the fireball, totally engulfed.

Wish us luck for next week. I really like this character, I hope I didn't kill him. Or anyone else in the party. :)


Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper (Post 2165427)
Wild mage is a subclass of sorcerer. Wizards, intelligence-based casters, learn their spells from books and study. Sorcerers, which are (theoretically, and probably actually) rarer, have innate magical powers, and are charisma-based. They don't develop the magical brute force that wizards do.

Sorcerers have two existing subclasses, though reportedly others are on their way: "draconic origins," meaning they have natural magical ability from dragon in their bloodline, and "wild mage," meaning they have some story-based reason for naturally-occurring raw magical power that they have not earned with study or, yet, practice. Wild mages get some extra powers *but* they also, from time to time, trigger a roll on a table that will provide some unexpected side-effect of an attempt to use magic.

Del, my sorcerer, is a half-elf wild mage, and the rest of our party is also a combination of handsome, lightly armored fellows: a ranger, a bard, and a monk. So we are going tank, and heavy-armor, free. A tanky big bag of hit points would have helped when I blew up the fireball last week, but luckily the bard survived, and he resuscitated the ranger, and the two of them had (barely) enough healing to get us all off the ground and mobile.

Tonight is our next chapter, which I will keep to myself. Unless there is any interest, in which case I will move the discussion to another thread. Thanks for your interest, Tornado!

Before tonight, I will add a word about the heroics of my zombie minion last week: First, know that there is utterly nothing special about him, stat-wise. I have a magic item that lets me check once a day to see if I can animate some dead thing, and this day I got lucky so I got to animate a zombie. Second, he was only intended to do stuff like open doors in case they were trapped. Third, in this combat, he managed to successfully grapple a *pair* of very dangerous bad guys, to keep them from getting away and to (somehow) soak their attacks while we could do the real damage.

He rolled very high on various saves and, when necessary, on the d20 to keep from dying, like zombies do. Sadly, after a couple of rounds of grappling the big bad end guy, he finally missed one of those zombie-death saves, and he perished from the face of the earth. He will be remembered fondly as the MVP of the fight, assuming we survive.

Tornado October 17th, 2017 05:00 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
Awesome. I think you will appreciate chronicling your adventures.

We base experience on participation, so each game counts towards leveling. You need one game to got to level 2, two more to got to level 3, three for 4, ect.
You can earn a bonus game by writing up the adventure. I have one character that I have his entire campaign written down and I just wish we would have started earlier because we had some great adventures back in the day. :)

We are gaming the next two weekends so I will add my tales. GM is running an adventure based on the Romans wiping out the druids.

quozl October 17th, 2017 05:54 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
I just wrapped up our old school D&D campaign that started a year and a half ago. They delved into the mysterious Dwimmermount, slayed the monsters, found the treasure, and made the big bad swallow some "evil jelly" with a natural 20 and a ring of telekinesis.

My daughter is planning on running the next campaign with a system she's designed herself.

Dad_Scaper October 17th, 2017 06:32 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
That's so cool! How big is your group, Q? Just the two of you? I keep thinking she's young, but she's not so young anymore.

quozl October 17th, 2017 06:53 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
Me, my wife, my daughter (who is 16 now), and 3 of our friends.

Dad_Scaper October 17th, 2017 07:07 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
Geez. For a guy I've never met, I've known you for a long time.

Dad_Scaper October 17th, 2017 11:20 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
The dramatis personae:
Del ~ half-elf wild mage sorcerer, myself
Finn ~ halfling monk
Sue ~ human beastmaster ranger
Davidius MacFleetwood ~ half-elf (iirc) bard

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, Del had threatened the Big Bad End Guy as follows: "I will burn your [bad word] tree to the ground!" And Del then tried to cast a spell against the BBEG, but there was a misfire, triggering a fireball centered on Del. Unfortunately knocking most of the party unconscious. (Edit: And, importantly, setting the bad guy's tree hopelessly en fuego, enraging him.)

Luckily, Davidius survived, as did Del's zombie minion, and Davidius managed to do some healing while the zombie grappled the BBEG, and the party managed to beat a fighting retreat over a lengthy stretch of underground terrain. Lightly armored and nimble as they are, they could stay ahead of the healthy, spellcasting bad guy while fighting off his minions.

In fact, they managed to get off enough attacks against Bellock, the BBEG, that - though he, enraged, pursued - he began to take more damage than he could afford to give. Though Del stayed just in sight, teasing him on, he could not get the kill shot he wanted on the half elf sorcerer who destroyed his tree, and slowly the attacks from others started to wear him down. And his minions were eliminated, one at a time.

When Bellock realized it was time to retreat, it was too late. The party smelled blood in the water. Well, most of the party. Davidius had been sprinting away for so long that he didn't know what was happening. But Del got in a lucky firebolt that did a lot of damage, and Bellock turned to run, but could not get far enough. Finn caught him and finished him off with a well-placed dart to the back of the head.

The party finished the dungeon - or, at least, finished off the BBEG - and will finally get an overdue long rest. When it recovers next week, it will be time to track down the last missing adventurer (some NPC paladin, lost somewhere in this dungeon), and make its way home.

Thanks for your support, all! The scoundrel Del lives to fight another day.

For those struggling to sleep tonight, here is Del's backstory, and why I call my own character a scoundrel:
Spoiler Alert!
I am told we are now level 5, which means I have some homework to do before next session.

Dysole October 17th, 2017 11:27 PM

Familiar faces

Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper (Post 2165503)
Geez. For a guy I've never met, I've known you for a long time.

And I've met both of you. Our current campaign is on hiatus as everyone got very busy but I'm basically dming the DND equivalent of superhero team.

~Dysole, who doesn't want to go into too much detail about what she has planned as W099 is a player in the campaign

quozl October 17th, 2017 11:44 PM

Re: Letters From the Front
I'm jealous, Dysole. I'd love to meet D_S. And please PM me about your campaign ideas. D&D supers sounds cool.

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