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TREX June 20th, 2015 01:37 PM

The Holocron of Jedi Temple of Coruscant

Small Expansion 5: Reinforcements for the Battlefront

A HOSS Competetive Map

Required sets: 2 FOTA, 2 BTFU
Also uses HOSS destructible DOs


Map Bio- The Jedi Temple on Coruscant was known as a serene and peaceful place, and while mostly an accurate portrayal of how daily life inside the temple unfolded it was not always so. Over the years criminals and Sith affiliated cultist have broken in to, or outright invaded, the Temple in search of valuables, hidden knowledge, or objects of power. Then of course when the Empire rose to power and the Jedi purge began it became a war zone all onto itself. With the Jedi no longer there to protect their secrets, the temple was sacked and looted time and time again by one organization and then another. All of who were convinced they could locate and access the secret vault of Jedi knowledge and artifacts rumored to be hidden within.

The red and blue are start zones
This map uses optional HOSS destructible objects:
Is compatible with BOSS Battlefront Game mode.

BOSS Battlefront rules are in the printable pdf.

Special Rules
-Figures cannot leap, fly, or shoot over voids.
-The rock outcrops are not to be placed.(used the shadow base tile)


-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-
-Heroscapers Community Contributions-
• First playtest: (TREX)
• Second playtest: (TREX)
• Map created by: (TREX)
PDF Created by: TREX

Yodaking June 23rd, 2015 02:00 AM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
Just seeing this thread now. I downloaded the map but I think I'm going to need to build this one as there is a lot going on. It might take up to a week before I get around to building it though as I have a map already up for some C3G testing I'm doing. You should link this thread to one of the other Battlefield thread. I think everyone has posted in that one and would then be made aware of the new thread that way.

Yodaking June 23rd, 2015 02:05 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
I ended up digging into the VS file and playing around with it a little bit.

I have a question for you, do you specifically want all the shadow spaces in the middle of the board on a lower level then the rest of the tiles? I ask because the +1 def (2 shields on 6 sides of the dice) isn't enough to overcome the +1 att (3 skulls on 6 sides of the dice) that your opponent gets from having high ground. As a result, 0-level shadow tiles don't get used often unless someone is force pushing you onto them. It was not easy to do but I managed to raise up all the center of the map shadow tiles to even ground. I still have some 0-level shadow (rock outcrop bases) in a few spots along the edge for force pushing people into but anyone who wants to move through the center of the board can remain on even ground.

Next thing I want to discuss is the all terrain is road tiles rule. Giving everyone +3 move almost all the time will make the board play really, really fast. I ended up not liking how it played when testing my platforms map idea. Ranged figures will be constantly getting overrun by figures that start outside of their range. With all the steps going up to the top area, the road tile bonus is needed there but down on flatter ground I think the map would be better served if you left the rock tiles as non-road tiles. I even placed a 7 hex rock tile on the catwalk where the C glyph is to break up the road bonus in that area.

TREX June 25th, 2015 02:34 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
@Yodaking , I actually played a game or two on this map without the road bonus on everything in play. The game kind of dragged a bit. That is why I swapped out the little side exit from the start zone to a road tile from a shadow tile. Its true that melee figures have a chance to get up on ranged figures. The ranged figures can also be good. In this one instance I was out ranged by my opponents when I was up on the middle height and got pounded until I came down to get them. Raising the shadow tiles up in the middle is fine. The reason I have the start zones larger. It can be set up with 4 player 2vs2 teams. If you cut that down, you have to do away with any scenario like that. We like to do bigger games sometime with 4 people, so having that option on a HOSS map is pretty cool. Anyhow, I assume you have built it then. What is the overall impression as it stands before you?

Yodaking June 25th, 2015 04:29 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
I have not yet built it in real life, I just started breaking down the VS to see what was going on. I have no problem with the start zones as is, I raised the shadow tiles up just using some left over hexes and taking two from elsewhere. I have to wrap up some testing with a different board currently on my table, then I'll build this map next.

Yodaking June 26th, 2015 05:23 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
I'm going to be building this soon and wanted to get your thoughts on what I did to the map in VS before doing so. So here is the file showing the few changes I would consider. (*edit* I didn't like the fact that the center platform was one level higher in my version, so I have moved things around to being it back down to the level you origionally had it at. I then updated the VS file so it should be up to date with my thoughts on some tweaks.)

I raised up the shadow tiles to even ground, resulting in the high platform also moving up one level. Reduced the number of Bacta Tanks to one and moved it out on to the dueling area, that way when not dueling their is a reason to go out that way. Adjusted a couple of glyphs and other DO locations slightly. Swapped a rock 7 hex for some road tiles on the dueling walkway. Oh, and used all the shadow tiles up before using the single hex rock outcrop tiles and then placed those rock outcrop base tiles in a few new locations (still use the base tiles only, no rocks). It pretty much looks the same as all the changes were fairly minor outside of the Bacta tank move.

Yodaking June 30th, 2015 06:23 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
I built the map and I must say it certainly looks like a sci-fi city. It has a very interesting lay out that I have not seen on a heroscape board before. I also discovered that I only have 5 of the seven hex dungeon tiles for some reason but I still made it all work using some extra two hex dungeon tiles I had. I'm pretty excited to see how it plays with a few games.

I was concerned about being able to reach in a move figures around on all the shadow tiles before building it, and the center two most shadow tiles are still a bit of a concern. It won't be easy for a fat fingered player to move or adjust a figure on either one of those two spots. I don't see anything that can be done about it though so we will just have to play a few games on it and see how often it comes up as an issue when actually playing the game.

The board fits on my gaming table at an angle, but I suspect others might have some issues depending on the size and shape of their gaming table. It is not too long from start zone to start zone, it is the hallway that sticks out to the side. I think if that area could be shortened by two rows of hexes into just a 7 hex tile outside of the freezing chamber it would help.

Building it went pretty easy and I don't seem to have any stabilization issues. The only hang up I had was when placing the battlements, it was hard to tell where they were all suppose to be from the VS file so I just used the 3-D image as a guide. I know those things are tricky to put in the right spots in the VS program. After putting them all where it looked like you wanted them, I felt some could be moved around to new locations.

Yodaking June 30th, 2015 11:05 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
Here is the updated VS file showing my recommended changes. I followed your method of placing the battlements one level above where they would actually go, it did seem to make them easier to see. I then made it so they were all facing the right way and moved some to spots where I think they would be better served. The side hallway is now shortened by two rows. I then used some of the extra tiles created from shortening the hallway to add a few more single hexes in a few key spots. I think the 3 seven hex rock tiles (and the shadow tiles of course) should be the only ground that is not considered to be road tiles. I then placed the control glyphs at the center of each one. A 4th control glyph is in the shadow just like you had it, leaving the 5th control glyph at the very top of the spire as the only one you can reach using the road bonus. I only have 1 Bacta Tank on the map, on the purple spot and moved a few crates/containers but most of them are still in the same place or real close. I didn't put new 'dueling' start spots on the map after shortening the side hallway. You can put them back on if you want to, I just didn't know where to put them. Let me know what you think of those ideas.

TREX July 1st, 2015 03:24 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
@Yodaking , I'll check out the changes and tweak what I have built on the table to reflect. Thanks for the input. I will try it out when I get home from work and/or possibly before my busy weekend ahead.

Yodaking July 1st, 2015 10:34 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
I changed the map on my table to match the VS file I posted and ran a test today. I used the Cloud City Control rules you have posted too. The rules seemed to work fine for me, although trying to control as many glyphs as possible can change your tactics in a bad way. I was using Nilf & the Greenscales on one side and they split up instead of sticking together for the aura bonus. I should have just kept them together for the bonus since Nilf couldn't be moved anyway. It does get you to move all around the board though which is really nice. I also won control of Cloud City a few times with the team that had fewer glyphs under their control, then moved a figure off the control glyph at the very top platform down onto the Freezing Chamber. I would consider amending the rules such that you can't move a figure off one of the control glyphs, it would be an added bonus for having taken the glyph.

Now the bad news, I really had some issues trying to move figures on and off the shadow control glyph and since their is a glyph right there it is a point of high activity. The 3 pillars make the openings pretty small. Both the Repulsor & the Greenscale figures I moved onto that spot didn't want to go in or come out right away. It took some work to get them in and then I just left them laying on their side once they did get in there. I'm thinking we can try the ladder trick to hold up that 7 hex tile without using the 3 pillars directly below it. That would open up that area for figures to move in and out. I'll see if I can get it to work and if it does I'll post up a 1.5 VS file showing you what I'm talking about.

Yodaking July 2nd, 2015 01:06 AM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
I didn't get a chance to test it out tonight and I've got a pretty busy day tomorrow, so here is a VS file of the map using the ladder trick if you want to test it out yourself. Essentially you will be removing the 3 support pillars that hold up the 7 hex upper platform. Then on the 6 pillars adj. to the platform and just below it you will place a ladder piece. The 6 ladder pieces should hold up the 7 hex platform and give us a more open area below the platform to play on.

TREX July 2nd, 2015 02:28 PM

Re: The Design Holocron of Bespin Carbon Freeze Chamber
@Yodaking , the ladder trick sounds awesome.

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