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Avendoram August 6th, 2020 11:21 PM

Aven's Custom Heroscape (Wave 1?)
Just want to show off some custom Heroscape cards that I use when playing with friends, I'd be interested to hear what you think of them.

My friends and I do have a small tweak to the rules we play with, which disengagement is now a battle between the figures. So the one trying to disengage rolls defense, and the one who is staying still rolls attack. There's just one card that's balanced around that and would be utterly broken in the original game if it had the regular disengagement rules.

Also, another note, I'm not a photoshopper, the cards are supposed to be mostly for personal use, so there's a lot of issues with the images on the card. But I use MS paint, so it would take six times the length to try to input the figure image better.

Another small thing the cards can do is they're cards that can give other squads a turn, but the way we balance them is by capping the chain at 1. That way you don't have a chain of 3 cards that give each other a turn.

Also, their are a few awkward grammar mistakes on some, I'm aware I need to do a reprinting of the cards at some point.

Currently these are the ones that I have put the figure image with:
Albino Crayfish:

Helps out hunter squads, and can be quick runners if there's water to hide in.

Alton the Longbow:

Make sure to set him up at the backline, despite being a very high attacker, and being able to attack most people lower elevation. His low defense and life will leave him reeling from a single battle.

Ant Swarms
You'll find many of these squads are, what I like to call, "Filler squads" They have nothing too special themselves, but will be a nice filler if you need it. Especially for full on Draft matches that we like to do.

Balton the Shortbow:
Bought a figure for Alton the Longbow card, he was a very short man with a short bow, so we made him Balton the Shortbow, he's actually better than I expected, giving Roman Archers a reason to live even.

Have yet to playtest this one still. But they are obviously based off of a certain unit in X-Com.

Clay Golems:

Big beefy boys to protect your ranged attackers. They can also spit sand at you, might be useful.

Fort Defenders:
In most cases you would draft them, 4/4's that can defend the gate that's under attack. Had to make them Protector to avoid the Guard synergy. They are pretty good enough.

Lava Elemental:
A new Elemental to be revived by the elementalist. I do want to make an elemental for each Valkyrie, so I figured this one fit in Valkrill best.

Demon Bonding makes these figures something to fear. With new squads of demons joining in, but keep in mind they'll lower friendly figures attack as well. So be sure to keep them separate from all non valkrill figures.
Which as we know, is most of them.

Plague Knights:
I don't think this is what Sir Dupius means when he can buffed by knights. But these guys are slower and can slowly widdle down heroes if they have unlucky rolls. As well as a passive buff that can snowball.

Predator Plants:
High attack, and the capability to ignore wounds, just be sure to gain enough markers on them before you feel comfortable having them fight heroes.

Scout Knight
Sacrificial fodder that may increase the low mobility of knights, or perhaps even let your knights ambush an enemy if they stay close to him.

My personal favorite, I have new models that fit the card better arriving for them also. Ever had someone at the game night that spammed Syvaris from the tower in everyone's starting position? Taking out waves of allies? Well, these were made to completely counter him. This is where the different disengagement rules come into play. Originally they had a Cyberclaw type effect, but after some practicing we had to change them so you don't want to disengage them, but you still have a chance to be safe if you have high defense.

Random dice rolls are fun, so here's Anubian Wolves but opposite.


While Roman Legionnaires already had a big use of advancing with a warlord, this changes the way they can be played, by having them support the Cataphract in his advancement. Being very anti swarm with his abilities, he makes any Marro squads think twice about charging into his range.

TheAverageFan August 7th, 2020 04:58 AM

Re: Aven's Custom Heroscape (Wave 1?)
Welcome to the site, Avendoram! :)

I like a lot of your customs and ideas so here's my rambling :2cents: feedback per unit if you are interested in that sort of thing:

Spoiler Alert!

At any rate, thanks again for posting :up:


Avendoram August 8th, 2020 12:21 AM

Re: Aven's Custom Heroscape (Wave 1?)
Glad you liked them! I have many more custom cards that I haven't spent the time to ms paint the figure in yet. I love individual feedback!

As for Albino Crayfish I wanted to balance them as a bond squad to many different hunters, they are very versatile so to balance them I felt they shouldn't be best in water, but can sprint out of water to attack hiding ranged units!

Balton in play testing was actually better than I ever thought he'd be, he's really fun, and makes Roman Archers not the worst ranged unit option if he's in your squad!

As for scout Knight, We kept it at a once per turn thing, so after the enemies engage, you can quickly move your knights forward, or quickly hound that one figure who dared engage with scout knight. However, he's still 1 life and weak to other attacks, especially ranged.

Cataphract does mean "Fully Armored" so I think that horse is weighed down quite a bit! :) He was a huge issue in a 1v1v1 fight taking the center (He is 90 points after all with only 3 life). Until he randomly decided to disengage to try to trample someone and with the disengagement rules, ended up rolling 0 shields as a marro warriors hit 4 skulls due to height and Finn bonus!

After a bit of practice with the Shieldbearers they were way too broken with a Cyberclaw ability. As they'd have to rely on other units to help them out of the situation if I engaged a squad of low attack units, such as Gorillinators. So mid test we either decided they gain the samurai 5 defense, or adjust the "Forced Engagement" Cyberclaw ability. We decided to make them not TOO easy to disengage with, as the 1 attack was pitiful and made their disengagement way too easy to get out of, and unlike Deathreavers, didn't have the scatter and disengage to go along with it. So having them use their defense as the disengagement seemed to be the easier option. We also decided to nerf the "Forced Engagement" ability as well and gave the adjusted version to the Clay Golems.

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