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Velenne December 20th, 2009 02:14 PM

Knights of the Daystorm - Design Thread - 100% complete

This project is complete. Please direct new questions and comments to the release thread HERE.

CAPTAIN'S LOG STARDATE 1/22: The enigmatic 'truth' has placed this thread on the front page of Scapers! I'm very excited! I'd like to welcome all you folks visiting this thread from the link provided. Below is a brief overview of what this campaign entails. Relevant links are also below. Please note that this project is unfinished and needs you to get us the rest of the way home! If you get a chance to play through any or all of KotDS, please let me know what you think and I can make improvements accordingly.

Here's a placeholder for what I'm planning. It will also serve to motivate me to test and complete it and provide regular updates.
  • There are 5 dungeons in this campaign.
  • It's being designed to work with 2, 3, and/or 4 players during any stage.
  • There's an over-arcing story heavily inspired by Final Fantasy I. Each dungeon consists of 4-5 rooms/encounters with a Guardian fight at the end.
  • The party will face and be composed of a variety of heroes and monsters. You'll have the chance along the way to convert a few as well.
  • Variability will be important. You can do the 4 main dungeons in any order you choose.
  • The maps/dungeons will also be epic in scope. You'll need about 2 of every expansion to do the whole thing, but as is the beauty of Heroscape, you can always swap out terrain you don't have and use the rules anyway!
The process has begun! Check out the drafts below. I'll make regular updates and revisions as we go.

Download these first! You'll need them to play.
Game Guide in PDF format.
Player's Campaign Status Tracker

Water Dungeon

Fire Dungeon (Runa's Riddles HERE)

Air Dungeon

Earth Dungeon


Vilsara December 20th, 2009 02:45 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
This seems like a fun epic game, and I'm glad you've taken the placeholder this early, since I've been eager to try out an epic campaign- or at least see one- since DnD was first revealed.

Good luck with the story, first off. I'm sure that's going to a huge part of the campaign, but it'll probably be hard to nail. As a young writer, I'll be eager to see how you tie this in to the game (or, well, copiously edit your spelling and grammar ;)).

The converting idea also sounds intruiging; I feel most eager to see how you pull that off. Sounds like you're taking a bit of inspiration from Fire Emblem.

I'll be watching this space, and probably be giving out quite a bit of +rep.

Velenne December 21st, 2009 12:05 AM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
Thanks for the kindness, Vilsara! I look forward to your feedback!

Here's a bit more of what I have so far. I think the story in particular can be tightened up.
  1. Story
    1. Player represents a party of Heroes, the Knights of the Daystorm, who originate on Earth and are thus comprised entirely of humans.
    2. Four 'Keys' bound to the elements have been hidden across space and time by ???? and are protected by eternal Guardians.
    3. The player chooses the order in which to find the keys, and thus also determines which Heroes he/she will have access to in each subsequent dungeon.
      1. For example, the Earth Key might be on Feylund. After completing that dungeon, the player will be able to draft from Feylund heroes as well as Earths'.
    4. After gathering all 4 Keys, the player uses them (thus losing them) to gain access to a final dungeon.
  2. General Gameplay
    1. Player begins with a drafted army of up to 550 points, max 6 Heroes, all from Earth. DM uses the dungeon's prescribed bestiary.
    2. If the DM manages an Total Party Kill (TPK) in the first dungeon, the player may restart with an entirely different party. If the DM manages a TPK in any subsequent dungeon, the previous Keys are lost and the adventure is over and evil triumphs. Player and DM switch roles.
    3. If a player's character (PC) dies in a dungeon, it may never be reused and must be replaced from the allowed pool of Heroes.
    4. A player may not drop a party member to replace with another. Knighthood is a mantle taken until death. Feeding a Knight to an angry troll to make room for another candidate is perfectly acceptible. (No one ever said Knights were good...)
    5. Treasure is carried over from one dungeon to the next, however bonuses to a given stat do not stack.
    6. Each dungeon will have scalable encounters to become more difficult as the player's party becomes more powerful.
  3. Dungeons
    1. Fire Dungeon
      1. Fire Key - grants an AoE Special Attack to the bearer
      2. Valhalla
      3. Lava/Rock terrain
      4. Boss fight = Sujoah
    2. Earth Dungeon
      1. Earth Key - grants 1 round of invulnerability/dungeon
      2. Toril
      3. Swamp/Underdark terrain
      4. Boss fight = Othkurik
    3. Water Dungeon
      1. Water Key - slither, disengage 7?
      2. Feylund
      3. Ice,sand/water terrain
      4. Boss fight = Cyprien
    4. Air Dungeon
      1. Air Key - Flight
      2. Alpha Prime
      3. Castle/Road terrain
      4. Boss fight = Q10
    5. Final Dungeon (Name??)
      1. Lose all keys
      2. Icaria
      3. Terrain = boss' original terrain
      4. All bosses back-to-back followed by battle with Charos?.
Beyond just the battles, I want to include multiple scenario challenges in each dungeon. So it won't always be about having a party with the best stats, but maybe the best synergy or a variety of useful abilities. Also, I'd like to balance the rewards from each dungeon with the usefulness of being able to draft Heroes from that world after you beat it. Finally, the scaling issue is going to have to be very tightly controlled to allow for more powerful parties without crushing them.

Velenne December 21st, 2009 02:39 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
Working list of draftable heroes:

Originally Posted by Alpha Prime]
  1. Major X17
  2. Zetacron

  1. Agent Carr
  2. Agent Skahen
  3. Alastair Macdirk
  4. Brave Arrow
  5. Crixus
  6. Deadeye Dan
  7. Elgrim
  8. Finn
  9. Guilty McCreech
  10. Hatamoto Taro
  11. Isamu
  12. James Murphy
  13. Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan
  14. Kaemon Awa
  15. Kumiko
  16. Marcus Decimus Gallus
  17. Master Win Chiu Woo
  18. Moriko
  19. Otonashi
  20. Parmenio
  21. Retiarius
  22. Sgt. Drake (RotV)
  23. Shiori
  24. Sir Denrick
  25. Sir Gilbert
  26. Sir Hawthorne
  27. Thorgrim
  28. Valguard


Originally Posted by Feylund
  1. Acolarh
  2. Arkmer
  3. Brunak
  4. Chardris
  5. Emirroon
  6. Gurei-Oni
  7. Jorhdawn
  8. Khosumet
  9. Kyntela Gwyn
  10. Migol Ironwill
  11. Morsbane
  12. Syvarris


Originally Posted by Toril
  1. Ana Karithon
  2. Darrak Ambershard
  3. Erevan Sunshadow
  4. Tandros Kreel


Originally Posted by Valhalla
  1. Atlaga
  2. Concan
  3. Empress Kiova
  4. Kelda
  5. Raelin (SotM)
  6. Saylind

So you start with a big list of 28 human and can eventually expand that to another 24 for 52 total options. That should help guarantee no game plays the same twice.

Velenne December 21st, 2009 03:17 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
Custom Treasure Glyphs and Traps. I plan on using very simple d20-based treasure and trap tables.


Originally Posted by Treasure
Shield of Arrow Deflection: +2 Defense vs. non-adjacent normal attacks

Seeking Ammunition: Units defending against non-adjacent normal attacks from the owner cannot negate the attack using any special power on an Army Card or glyph.

Amulet of Health: Grants 2 extra Life to the owner .

Boots of Haste: +2 Move to the owner. Further, the owner may move an additional 2 spaces if the owner does not attack this turn.

Vorpal Sword: When making a normal, adjacent attack, if the owner rolls a skull on every dice, the defending figure receives a wound for every skull and cannot roll any defense dice.

Ring of Protection +2: +2 Defense

Eyes of the Eagle: +1 to Range if the owner already has a Range greater than 1.

Potion of Cure Light Wounds: After moving and instead of attacking, discard the Potion of Cure Light Wounds and remove 2 wounds from the owner.

Scroll of Teleport: (Wizard only) Before moving and instead of attacking, discard the Scroll of Teleport and choose an empty space up to 8 clear-sight spaces away from the owner. Move the owner and up to two adjacent friendly figures to that space. Place any chosen teleported figure(s) adjacent to the owner. If the owner and any chosen figures are engaged when they start to teleport, they do not take leaving engagement attacks.

Scroll of Deep Slumber: (Wizard only) After moving and instead of attacking, discard the Scroll of Deep Slumber and choose a Common figure within 5 clear sight spaces. Roll a d20. If you roll a 10 or higher, remove all Order Markers from that figure's card.

Luckstone: When the owner rolls a d20, add 1 to whatever number is rolled.

Velenne December 21st, 2009 06:14 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
The Fire Key

5 Rooms, 3 Treasures

Room 1 - Long, narrow passage flanked by raised lava pits. Each holds an Obsidian Guard. There are 2-3 (depending on how many Keys the Knights have) squads in total.

Room 2 - A wide room of lava rock and a central lava pit. There are only 4 safe places to stand. Players can toggle a bridge to a central island and claim a treasure there, but if the enemy can get them off the switch, anyone on the bridge falls into the lava. The room is guarded by 2 squads of Minions (and Taelord in the advanced version).

Room 3 - The party begins in a small, flat area with 3 rising sides. One or more steam vents can potentially erupt at the end of each round, doing serious damage to those nearby. If the party can disable all 4 vents, they discover a treasure. 2-3 squads of Granite Guardians watch this room.

Room 4 - Runa's Riddle. Runa carries a Luckstone, making her power even more frightening in this room. She is able to fly from one perch to another, denying melee attacks. If the Knights can solve two of her riddles, she will let them pass. One error, and they must face the curse of her helm.

Room 5 - Lava rock mixes with jungle trees as Sujoah and his spiders try to stop the Knights from claiming their prize.

Fire Key Special Attack
Range 7. Attack 3 + Special
Choose a figure to attack. Any figures adjacent to the chosen figure are also affected by the Fire Key Special Attack. Add 1 to owner's attack dice for every additional Key owned by the party. Roll attack dice once for all affected figures. Each affected figure rolls defense dice separately. Owner cannot be affected by his or her own Fire Key Special Attack.

(( This entry and those that will follow are rough outlines which I'll use when creating the dungeons. I just wanted to share with you and open the process up to your feedback. ))

Velenne December 22nd, 2009 02:04 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
(Hmm... I seem to have lost my water dungeon post...that makes me sad...guess I'll have to retype it...)

The Water Key

4 Rooms, 2 Treasures, Dungeon is in a spiral shape with the adventurers starting on the outside

Room 1 - Funnel-shaped. Single, double, and triple-hex grass tiles are separated by water tiles. Marcu and 2-3 squads of Wolves of Badru guard this room. Marcu has a Ring of Protection +2. If his Hatred causes him to change sides, he joins the party for the rest of this Room and will not betray them. He will also give them his ring.

Room 2 - A long, narrow chamber of ice and snow is guarded by Brunak and Iskra Esenwein. Brunak's heat quickly melts the snow around him, obscuring him in a shroud of steam that protects him against ranged attacks.

Room 3 - A curving room of 6, 7-hex grass tiles. Jotun and his ogre ally Gurei-Oni seem unconcerned by the rising waters here. Indeed, Brunak's presence in the room above has caused this room to begin flooding. At the end of each round, the DM removes the trailing 7-hex piece, causing any figures still on that piece to drown.

Room 4 - The Water Key awaits at the top of this twisting spire, but so do Cyprien and his lady Sonya Esenwein. This landscape here is lush but trecherous, a perfect combination for Cyprien's tactics. Sonya carries with her an Amulet of Health.

The Water Key - the owner is able to assume a living water form at will, granting the following abilities.
Water Step - The owner does not have to stop their movement when entering water spaces. Stepping onto a water space does not count against the owner's movement.
Water Evasion - If the owner does not attack this turn, he or she is not attacked when leaving engagements.

Velenne December 22nd, 2009 02:27 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
The Air Key
Alpha Prime

5 Room, 3 Treasures, Tech theme, this dungeon goes UP!

Room 1 - Actually composed of 4 smaller rooms, the party must stand on 4 pressure plates (one in each room) simultaneously to open the gate to the inner courtyard. Hindering them along the way are squads of Blastatrons and Gladiatrons. Figures use teleport pads to move from room to room.

Room 2 - Deathwalker 9000, Zettian Guards, and rats and rats and rats wait at the end of the courtyard. Players can take cover in a few places here but that may not stop the mighty robot from attacking its own Deathreavers to get at them. They may also find Seeking Ammunition in this room.

Room 3 - Turbolifts provide the means by which the party will assault this tower and the Omnicron Snipers in its turrets. A Shield of Arrow Deflection found near the base of the structure may help with the ascent.

Room 4 - A pack of Deathstalkers feed on scrap metal thrown into this pit. A clever party may be able to lure some of the predators over a duct and drop them using the lever provided. Or, they could jump down and try to find the Boots of Haste buried beneath the rubble.

Room 5 - Major Q10 has been reprogrammed to attack anyone coming into this chamber to claim the Air Key. However, he can be fixed but only if no move is made to attack him. His moving platform can both surprise and protect from certain vantage points while the party tries to gain access to his memory. If successful, Major Q10 can be recruited into the party.

The Air Key - the owner is able to make himself lighter than air, gaining the following abilities
Flying - When counting spaces for owner's movement, ignore elevations. owner may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. When owner starts to fly, if he or she is engaged they will take any leaving engagement attacks.
Mist Walk - Owner can move through all figures and is never attacked when leaving an engagement, but may not Fly or attack this turn.

Toad Rocket December 22nd, 2009 02:28 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
I find this very intersting as I already have started a similar project.


Seriously, your killing me. The ideas and maps sound cool, but pictures man. Pictures!

Sujoah December 22nd, 2009 02:36 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign
These are really awesome ideas! But, how many sets will it take to make a single dungeon? And how many for a single room? Because this sounds really fun, but I would rather not have to take apart and build a new map every time I finish a room.

Velenne December 22nd, 2009 03:02 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-part campaign

Originally Posted by Toad Rocket (Post 978822)
I find this very intersting as I already have started a similar project.


Seriously, your killing me. The ideas and maps sound cool, but pictures man. Pictures!

All in good time! I'm still fiddling with all the maps in VS. I promise to post some up since I'll be hunting for feedback.


Originally Posted by Sujoah (Post 978828)
These are really awesome ideas! But, how many sets will it take to make a single dungeon? And how many for a single room? Because this sounds really fun, but I would rather not have to take apart and build a new map every time I finish a room.

I'm not really operating within a set limit. I can tell you that I have 3 of every terrain set so i'll certainly never go above that, but you should be able to build the entire dungeon within those parameters easily. In other words, I'll never use more than 3 of a single set (more likely 2) during the construction of any dungeon. The rooms themselves will therefore be smaller skirmishes.

Velenne December 22nd, 2009 03:25 PM

Re: Knights of the Daystorm - custom 5-dungeon campaign
Earth Key

4 Rooms, 3 Treasures

Room 1 - Another adventuring party awaits the Knights in these ruins. The group proposes a contest. Pair off members of each party (DM's choice). If the Knights number more than 4, the remainder wait on the sidelines. The combatants fight 1v1 and if the Knights can win any 2 contests, the other party will agree to let them go first and can be recruited in later dungeons. Refuse, and you must fight them all at the same time.

Room 2 - This swamp is inhabited by a clutch of Feral Trolls. The trolls might easily surround the Knights but the terrain may have a few defensible positions for wary adventurers. A Vorpal Sword rests half-buried in the muck in the open as bait for the foolhardy.

Room 3 - Pelloth and his drow mercenaries are in the middle of a ceremony in which he hopes to gain enough power to destroy the black dragon himself and claim the Earth Key. Each unwitting drow he manages to sacrfrice will bolster his stats. In a discarded sachel the party can also find several wizard scrolls.

Room 4 - Though young, Othkurik has had enough time properly trap its lair against intrusion. The party must contend with these traps while defending against the creature's acid spit and enhanced maneuverability.

Earth Key - +2 Defense. Also, once per dungeon the owner may declare him or herself to be immune to all attacks and damage for the remainder of the current round. During this round, the owner cannot move.

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