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dnutt99 April 21st, 2007 01:05 AM

The Book of Omnicron Snipers
The Book of Omnicron Snipers
Malliddon's Prophecy - Collection 1 - "Snipers and Vipers"

If you cannot see the Army Card graphic, check Hasbro's Unit Page for stats and special powers, plus "character biography" and other non-game unit info.

Character Bio: Deathwalkers and Zettians are not the only Soulborg species summoned to Valhalla from Alpha Prime. Their long-standing Omnicron enemies were recruited by Utgar's enemy, Jandar, and they continue their civil war on the battlefields of Valhalla. The Omnicron warriors are not so heavily armored as the other Soulborgs, nor is their combat programming so flashy; but their deadly accurate sharp-shooting skills have proven to be invaluable assets to their allies. (Hasbro)
-Rulings and Clarifications-
  • - DEADLY SHOT : Wounds Per Skull
    How does Deadly Shot work? Are the skulls doubled before, or after shields are counted?
    Deadly Shot doubles the skulls before the shields are counted. For example, a Sniper who is on height rolls 2 dice, both skulls. The Figure below him rolls 3 dice, but only one shield. Your skulls are doubled to 4 hits. When you subtract the 1 shield, the defender takes 3 total hits. (Hasbro FAQ)
-Combinations and Synergies-

Synergy Benefits Received
  • - SIR GILBERT : Jandar’s Dispatch
    As a Squad that follows Jandar, Omnicron Snipers figures may benefit from Sir Gilbert's JANDAR'S DISPATCH
    movement bonus.

    -Omnicron Repulsor's: Targeting Beacon:
    As Soulbourgs who follow Jandar, Omnicron Snipers may benefit from the Omnicron Repulsor's Targeting Beacon.

Synergy Benefits Offered
  • - N/A
C3V and SoV Custom Synergies
Spoiler Alert!

-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-

Strategy Notes:
  • - The Omnicron Snipers are a great addition to most armies as their Deadly Shot special power is a scary thing for any opponent to be facing, especially if you’ve planted your Snipers on height! Omnicron Snipers are perfect for holding a castle, as the 2 extra attack dice for possibly being 10+ levels higher than the lower figure’s height (see Master Set 1 Instructions: page 14 under “Height Advantage”).
    (Hasbro FAQ)

Who is affected by Omnicron Snipers' Special Powers?
  • - Deadly Shot: Any figure that is defending against an Omnicron Snipers attack.
    (Hasbro FAQ)

Who else could I draft with Omnicron Snipers?
  • - Taelord the Kyrie Warrior
    Taelord is an obvious addition to an army with the Omnicron Snipers. Each Sniper has a 50% chance of rolling 2 skulls with each attack die. Why not build on that by positioning Taelord behind them & getting them on height. Taelord is especially useful if you have more than one Squad of Snipers in your Army. It’s only a matter of time before your opponent starts to take some of them out. Make sure you have more Snipers to replace the fallen ones, and make sure they can inflict as much damage as possible, as quickly as possible! (Hasbro FAQ)

    - Raelin theKyrie Warrior
    For a more defensive approach (slow and steady wins the race), adding Raelin will help your Omnicron Snipers stay alive longer so they can continue to fire on your opponent’s figures. Also, with the Sniper’s range of 7, they can keep Raelin protected by most ranged fire if placed correctly. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - Knights of Weston
    As with most ranged Squads, your job is to keep them alive and firing away at your opponent’s figures. The best way to do that is to send strong melee squads out to hold the advancing troops back. The Knights of Weston are perfect for this because you can also draft a Human Champion to bond with them and take a turn before your Knights. (Hasbro FAQ)

Who do Omnicron Snipers work well against?
  • - Samurai
    All of the Samurai figures released to date (except for Hatamoto Taro) have the Counter Strike special power. For figures with Counter Strike, you want to try and attack them from range so they can’t use that special power. The downfall of ranged figures is the fact that they (normally) have a lower attack value than their melee counterparts, so it isn’t as easy to destroy the stronger figures. Using the Omnicron Snipers, and keeping them on height, perhaps within range of Taelord, and utilizing any other attack enhancing powers (the Glyph of Astrid for example) you can quickly disperse with most Samurai threats. Just watch out for the Kozuke Samurai! They can rush up to your figures rather quickly. Because of that, you will want a strong Hero, or a strong melee Squad (like the Knights of Weston) to hold them at bay while your Omnicron Snipers rain down their attacks. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - Me-Burq-Sa
    Just move the Omnicron Snipers up, wait for Me-Burq-Sa to get into range, and take him out quickly! It will normally only take one or two turns to take this Marro Warlord down with his low life of 3. Take him out quickly, before he does damage to your stronger Heroes. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - Crixus
    Crixus is one tough melee opponent! If you run up to him with a strong Hero, you could be rolling a lot of skulls each attack, but only landing one wound per turn because of his One Shield Defense special power. While you’re swinging away at him each turn, he’s swinging back with his base attack of 5. Most Heroes won’t last long in this situation. Because of that, it’s easier to take him out with ranged figures. He only has 3 defense dice, so there is a good chance that you should inflict at least one wound with each sniper’s attack as Crixus slowly moves up the battlefield. (Hasbro FAQ)

-Heroscapers Community Contributions-

Power Ranking and Master Index

Originally Posted by MKSentinel
Power Ranking
Omnicron Snipers- With an increase in points in games, the Omnicrons have become a viable and potentially devastating force. B+

Omnicron Snipers
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Overrated? http://heroscapers.com/community/showthread.php?t=5361
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Vs. Counterstrike? http://heroscapers.com/community/showthread.php?t=2034

Unit Strategy Review

TheEvilPenguin April 30th, 2007 09:39 PM

When I first saw these guys, I thought they were total crap, but the more and more I look at them, the more and more I likey. What are others thoughts on the snipers? I just want to see how people use them, or if they use them. I think they might be a little expensive...And, does their power work if Finn's giving them extra attack dice?

ChaosChild April 30th, 2007 11:17 PM


Originally Posted by TheEvilPenguin
And, does their power work if Finn's giving them extra attack dice?

Finn's attack aura only works for figures with a range of 1 and his spirit power only works on unique cards. So, no. If you have Taelord (attack glyph, height, etc.) helping them, then, yes, the Omnicron's deadly shot still applies.

MKSentinel May 1st, 2007 12:33 AM

Snipers at elevation are truly amazing. These are one of my favorite squads in the game. There ability gives you a 50% chance to roll at least 2 wounds on one die.

You ALWAYS want these guys elevated...


Eclipse May 1st, 2007 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by TheEvilPenguin
When I first saw these guys, I thought they were total crap, but the more and more I look at them, the more and more I likey. What are others thoughts on the snipers? I just want to see how people use them, or if they use them. I think they might be a little expensive...And, does their power work if Finn's giving them extra attack dice?

The Snipers are a tough call. Their biggest problem is that they're generally grossly inferior to the Microcorp Agents for the same price. The Microcorps Sighting ability gives them a very similar damage potential scale, but they also get the useful Water Suits ability and the amazingly (arguably stupidly) powerful Stealth Armor power. On all other stats; movement, range, defense, figures, the two units are identical.

So what puts the Snipers on par with the Microcorp agents? Simply put, the Microcorp agents can only utilize height to gain an advantage, and then trail off to a similar level in the presence of other bonuses. The Snipers, on the other hand, become exponentially more powerful with every bonus applied. With that in mind, in order to use the Snipers effectively, you need something other than height. Extreme height, the Glyph of Astrid, and Taelord are all great reasons to take the Snipers over the Microcorps. If none of these bonuses are available, then I really can't recommend the Snipers and would suggest the Agents instead.

I do think the Snipers need a unit to support them. A hero with either a damage booster or some kind of blank rerolling power like Kiova would really help these guys stand out.

Cleon July 4th, 2007 03:04 PM

Many poeple say that they hate how these guys look, but for me I love their look. I like the simplicity for soulborgs, and their bright colors.

I love using these guys with a height advantage and with Taelord so it's so easy to roll a big hit.

My favorite team using them is:

Taelord 180
Minions Of Utgar 110
Omnicron Snipers 100

Total 390

I'd just add another MOU to make it 500 for a 500 pt. game.

GForce3062 July 4th, 2007 04:11 PM

I haven't used these guys, but I really want to becuase these guys could kick butt in this position.....

Omnicron Snipers on a castle wall(+2 to attack) with Taelord behind them. That's four attack dice with a possible eight hits! :shock: On average you'll be rolling two skulls. That's four hits! I don't think there's any other unit,(aside from the Minions of Utgar) that can consistantly roll four hits for each attack. What's even better...... there's three of these pesky little snipers. And three defence dice is good for a ranged squad. Overall I give these guys a letter grade of..............


Teamski July 5th, 2007 01:45 AM

I quit using glyphs due to the snipers. I played 2 games in a row back in January 2005, that my opponent landed on the Range +4 glyph and roasted me alive with his 3 squads of snipers. Yeah, I know, pull the single glyph, but from then on, I quit them cold turkey!!


GForce3062 July 5th, 2007 12:18 PM

That's why I don't like glyphs; they change the game too much in one person's favor.

Cleon July 5th, 2007 12:24 PM

Yeah, I don't like glyphs ether. They change the game way to much. That's why I don't play with them. Like in this case, if my army from before had the +1 attack glyph, the omnicrons could have +1 from glyph, +1 from Taelord, and +1 from height advantage, they'd have a deadly shot of 4! But maybe if they were really fairly placed and hard to get to then I would like to play with them more. And I do like the concept of leading some of your army to try and fight to get it and that it's a special like artifact/spirit type of thing. So I have some likes and dislikes about the glyphs, but over all I don't really like the gameplay in them (but I do like the stratagy used to get them), so therefore I don't play with them. Maybe in the future I will play with them more after going to gencon, cause they use glyphs.

Revdyer July 5th, 2007 03:49 PM

We, in Arkansas, (don't laugh), still play with glyphs, but we limit them to what are for us the "non-game breakers," which means: +1 attack, +1 defense, +2 move, +1 d20, and +8 initiative. The last game I played, my opponent had the +8 initiative and LOST the initiative 3 rounds in a row! (2 + 8, 3 + 8, and 5 + 8; which my high teens beat every time).

Ullar rocks 4553 July 31st, 2007 08:58 PM

these guys are good if there in a castle, In sight of taelord, and someones on the glyph of astrid, that'll mean 10 skulls a shot, if u are a lucky attacker

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