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Heroscaper Guy October 24th, 2019 05:03 PM

Re: SOV/C3V Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by capsocrates (Post 2327215)
We do sidestep a lot of copyright issues (is that the right term) and the like by not doing anything that looks like making a profit. Something to keep in mind.


I do think we should try to express the synergy webs we have in mind. But we must always caveat it--we don't know for sure what a figure will be like (and by extension what other figures it will have extension with) until we have finalized the unit. So we could announce a squad and two heroes and say "these two heroes will synergize with this squad" but then in playtesting we could discover that hero A simply will not work with the squad and change it to remove (or soften) the synergy.

I don't think your first point is quite right from my understanding of copyright law. If that were the case, then WOTC would go after all the mtg sellers on ebay (for either regular mtg cards or proxy sellers). Cause they're making bank.

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