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quizzcode March 20th, 2019 12:14 AM

Custom rules with action cards
Hello !
I'm creating a game based on heroscape combat system, but changing a bunch of rules here and there.

I'm adding an "action card" system; currently play testing it; it's really fun and add a new strategic approach to the game :)

The idea :

A deck of a few "action cards" you can play during your turn.
You start game picking 3 cards that you will have to use smartly during the game. You will never pick again.

Only 3 cards for the whole game yes. I don't want this to become a "Magic plane walkers arena" type of gameplay.

The action cards are not over powered, but if used smartly, can be devastating.

I will list you the cards I have got so far, and would love to see what action you would want to add. I'm open to all proposition.

Here are the actions I have so far :
  • Add +2 attack for the next normal attack a specific unit will do.
  • Add 2 defense to one of your unit (If squad unit. All unit getís +2 this turn - Disactivate at the end of the next enemy turn.
  • Add 3 movement to a unit. (Heroes only)
  • Add 2 to your range this turn
  • Heal 2 points a unique hero
  • Resurrect a single squad army unit, put it immediately on the summoning area. If an order marker is on the squad unit, you can play it.
  • Steal 1 life from any enemy hero and place it to any of your heroes
  • Block an enemyís action card. - As soon as your enemy plays an action card; you can block him. His card is discarded as well as yours. This is the only card you can play when itís not your turn.
  • Switch position between any of your single squad unit or hero with an other single squad unit or hero you control.
  • The next person you attack is knocked back 2 ex (you choose where) at the end of your normal attack.
  • This turn, all special attacks you play are affected by height advantage.
  • The next unit you attack with a hero you control can not throw defensive dice. But, after your attack, you throw an attack dice, if an attack is landed, you lose 1 life.

Please let me know your thoughts, and if you see something too powerful / or what action you can come up with ? :)

Thank you !

Dr.Goomonkey March 20th, 2019 02:07 AM

Re: Custom rules with action cards
This looks like fun, also the phrase "action card" makes me happy since I play a ridiculous amount of Dominion.

This also looks like it would be a great addition for the RiSkape project I was part of years ago (which I'm sure you'll find if you type "RiSkape" into the search).

Giving height advantage to special attacks could get confusing pretty fast, but I think for something as house-rule-y as this that's pretty much fine.

One idea for an action: When a figure you control receives enough wounds be destroyed you may discard this action card to ignore those wounds.

quizzcode March 20th, 2019 10:26 AM

Re: Custom rules with action cards
"When a figure you control receives enough wounds be destroyed you may discard this action card to ignore those wounds."

Love it ! But if the throw dice was a high number, defending figure fail to defend... it would be too frustrating.

What if : "When a figure you control receives enough wounds be destroyed you may discard this action card and set it life to 1."

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