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Kortoga August 30th, 2020 07:25 PM

SOLD - Kortoga's Sales/Trade List
09-03-2020 - Everything has been sold to OrcElfArmyOne.
09-08-2020 - I am in the processing of shipping everything to him.
Shipping should be completed by end of this week, 09-11-2020.

The below was the original sales/trade thread. I left this here for historical purposes.
Finally selling all of my Heroscape stuff.
I played back in the day, haven't in many years, cannot find a local group, if I did I probably will never have the time Heroscape demands for planning setup play take down, would like for this to go to a good home.
Look at what I have and make an offer. I tried to be as detailed as possible with what I own. I would like to sell it all as one Giant package.
I have a few really nice tool organizer carry cases I will send with the package. These organizers hold all the figures in their own cubicles, all accessories, and cards. The Terrain does not go into the Tool Organizers.

All cards have been laminated and cut to the shape of the cards.
All pieces have been kept indoors and air conditioned. Yes there are some bent spears and such as normal storage causes. There are no broken pieces, no ripped or damaged cards, no missing cards. All figures have their ability token markers as required. There are no missing pieces.

I can send pictures if you would like.

PM me to make an offer for the entire package. If you want to know what price I am willing to settle for. Figure 60% eBay, then make your offer.

Un-Opened Blister packs:
- Heroes of Khorvaire qty 02
- Icewind's Scourge qty 02
- Heroes of Fallcrest qty 03
- Braves & Brawlers qty 01
- Dividers & Defenders qty 01
- Dwarves & Repulsors qty 01
- Heroes Of The Moon qty 01

Master Sets:
All Master Sets are complete with everything that came with the original set, including original rulebooks. All 3 Master Sets below have original Boxes and internal plastic figure holders.
- Rise Of The Valkyrie (1st Edition) qty 01
- Swarm Of The Marro qty 01
- Battle for the Underdark qty 01

Complete sets, no original box
- Fortress Of The Archkyrie qty 02
- Ticalla Jungle qty 01
- Volcarren Wasteland qty 01

(Edit: Revised Quantities. I did not originally subtract the quantities of Un-Opened Blister Packs from above)
Individual Heroes, Common Units, Terrain, Game accessories
All quantities are of the:
- individual figure (if Hero)
- complete unit squad if common
- single Terrain piece if Terrain
- single item if accessory like die, or markers

10th Regiment of Foot 4
Air Elemental 3
Anubian Wolves 2
Arkmer 1
Arrow Gruts 4
Ashigaru Harquebus 1
Ashigaru Yari 1
Atlaga The Kyrie Warrior 1
Axegrinders of Burning Forge, The 3
Black Wyrmling 5
Blade Gruts 4
Blastatrons 4
Blue Wyrmling 7
Brandis Skyhunter 2
Brave Arrow 1
Braxas 1
Brunak 1
Capuan Gladiators 3
Chardris 1
Charos 2
Concan the Kyrie Warrior 1
Crixus 1
Cyprien Esenwein 2
Deadeye Dan 1
Death Chasers of Thesk 4
Death Knights of Valkrill 4
Deathreavers 6
Deathstalkers 4
Deathwalker 7000 1
Deathwalker 8000 1
Dund 1
Earth Elemental 3
Eltahale 1
Emirroon 1
Evar Scarcarver 1
Fen Hydra 4
Fire Elemental 3
Frost Giant of Morh 2
Goblin Cutters 3
Greater Ice Elemental 3
Greenscale Warriors 4
Guilty McCreech 1
Heirloom 1
Horned Skull Brutes 4
Ice Troll Berserker 2
Iron Golem 5
Isamu 3
Iskra Esenwein 1
Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan 1
Jorhdawn 1
Kaemon Awa 1
Kato Katsuro 1
Kee-Mo-Shi 1
Kelda the Kyrie Warrior 2
Khosumet the Darklord 1
Krug 2
Kumiko 1
Kurrok the Elementalist 2
Kyntela Gwyn 1
Major Q9 1
Major X17 1
Marcu Esenwein 3
Marcus Decimus Gallus 2
Marro Dividers 4
Master of the Hunt 2
Master Win Chiu Woo 1
Me-Burq-Sa 1
Mezzodemon Warmongers 4
Microcorp Agents 1
Migol Ironwill 1
Mika Connour 1
Mind Flayer Mastermind 3
Mogrimm Forgehammer 2
Mohican River Tribe 3
Moltenclaw 1
Moriko 1
Nakita Agents 1
Nilfheim 1
Ninjas of the Northern Wind 1
Ogre Pulverizer 4
Ogre Warhulk 3
Omnicron Repulsors 3
Omnicron Snipers 4
Otonashi 1
Parmenio 1
Phantom Knights 3
Protectors of Ullar 4
Red Wyrmling 5
Retiarius 1
Rhogar Dragonspine 2
Sahuagin Raider 2
Samuel Brown 1
Shurrak 2
Siege 1
Sir Denrick 1
Sir Dupuis 1
Sonya Esenwein 2
Spartacus 1
Su-Bak-Na 1
Sujoah 1
Taelord the Kyrie Warrior 1
Tagawa Samurai 1
Theracus 1
Torin 1
Tornak 1
Tul-Bak-Ra 1
Ulginesh 1
Venoc Vipers 2
Venoc Warlord 1
Warden 816 1
Warforged Soldiers 3
Warriors of Ashra 2
Water Elemental 2
Werewolf Lord 3
White Wyrmling 5
Wyvern 2
Zelrig 1
3-Hex Grass 20
2-Hex Grass 38
1-Hex Grass 10
1-Hex Rock 7
7-Hex Sand 4
2-Hex Sand 2
1-Hex Sand 8
2-Hex Snow 40
Sparkly Water 80
Ice 10
1-Hex Shadow 32
1-Hex Glacier 2
Wound Markers 148
Negation Markers 6
Green Order Markers 1
Purple Order Markers 2
White Combat Dice 40
Glyph of Rannveig 2
Treasure Glyph: Heroic Rune 2
Treasure Glyph: Talisman of Defense 2
Treasure Glyph: Brandar's Chest 1
Treasure Glyph: Potion of Healing 1
Treasure Glyph: Holy Symbol of Pelor 1
Treasure Glyph: Elixir of Speed 2
Treasure Glyph: Ring of Protection 2
Treasure Glyph: Whetstone of Venom 5
Treasure Glyph: Brooch of Shielding 2
Treasure Glyph: Bracers of Teleportation 5
Treasure Glyph: Belt of Giant Strength 3
Treasure Glyph: Cloak of Invisibity 3
Treasure Glyph: Scarab of Invulnerability 4
Treasure Glyph: Giant Hunter Stone 2
Treasure Glyph: Ocean Strider Amulet 4
Treasure Glyph: Revenant's Tome 1
Glyph of Lodin 2
Glyph of Sturla 1
Glyph of Jalgard 1

Kortoga August 30th, 2020 07:42 PM

Re: Kortoga's Sales/Trade List
https://www.dropbox.com/home/Image%2...w=IMG_7905.JPGTried to embed a pic here and failed...see link below.

Kortoga August 30th, 2020 07:43 PM

Re: Kortoga's Sales/Trade List
Pic here:


heroscaper2010 August 30th, 2020 10:22 PM

Re: Kortoga's Sales/Trade List
Wow, what a collection!


Leaving this one to you. :drool:

OEAO August 30th, 2020 10:27 PM

Re: Kortoga's Sales/Trade List

Originally Posted by heroscaper2010 (Post 2414631)
Wow, what a collection!


Leaving this one to you. :drool:

Wow. If you want it, buy it; if not, Iíll see what I can do. I have no idea how much to even offer; Iíll have to do some research. Thanks for the mention!

heroscaper2010 August 30th, 2020 10:31 PM

Re: Kortoga's Sales/Trade List

Originally Posted by OrcElfArmyOne (Post 2414632)

Originally Posted by heroscaper2010 (Post 2414631)
Wow, what a collection!


Leaving this one to you. :drool:

Wow. If you want it, buy it; if not, Iíll see what I can do. I have no idea how much to even offer; Iíll have to do some research. Thanks for the mention!

If I could afford it by any means I would. Those Wave 9-13 pieces are gonna skyrocket the whole lot. :lol:

Whether you get it or someone else, thank you @Kortoga for selling here. We appreciate it, and you, more than anything.

Kortoga August 31st, 2020 12:26 PM

Re: Kortoga's Sales/Trade List

I have received a few very well thought out offers.
I am currently working a deal with OrcElfArmyOne, who was in contact with me early this morning. And will keep everyone updated as we progress forward. Thank you...

Please do not back off contacting me. If I receive higher offers I will not change direction with OrcElfArmyOne, but will keep your offer in the list of potential bids if OrcElfArmyOne and I do not finalize.

Thank you,

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