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TheAverageFan January 15th, 2015 05:42 PM

I've done much complaining about customs on this here site for a long time now, but it's about time I put up some of my own Customs. These were mostly made on the fly and for fun, ever since I found a Card Creator that works on Macs here: Right Here. I doubt they're really all too balanced, but fun's fun, so here you guys go nonetheless: All feedback is greatly appreciated and keep in mind these are all first tries... can't go wrong with more Customs, right? ...right?


Alphabetized Index of Customs:
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TheAverageFan January 15th, 2015 11:32 PM

Others, FAQ, Patch Notes
Lord of the Rings:
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Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQ)

Some units have a touch of confusing wording with their powers. So here's the answers to some questions that may be confusing and require additional clarity. They're not particularly organized, but whatever.

Units: (questions alphabetized by unit's name)
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Not User Name January 15th, 2015 11:44 PM

Re: TheAverageFan's Customs
I didn't know there was a card creator for Mac, I'll have to try it sometime.

Anyway, your figureless cards really brought out some thinking. For the Marro Sentries, I just pictured my own 2 man Marro squad. You captured their feel much, much better though.

I like all of 'em, you got a good nose for this.

TheAverageFan January 16th, 2015 08:06 PM

Unit Examination: Vel-Ra-Xi
I'm going for a closer examination on perhaps my favorite Custom so far: Vel-Ra-Xi. As a bonding option for the Groks and a powerful booster to Marro and Wilsinu Hunters, he's just what the Groks and Drudge were looking for.

Character Bio:
When Utgar absolutely needs an important position taken, he sends in Vel-Ra-Xi. This Menacing Marro Warlord knows no master and knows no fear; rumors say even the Hivelords fear him. Riding in with his disgusting but brutal Grok Cavalry and Marrden Hounds, none survive his wrath. Most Marro Warlords are tricky and deceptive, but Vel-Ra-Xi is straightforward in his tact: destroy the enemy head on. His fearful presence empowers his loyal soldiers and sends all others running in fear, even some of those on his side. Vel-Ra-Xi pays mercenaries and deserters little heed, preferring to ride with his personally drafted troops only.

Vel-Ra-Xi is an immensely expensive but powerful Warlord who can turn even the worst Marro into a battle-hardened steamroller. With 6 Life and 4 Defense, he's fairly durable, and 5 Attack is a nice plus as well. However, it's his Abilities that make him so threatening.

Marro Pack Enhancement gives all Marro/Wilsinu Hunters an extra attack and defense die when they are within 4 spaces of Vel-Ra-Xi. With Mark of the Warlord, that can boost the Groks to a devastating 6 Attack/4 Defense! That's one attack of 5 and three attacks of 6 in a single OM! It also boosts the Marrden Hounds to a powerful 4 Attack/6 Defense, making them all the more difficult to kill. It also helps the Drudge out, since those guys are a bit less than stellar.

Vel-Ra-Xi also has a second aura: Scatter the Weak. Vel-Ra-Xi couldn't care less for weaker soldiers, and all small and medium squaddies within 4 spaces suffer the opposite fate as the Marro Hunters! Under the right circumstances, that's 2 Positive effects and 2 Negative effects all in one Unit! This helps the Groks beat their way to Heroes, and since it doesn't affect Marro, the Drudge are still in the clear. To be honest, though, it's primary purpose is to make Vel-Ra-Xi less of a good Bonding Option for the Romans, who will suffer stat losses if they're too close to him. It's important to remember that, as good as Scatter the Weak is, it affects your own units as well.

Vel-Ra-Xi makes the Groks a force to be reckoned with, boosting them, Hounds, and Drudge whilst also lowering everyone else's stats. He charges straight into the fray, mowing down Squads with Scatter the Weak and then getting his Mark of the Warlord onto a Hero as soon as possible. With him, the Groks and Drudge become much more powerful, able to take on other squads given the extra attack/defense and the opponent's reduced attack/defense. The Hounds benefit greatly as well, but since they can hurt your Marro, they might not want to stick so close.

Vel-Ra-Xi's greatest weakness is long ranged Squads, particularly on Height. If they are more than 4 spaces away, his Aura won't hurt them. Microcorp Agents in particular have long range and can survive any attack no matter how great. A few rounds of Wait Then Fire can whittle him down as well. Lastly, the Templar Cavalry can face him head on, too big to be affected by Scatter the Weak and able to bring him down quickly with Righteous Smite. For 190 points plus 130 at least on Groks, losing Vel-Ra-Xi can be very crippling. Most other units he can steamroll through, however.

I really like this guy, he may be my favorite Custom unit thus far. Expect more soon!


TheAverageFan January 17th, 2015 02:39 PM

In-Depth Unit of the Day: The Feylund Vanguard and Sylvis

Character Bio: Not all Elves are frail. The Feylund Vanguard are an elite battalion of Elves summoned from a Feylund long before the era of the Nine and Cyprien in a time when no Elf could afford the luxury of frailty or the calm studies of the Magic Arts. Trained to stand in formation around their leaders and each other, the Feylund Vanguard beat their enemies into submission, much akin to the Knights and Roman soldiers of Earth. Their commander, Sylvis, can issue them orders in the heat of battle. This Elf commander finds himself a worthy opponent and engages them relentlessly, never showing signs of stopping until one of them falls.

The Feylund Vanguard are a powerful Elf soldier unit--a squad of 4--that when played correctly can easily transform into a fearsome steamroller unit. While they may not synergize great with the Elven Wizards (especially Jordawn), they can hold their own in battle against other powerful Melee foes.

The idea of this Unit was to make a formation squad similar to the Romans AKA they gain bonuses from sticking together. Frontline Defense ensures that the Vanguard and any Elf Heroes near them will gain an extra defense die from adjacent attacks. This puts them at a much better 4 defense, and it's adjacency requirement means that they can't just stand around Ulginesh and friends while they sit on top of a hill with Haduc and throw fire at people. This power needs you to be in the action.

Similarly, Aggressive Positioning means that Feylund Vanguard must attack in pairs to do their true damage potential. Keep in mind that the power states that any Vanguard may be used to activate this power, so Sylvis will work too, if there is only one Feylund Vanguard fighting. Additionally, with three Feylund Vanguard, an enemy may not escape, making it all that much easier to mow them down with ranged fire or beat them down with Sylvis.

At 70 points, these guys are strong, but without bonding their competitive uses with similar units may be limited. Luckily, Sylvis gives them a bit of bonding, one way or another. With Quick Command, Sylvis may attack with all adjacent Elf Melee squads as he moves in--taking a quick turn with the Vanguard (or WoA) before he begins his assault. While a touch more difficult to set up, this can allow 5 Activations per OM if used correctly.

Lastly, Sylvis' power Unyielding Duel enables him to cripple any unit he wounds, making it all the easier for him to finish them off next time. In a one-on-one fight to the death, this can be incredibly powerful.

At 60 and 120 points, they make a somewhat tidy 180 point combo. They are quite powerful in a group against Melee foes. Ranged fire may be their undoing, however, as Frontline Defense only works against adjacent attacks. As such, these guys might not be the best for charging straight into the fray. They can be useful as a guard to your own ranged Elves, able to protect them and destroy any force that gets too close.

Anyway, these guys are really cool I think. Feel free to leave feedback and stuff.


TheAverageFan January 18th, 2015 05:21 PM

Unit Examination: Hurricane
Today's special unit is one who has some interesting abilities: the fearsome Hurricane.

Character Bio: In a war as diverse as the Valhallan Wellspring War, one must get used to fighting alongside soldiers they don't necessarily agree with. In the war against Utgar, Minutemen must fight alongside Brits, Knights must fight alongside Vikings, and Quasatch must fight alongside Soulborgs. Such is the case of the terrifying ice dragon Hurricane.

This beast hails from the farthest reaches of the North, coming down from the mountains to fight Utgar and Valkrill's hordes. Becoming stronger with each wound he takes, Hurricane fights his way through entire armies, laying waste to all evil around him.

This monster takes a cruel delight in the slaughter of his enemies, fighting with a brutal vigor that matches his foes and unnerves his allies. Battling alongside the dragon, the Valkyrie Einar reminisced of how it reminded him of fighting alongside Utgar's troops at the start of the war. Had he the luxury to be picky with his recruits, Jandar may have reconsidered the decision to summon Hurricane. As it stands now, however, the dragon has his place amongst the Allies' ranks so long as his wrath is directed only against the most evil of enemies.

Hurricane is another ice Dragon for Jandar, albeit a bit different. Hurricane does not rely on Special Attacks like most dragons, but rather uses his normal attack (like Charos). With multiple wounds, however, he gains more and more attacks until he may attack 5 times in a single turn. With height, that is even stronger than a Fen Hydra!

Rage Blizzard is essentially if Krug got more and more attacks in instead of more and more attack dice. With it, Hurricane may wipe out an unbelievable amount of foes in a single turn when he's at full steam. Without a height, it's not as good as Ice Shard Breath, but he can attack the same figure more than once, so there is that. That can also be better than Queglix Gun, but Hurricane needs wounds in order to utilize it fully, so that keeps it balanced. With the maximum 5 attacks, he'll only have 2 Life left (plus he has less defense than Q9).

Luckily he has another ability, Monsoon. This is essentially a take on a glyph I made up, only turned into an ability here. With it, Hurricane can blast away foes before moving to guarantee no passing swipes. He may also use it to boost allies onto Height, giving great mobility. He can also use it at the end of his move to give him some space to attack at a Range, or even get some foes off of nearby allies. It has a great many uses, mostly keeping foes off of him so he may move freely or shoot freely. Since it can only be used once per round, it's not completely broken.

Hurricane has two primary uses: Annihilate Squads and assassinate Heroes. Once he has 3-4 attacks per OM, he can start wiping squads per turn or attacking the same hero multiple times. This makes him very dangerous against pretty much everyone. With Monsoon, Hurricane should also be able to always secure a height advantage. He rarely needs to fear passing swipes, and can use this ability to push other squads off of a hill he's perched onto. From there, he's got 4 Attack, and now he's at his strongest.

Hurricane's biggest weakness is his survivability. You'll likely need a couple of hits in order to be all that useful, and by the time you're at your sweet spot, you don't have much left to go off of. Until then, however, he can truly rampage through nearly any defense, shoving everyone out of the way and taking whatever position he so desires. As long as that 4 Defense holds true, he won't fall easily.

Greenscales aren't the best with him, since he doesn't have too much variety like Nilfheim does. However, he can give them a bit of a berth with Monsoon, and even with Flying he's pretty slow so they can keep up. Plus 8 attacks per OM can be good.

So there you have it! TAF's first Custom dragon! What do you guys think? Anyone? Hello? Oh well, there you have it--Hurricane's added to the OP along with all the other new guys. Check back often and you'll likely see new content.


Maklar the Silver Prince January 19th, 2015 08:54 AM

Wow, you have a lot of stuff, over such a short period of time! I really like Vel-Ra-Xi, and he does. He's very powerful, and makes those around him very powerful, but for a lot of points. I don't really think he needs disengage, but rather an ability that makes you want to charge recklessly into the enemy and kill the crud out of him. As is, I would just play him carefully, like Raelin with bonding. Not necessarily a bad thing, but a bit of a theme break, I think. Still, I love him!

Hurricane is great too. The reuse of Zelrig is fun, especially cuz we all have 2 Zelrigs hanging around, right? ;) The reuse of Frostrager as a class is neato too. With the range glyph, this guy would be insane! Sure he has to get wounds, but then you demolish 5 figures a turn at a decent range. I might suggest lowering the range and possibly point a bit. This may make his abilities and stats contrast a bit better. Still I love him too!

NAZI SPIDERS is a great title for your thread! A real eyed catcher.

TheAverageFan January 19th, 2015 04:26 PM

Unit Examination: Ancalagon
Thanks Maklar! I was split between Disengage and Ghost Walk for mobility skills, but his Groks needed to keep up, so Disengage is mostly there to avoid Rats and the like. Hurricane was made to be super-good because I didn't want his points to be too close to Nilfheim. Maybe I'll lower the range so he's a bit less campy. Now onto the next figure!

Character Bio: This terrible beast hails from the far reaches of Icaria, one of the oldest dragons alive. Exiled for a long forgotten crime and stripped of all titles, this monster had no name until Valhalla, where a soldier of Earth named it after the dreaded Ancalagon the Black from the War of Wrath.

Here on Valhalla Ancalagon travels where he pleases, wreaking havoc wherever there are foes to fight. His flames are so hot and so bright that none can bear to look at them, making his attacks impossible to defend against. Paradoxically, the safest place by the beast is right next to him, for it would be easier to survive the attacks of his massive claws that it would be to stand up to his fire.

When left alone or out of battle, Ancalagon is strangely quiet in contrast to the rest of Utgar's horde. Wandering alone for countless years on Icaria, the dragon keeps all thoughts to himself, no one capable of guessing what he might be thinking. To this day his true personality and history remain a complete mystery.

Ancalagon is Utgar's answer to all those 185 and 210 point dragons the allies have summoned. Ancalagon may not be a King, but he commands the attention of all around him nonetheless. At a whopping 640 points, only the strongest of Superheroes can stand up to him.

His powerful stats mirror Charos, only with more Attack, Defense, and Move. Plus 6 range. Felling this monster is no easy task indeed. Despite how good his powers are, his true fear factor lies in his incredible abilities.

Hyper Beam can singlehandedly fell any foe given his 6 Attack. With it, none can approach the dragon all by themselves and hope to survive. Only the healthiest of Heroes can even make it to Ancalagon in a single piece. Luckily, once adjacent to the dragon, Hyper Beam will no longer apply.

Wave of Fire will do the rest, however. Once per round Ancalagon may unleash his terrible Fiery breath upon all small, medium, and large units within 6 clear sight spaces. Only those managing to hide behind LoS-blockers can hope to survive this attack. Once triggered, however, Ancalagon is limited to one attack per OM. It also affects friendly units, so be careful!

Lastly, Enormous Flying is a fun take on such a massive unit. Ancalagon may land on any small/medium Squad figures and stamp them out of existence. This means securing a Height can be easy even with ranged squads turtling up there. Ancalagon goes where he pleases.

Such a unit seems unstoppable even for 640 points, and he nearly is. Even Q9 can be blasted out of existence in a single blow from this monster. Hyper Beam can take care of any Heroes, and Wave of Fire can take care of any Squads. Ancalagon's strategy is simple: fly around and kill all you see. However, there are some ways to counter him.

Sergeant Drake Alexander can do fairly well against this beast. Thorian Speed is the only ability that can hope to defend against Hyper Beam, and once adjacent to Ancalagon, that ability will no longer work. For a little more than a third of the points, Cyprien can also do damage with Chilling Touch, the vampire able to fly in from outside Ancalagon's range. Morsbane, Atlaga, and Sudema can obviously do this dragon in as long as they can make it to him in one turn. Huge figures are immune to Hyper Beam, and can thus last a lot longer against this foe.

Also surpringly useful are the Ashigaru with Kato. Wave of Fire may be able to wipe out many of them in one turn, but after that the dragon can only kill one of these swarmers a turn unless he takes passing swipes to move with Enormous Flying. Getting Ancalagon to waste Wave of Fire can make all the difference. Powerful as Hyper Beam is, it's still only one attack a turn.

Greenscales don't pair well with this loner since he can kill them so easily. This exile does best alone, as any friendly units by him risk death as well. That ought to go without saying, though, given that his cost alone will take out a massive chunk of your army even on 1000 point games. He's immensely powerful, but also immensely expensive.

Thanks for reading! The rest of the new units are in the OP.

yamissflash January 19th, 2015 05:06 PM

Re: TAF's Customs
I would tone Ancalagon down. He essentially cannot be stopped by any number of squads. I would bet that he could beat 800-900 points of stingers/4th/10th.
If you clump on top of Ancalagon, he can burn huge numbers of points with fire wave. If you don't swarm him, then he lands on you and Hyper beams you.

Its hopeless.

Against heroes, Ancalagon isn't quite as overpowered but he can still fairly easily earn his points.

I'd say he's more like 650-700 points.

Moreover, he looks like he was poorly tested. Ancalagon looks like he was tested against a higher Supers to Classic ratio than he should have been. Drake can do damage sure, but Drake won't be able to kill him. I'd say Drake has a decent chance of earning his points, but not much more. He is only inflicting 1 wound per turn on Ancalagon, while Analagon is inflicting 2. Not to mention that Ancalagon will usually get first strike with +1 move and flying. Also Fire Wave can be used against Drake if necessary. Plus, if you're committing Drake to Ancalagon, then you will have to put plenty of OMs on him. Ancalagon can use this to his advantage and use Fire Wave because he won't be threatened by squads that round.

Plus, if I was Ancalagon I would disengage on non-thorian heroes just for the huge attack buff.

I'd say cut all of his stats (except move and range) and specials by 33%.

I would revise Hyper beam to make it a special attack with only 3 attack dice.

I would eliminate Enormous Flying as well. It is really cool, but really OP.

Basically, I'd say try get him to the 215-225 point range.

I get that you want someone to outshine all other dragons, but in practicality, you can't. I tried it with making a Ultimate Braxas. The problem is, as soon as you do, you just made a super hero level unit, not a classic unit, and the game becomes a kill Ancalagon scenario, which gets old really fast.

flameslayer93 January 19th, 2015 05:12 PM

Oooooh I like your take on the super dragon of epic doom!

I like what I've read so far Taffy! Your recolored Sir Denrick is pretty neat too, and makes out to be another option for a Theracus Bomb. Cleaving through enemy squaddies simply cannot be ignored, and you can still move in Knights. If you really want to go awol, you can even use the MacDirks as his bonding squad. As the enemy attacks him, you fly him back out and let your MacDirks pummel whatever he didn't chop up.

TheAverageFan January 19th, 2015 05:34 PM

Maybe I will jack up his points--although none of these Customs are meant for anything other than just fun. Flameslayer's super-cool big dragon's around 600 points; maybe that's a better number. I couldn't resist the idea of having all of his stats (save life) be 6's. 650-700 points sounds more fair, but the threat of instant-kill abilities looms ever-present in the background--that's the risk you run I guess!

And yes, Sir Denrick was fun to recolor into Sir Clay. I try to have a lot of Special Marker abilities for Tenacity, and he's not a bad pick for the Macdirks. Those guys need the help.


*edited the points--Ancalagon is unusable for 500 point games now. If you'd ever like to try out these customs but don't necessarily agree with all their powers/points, feel free to edit them as you see fit for your own play. I'm just the idea guy.

TheAverageFan January 20th, 2015 02:45 PM

I ain't got no big guide for today, but I will post the new units, save the MacDirks:

Laelia Moonrose is another take on the Cleric role similar to Scalron with the Paladin role. Laelia has a unique Barrier ability, able to give any Hero +1 Defense for the duration of the round. Her durability isn't great, but she can have 4 Defense if she keeps the Defense Marker on herself. She can also heal multiple units with Circle Spell, useful for healing several units at once (something no other official units can do). For 70 points, she's pretty cheap. Only problem is, you've gotta take turns with her, at least 1 turn a round if you want her Defense Barrier. Since Ana doesn't take turns to activate, she's probably better for the extra 30 points, but I digress.

Named after a serpentine monster from an old favorite game of mine, Serris is a snake with a speed problem. As a Predator, it can bond with the Fylorag Spiders, but even they may have a hard time keeping up. With Sonic Dash, Serris can dash 12 whole spaces, albeit in a straight line and collide with any enemy with disastrous results. After every attack, it can move onward with Rapid Strike, avoiding passing swipes in this manner. Lurk in Water only makes it all the more dangerous. When Serris is by a pond, it can jump out and strike and then quickly retreat back into the water, making it difficult to fight at a distance. Don't stand in a straight line from this thing, and take it out with Melee Squads.

These Death Chaser Archers can be ruthless. With 3 Attack and high mobility, they can destroy unsuspecting foes quite easily, especially the sleeping units with Ambush. Similar to the Death Chasers is Orc Battle Maneuver, with is similar except slower and for every turn. It's a decent take on the ability, but with passing swipes being a threat, it's not so useful later on. 1 Defense makes these things little glass cannons in their own right. They're probably better than the Roman Archers for the same price, but a screen of Roman Legionaries is a good defense to stand behind compared to Death Chasers. Maybe they should be 60, I don't know.

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