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chas August 6th, 2014 11:13 PM

Oh My Goddess 20th Anniversary
"I wonder what color that dinosaur was."
"If I remember correctly, it was pink and gray."
--Keichi Morisato and the Goddess Belldandy (Verdandi) at the museum, OMG

Oh My Goddess is gentle collegiate coming of age, Norse myth through Japanese pantheistic concepts, bizarre fantasy transformations, romantic comedy, the computer age, goddesses, demons, odd creatures, transformed mechanical devices, car and motorcycles races, big and little sisters, and the interpenetration of the mortal and other realms shown in new and creative ways. Its the longest running manga ever printed in English (by Dark Horse), and this month is its 20th Anniversary. I've been following it all that time, and have the issues to prove it. Today I hung my souvenir banner up, and it will stay flowing in the breeze all month long. Sadly, there are only two more black and white volumes to go after this month's multi issue flipped magazine collection, Volume 46, comes out in about a week.

OMG has also spawned an OAV series, a movie, two television series, CDs, video games, a color art book, an original novel by a cast member, and all kinds of merchandise. Its won awards and been seen over the years by many, many people. So here's a shout out to whimsical author and artist Kosuke Fujishima, a household name in Japan, (previous manga/anime "You're Under Arrest") who has shared so much wacky fun with us all over two decades in Heaven, Hell, and those in between places where we live.

The gods live not upstairs, but inside us.

chas October 20th, 2015 07:59 PM

Re: Oh My Goddess 20th Anniversary
I just finished reading OH MY GODDESS VOLUME #48, the final issue. Its a very emotional time for thousands of fans all around the world. Going through the last 149 pages and seeing the creator sign off afterward is still resonating inside me.

And then, looking through the letters column of one last communal fellowship, including thoughts by both production staff and fans, I came upon my own short submission. Now I'm a tiny part of OMG history too!

Large new Omnibus issues from the beginning are now being produced for new readers who want to check it out.

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