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Sagart May 18th, 2007 10:13 PM

Roman Seas
Sorry if this is repetitive but I've tried to search and am not very good at it. I think that there was a thread on Roman Seas a while back and that Roman Seas was not seen all that positively. I kind’a like it and am going to give it a shot. Anyway, Hotz ArtWork, the people who put out Roman Seas, also puts out a series of felt hex mats in a variety of scales. I've been talking to them and asking about how their scale compares to HS. They've got mats with hex sizes of 1.5 in., 2 in., all the way up to 5 in. and are working on a 1.75 inch. Well, here's a synopsis of the e-mail conversation.

Me: I play Heroscape and was wondering if the 1.5 would fit with the Heroscape hex scale. Seems like it might. Have any idea if it does? That's the primary reason that I ordered the hex mat.

Them: Heroscape would require a mat with 1.75 inches, which, oddly enough is our next print screen we are working on.

Them again: I will probably be ready to start print production by the first week of June.

They also come in a number of colors, Sea Blue being one of them. I thought it might a good option for those of us who what an “island campaign.”



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