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Darkmage7a January 18th, 2010 01:49 PM

Cartographers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
I encourage everyone to post whatever maps they feel to be their personal best. This thread is intended to be a resource for everyone. Not every map will be of tournament quality and not every map will follow the strict rules of the BoV. Just a simple listing of your personal favorite maps that you designed.

It would be appreciated if post were limited to just maps and commentary was left on the posters personal map thread (so don't forget to include a link). This thread is likely going to become image intensive so it would be prudent to limit your selections to a maximum of 5 maps. Thank you.

I also recommend to you that rather than create additional post you simply update your original post and I will try to keep a record of the entered cartographer's names here with links to their post for easy searching.

Cartographers listed alphabetically. Last update 01/18/2013

Black Charos
Dr. Weirdscaper
Fen Hydra
Kaiser Cat
Killer Lawnmower
Warlord Alpha

Darkmage7a January 18th, 2010 01:50 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
Don't walk, RUN v2.0 Req: 1 Rotv, 1 FotA, 1 VW

A Stone's Throw Req: 1RotV

Cross Trails Req: 1 Rotv, 2 RttFF, 1 extra set of Ruins

Cross Trails v3.0 1RotV 2RttFF

Angear January 18th, 2010 01:55 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
Jungle of the Ancients
http://www.heroscapers.com/community...the_jungle.jpgDownload is in my map thread which a link is located to in my sig.

Creationist January 18th, 2010 02:19 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites


Links are in the first post of my thread, located below.

nyys January 18th, 2010 02:27 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
Contradiction 1 RotV, 1 TJ, 2 TT


Divided 1 RotV, 1 FotA, 2 RttFF


Viper Valley 1 RotV, 2 TJ


dok January 18th, 2010 02:33 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
Swamp Helix (SotM + FotA + M:TCB + RttFF):


Vesuvian (RotV + VW):


ollie January 18th, 2010 02:49 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
Nice thread idea Darkmage7a.


Originally Posted by ollie (Post 591948)
Halo Of Ashes


Theme song by Screaming Trees.

Two players, 400--600pt armies, 24-hex start zones, two random glyphs (optional), kill 'em all.
Required sets: SotM x1, VW x2, TJ x1.

Nuns Fret Not


Theme sonnet by William Wordsworth.

Two players, 400--600 points, 24 hex start zones, two random glyphs, kill 'em all.
Required sets: RotV x1.

Halfway Up The Downs v2.3 (co-produced with Dok)


Theme Song by Three Colours Red (OK, the link is a different (and better) song by the same band. For some reason youtube seems not to be completely up to date with album tracks from second rate British rock bands of the 1990s. Shocking.)

Two players, 400--600 points, 24 hex start zones, kill 'em all.
Required sets: RotV x1, SotM x1, RttFF x1.

Velenne January 18th, 2010 03:04 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites

Originally Posted by Migol's Gate
Migol's Gate: Shadow, road, and stone intertwine in this BftU/FotA map.


Originally Posted by Acolarh's Trial
Acolarh's Trial: Uses 2 Dungeon sets, 1 Lava set, and a little bit of a castle set. A central raised platform covers a chaotic melee mayhem below.


Originally Posted by Hunkered and Bunkered
:star:Hunkered and Bunkered: Lots of cover and advanced maneuvering are a must! PDF Available!


Originally Posted by Obsidian Overwatch
Obsidan Overwatch: 1 RotV, 2 Lava, 2 Castle. Legal ladder jumping, lots of roads, crazy time!

Marr Highway has had its own accolades by now so I'll omit that one.

AliasQTip January 18th, 2010 04:18 PM

Re: Cartogrophers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
AliasQTip's Personal Favorites

The Complex Battlefield

Hidden in a crag, on the side of a mountain, a secret complex of buildings lies shrouded in mystery. Virtually undetectable from the air due to the thick growth of evergreen trees and nearly inaccessible because of its location, this top secret base is staying classified – for now.

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set, Fortress of the Archkyrie, and Road to the Forgotten Forest.
Footprint: 36" x 25"

File contains TWO scenarios and 20 Custom Weapon Cards!

Secret Bases Battlefield

Long ago, the bridge over the wide and perilous Dracon River was once guarded by a pair of twin subterranean bases on either side. However, its security is now threatened by enemy occupation.

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set, Road to the Forgotten Forrest, and Fortress of the Archkyrie.
Footprint: 32" x 18"

Quantum Entaglement Battlefield

Test Site: V51-3 / Location: Classified
During his earliest attempts to harness the power of the Wellsprings and bring heroes to Valhalla from across time, Vydar created the Phase-Space Device. Unfortunately this early experiment failed. Due to a peculiar and unexpected warping of the time-space continuum, the device was split; creating an echo of the device in a parallel dimension. With the device apparently lost, the project was abandoned and the area, forever in a state of temporal flux, was deemed extremely hazardous.

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set
Footprint: 39" x 30"

Feedback is always welcome!
For more battlefields, resources, etc. check out my thread:
AliasQTip's Exclusive Battlefields

1Mmirg January 19th, 2010 09:27 AM

Re: Cartographers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
Well, I am hardly a major cartographer, but I do enjoy making maps. Here is my favorite thus far. It takes a central King of the Hill game to a whole new level. Always fun; always unexpected.


Flooded Temple II (revised)

The Temple of Shaajad is thought to house an amulet of great power buried amidst its mammoth foundational pillars--all that remains of the ancient temple today.

I recommend using two strong glyphs or the Wound Glyph and a Brandar to represent my Glyph of Mimicry.

Glyph of Mimicry: This glyph performs exactly like one other chosen glyph on the map field. However, if both this glyph and the other chosen glyph are occupied, both glyphs are negated and neither has any effect (until one is vacated again).

My goal was to create a map that actually uses the Castle set to have real height, while still be a relatively compact map and fair for melee units. Not easy, but I think this map fills the role. (I also did several redesigns to increase the use of double-hex units.)

I've seen Dwarves beat an Airborne Elite army and Orcs beat a Blasts/Glad army. The map has always been active and volatile. The Glyph of Mimicry adds unique field choices and helps a lower army have an increased chance of dislodging the upper army. The ladders and multiple paths to the top have allowed Dwarves or Gladiators enough options to dislodge AE or KMA up on top. All in all, good times!

A few interesting features:

* The start zones are simply all the grass areas on the lowest level.
* All castle heights have an adjacent water space below for a quick exit.
* I love the little spider caves by the glyphs.
* Exiting out of either side of your start zone can be effective. One side looks more obvious, but both are critical to map control, I've found.


My other favorite is this map, modded from Velenne's Feylund Fountain. I love lava, I love hard choices, so I loved making this. :)


Volcarren Fountain II

It's nice to have some range on this map, but I've seen a TKN army go nuts on this map and crush a ranged army. The small size helps melee to compete. Fun stuff.

New 4/16/10: Underground Iceways


Many good battles on this map (1BftU, 1 TT, 1 FotA)

Another run at a BftU, TT, FotA map, this time much more spread out:

Icy Cavern 2 - see here for more info about it's features.


Killometer March 8th, 2010 11:29 PM

Re: Cartographers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
My map thread

requires 1 RotV
supports 1 random power glyph and 1 random treasure glyph
Slippery Devil! trap included in build instructions


requires 1 RotV, 1 FotA, supports 1 fixed power glyph and 2 random treasure glyphs
designed for R˙chean's GenCon '11 map contest


Perilous Paradise
requires 1 RotV, 1 VW, 1 TJ, supports 2 random power glyphs


Warlord Alpha March 8th, 2010 11:36 PM

Re: Cartographers Choice - Mapmakers Personal Favorites
Here are my two favorites:





3 Players (FFA)



And the rest of my maps can be found here.

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