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dok September 23rd, 2011 01:41 AM

C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
Almost all of you are familiar with the power rankings that spider_poison began and Jexik continued. What follows here is an effort at creating a new set of power rankings that includes the custom figures from the C3V and SoV projects. Much of the credit for these rankings, of course, goes to the creators of the original power rankings, upon which all of this is based.

These rankings are maintained by me and do not reflect the consensus views of the C3V project. That said, I will be attempting to maintain and update these rankings based on feedback and, especially, tournament results.

Figures whose metagame power is largely unaffected by the inclusion of figures from C3V and SoV are greyed out. I moved some of these, relative to Jexik's rankings; the ones I moved are in bold (but still greyed out). These changes simply reflect my slightly different perspective on the metagame from Jexik; most of these changes are just shifts of a single grade.

Figures whose ranking moved because of the C3V/SoV figures are given their normal colors:

Warm colors describe units on which you will place the majority of your order markers.
Cool colors describe units that are good even when they don't take many turns.
Purple describes units somewhere in between.
Black units fill niche roles in armies.

As before, * denotes that a unit is common and may likely need to be taken in multiples to achieve full potential. + denotes that a unit is uncommon and may be taken in multiples, but is likely not essential to its success or failure.

Anyway, on to the rankings:
Deathreavers (40*)
Major Q9 (180)
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (ROTV) (80)

10th Regiment of Foot (75*)
4th Massachusetts Line (70*)
Blastatrons (60*)
Captain America (220)
Cathar Spearmen (75*)
Fen Hydra (120+)
Gladiatrons (80*)
Grimnak (120)
Heavy Gruts (70*)
Isamu (10)
Knights of Weston (70*)
Krav Maga Agents (100)
Major Q10 (150)
Marcu Esenwein (20)
Marro Stingers (60*)
Marro Warriors (50)
Nilfheim (185)
Quahon (190)
Sir Gilbert (105)
Vulcanmech Incendiborgs (180)

Airborne Elite (110)
Alastair Macdirk (110)
Atlaga the Kyrie Warrior (90)
Augamo (155)
Axegrinders of the Burning Forge (70*)
Azurite Warlord (145)
B-11 Resistance Corps (110)
Black Wyrmling (30*)
Braxas (210)
Cyprien Esenwein (150)
Death Chasers of Thesk (55*)
Eldgrim the Viking Champion (30)
Eltahale (140)
Greenscale Warriors (60*)
Haduc (100)
Heracles (200)
Kaemon Awa (120)
Krug (120)
Laglor (110)
Major J15 (95)
Marcus Decimus Gallus (100)
Me-Burq-Sa (50)
Microcorp Troopers (80*)
Mogrimm Forgehammer (120)
Morgoloth (140)
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (50)
Phantom Knights (70*)
Roman Legionnaires (50*)
Rygarn (90)
Samuel Brown (60)
Sgt. Drake Alexander (SOTM) (170)
Silver Surfer (320)
The Varja (160)
Ulfrid Hornwrangler (100)
Varkaanan Greyspears (110)
Venom (150)
Zelrig (185)

8th Infantry Pathfinder (35*)
Agent Skahen (120)
Arktos (95)
Arrow Gruts (40*)
Asterios (120)
Bahadur (120)
Blade Gruts (40*)
Brave Arrow (50)
Brute Gruts (65)
Capt. John Varan (80)
Charos (210)
Count Raymond (90)
Crixus (90)
Darrak Ambershard (60)
Deathcommander Mark 3 (130)
Dreadgul Raiders (65*)
Elaria the Pale (60)
Finn the Viking Champion (80)
Fire Elemental (35*)
Fyorlag Spiders (40*)
Goblin Cutters (50*)
Guilty McCreech (30)
Havech Eradicators (90*)
Heirloom (90)
Hoplitron (35*)
Horned Skull Brutes (75*)
Hrognak (60)
Kon-Tar-Na (150)
Kurrok the Elementalist (120)
Locksley (130)
Marrden Nagrubs (30*)
Marro Dividers (50*)
Mezzodemon Warmongers (65*)
Minions of Utgar (110*)
Mohican River Tribe (70*)
Mok (220)
Moltenclaw (170)
Ne-Gok-Sa (90)
Nhah Scirh Cultists (80*)
Ogre Pulverizer (100+)
Omegacron (180)
Omnicron Repulsors (40*)
Omnicron Snipers (100*)
Pel the Hill Giant (95)
Quorik Warwitch (110)
Racheim (140)
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (SOTM) (120)
Red Wyrmling (30*)
Sacred Band (50*)
Sentinels of Grax (100)
Sentinels of Jandar (110*)
Sgt. Drake Alexander (ROTV) (110)
Shieldsmiths of Granite Keep (80*)
Sir Hawthorne (90)
Skull Demon (65+)
Sonya Esenwein (45)
Spider-Man (150)
Swog Rider (25*)
Syvarris (100)
Teeth of the Makwa (70*)
Thanos (360)
Theracus (40)
Thorgrim the Viking Champion (80)
Tor-Kul-Na (220)
Van Nessing (105)
Varkaanan Darkclaws (120)
Varkaanan Quickblades (100)
Varkaanan Swiftfangs (80)
Venoc Warlord (120)
Warforged Soldiers (80*)
Zetacron (60)
Zettian Infantry (65*)

53rd North Carolina Sharpshooters (55*)
Abomination (320)
Ana Karithon (100)
Arashara Goshiri (200)
Arkmer (50)
Armoc Vipers (65*)
Ashi-Dhulu (115)
Ashigaru Harquebus (60*)
Aubrien Archers (70*)
Beakface Sneaks (30*)
Beorn Boltcutter (50)
Brunak (110)
Calibrax the Kyrie Warrior (130)
Capuan Gladiators (70*)
Concan the Kyrie Warrior (80)
Deathstalkers (100*)
Deathwalker 8000 (130)
Deathwalker 9000 (140)
Drow Chainfighter (25*)
Durgeth Ravagers (65*)
Ebon Armor (125)
Emirroon (80)
Emperor Andask (130)
Frost Giant of Morh (140+)
Gorillitroopers (105*)
Ice Troll Berserker (85+)
Incredible Hulk (370)
Iron Golem (100+)
Izumi Samurai (60)
James Murphy (75)
Jarek Guy (100)
Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan (65)
Jorhdawn (100)
Kantono Daishi (120)
Kelda the Kyrie Warrior (80)
Kira Jax (30)
Knights of Blackgaard (120*)
Kursus (55)
M-43 Resistance Fighters (65*)
Manauvi (110)
Marrden Hounds (90*)
Marro Drones (50*)
Marro Hive (160)
Master Lao Xin (130)
Master Win Chiu Woo (140)
Microcorp Agents (100*)
Migol Ironwill (110)
Morsbane (100)
Myrddin (90)
Nakita Agents (120)
Nicholas Esenwein (140)
Nottingham Brigand (35*)
Ogre Warhulk (150+)
Othkurik the Black Dragon (140)
Priscus (100)
Protectors of Ullar (110*)
Seleena (35)
Shaolin Monks (80*)
Shurrak (170)
Siege (120)
Siiv (40)
Sir Orrick (50)
Skeletons of Annellintia (105*)
Spartacus (200)
Taelord the Kyrie Warrior (180)
Tandros Kreel (120)
Tomoe Gozen (110)
Torin (120)
Tyrian the Kyrie Warrior (110)
Ulginesh (150)
Varkaanan Blade Dancers (80*)
Venoc Vipers (40*)
Warden 816 (90)
Warriors of Ashra (50*)
Water Elemental (30*)
Werewolf Lord (140+)
White Wyrmling (30*)
Wolves of Badru (80*)
Xualtiaca Fire Ants (55*)
Zaeus (130)
Zettian Guards (70)
Zogross Hardscale (120)
Zombie Hulk (60+)
Zombies of Morindan (60*)

20th Maine Volunteers (60*)
Achillean Gladiatrix (40*)
Air Elemental (30*)
Akumaken (110)
Anubian Wolves (75*)
Ashigaru Yari (40*)
Bloodburst Thrall (30*)
Blue Wyrmling (35*)
Brimstone (150)
Chardris (90)
Chen Tang (90)
Command Courier (35*)
Crypt Guardian (60+)
Death Knights of Valkrill (60*)
Deepwyrm Drow (70*)
Earth Elemental (30*)
Eilan Sidhe (40*)
Estivara (80)
Evar Scarcarver (110)
Executioner 616 (115)
Gorillinators (90*)
Granite Guardians (100*)
Grigor & Rogirg (170)
Iron Man (240)
Iskra Esenwein (50)
Josie Whistlestop (70)
Jotun (225)
Kato Katsuro (200)
Kozuke Samurai (100)
Kumiko (80)
Kyntela Gwyn (20)
Martial La Hire (70)
Mimring (150)
Mind Flayer Mastermind (100+)
Ninjas of the Northern Wind (110)
Ornak (100)
Otonashi (10)
Patrick Ferguson (40)
Prince al'Kahora (80)
Quasatch Hunters (100*)
Retiarius (90)
Rhogar Dragonspine (110)
Shiori (60)
Sir Denrick (100)
Sonlen (160)
Su-Bak-Na (160)
Tagawa Samurai (120)
Tagawa Samurai Archers (65*)
Tarn Viking Warriors (50)
Tomb Skeleton Archers (30*)
Urk (65)
Valguard (110)
Viceron the Blood Knight (130)
Wo-Sa-Ga (135)
Wyvern (100+)
Yi Feng (60)
Zettian Deathwings (50*)
Zhen Yuan (70)

Agent Carr (100)
Bramcephys (230)
Brandis Skyhunter (90)
Cormin the Dark (75)
Deathstrike Thrall (30*)
Doctor Doom (245)
Dumutef Guard (25*)
Dzu-Teh (75*)
Feral Troll (90+)
Garrett Burns (70)
Greater Ice Elemental (130+)
Gurei-Oni (100)
Macdirk Warriors (80*)
Marro Gnids (50*)
Master of the Hunt (140+)
Mika Connour (110)
Red Ants of Aunstrom (40*)
Red Skull (190)
Sharwin Wildborn (110)
Sir Dupuis (150)
Sujoah (185)
Tomb Skeletons (40*)
Tornak (100)
Tul-Bak-Ra (130)

Cxurg'gyath (140)
Darkprowl Thrall (30*)
Elite Onyx Vipers (100)
Erevan Sunshadow (80)
Kee-Mo-Shi (130)
Khosumet the Darklord (75)
Moriko (110)
Parmenio (90)
Preyblood Thrall (30*)
Rechets of Bogdan (50)
Runa (120)
Saylind the Kyrie Warrior (80)
Sudema (140)

Acolarh (110)
DŁnd (110)
Einar Imperium (140*)
Empress Kiova (90)
Grok Riders (130*)
Roman Archers (55*)
Sahuagin Raider (25*)
Shades of Bleakwoode (100*)
Templar Calvary (120*)

Deadeye Dan (60)
Deathwalker 7000 (100)
Major X17 (100)
Marro Drudge (50*)
Obsidian Guards (100*)
Pelloth (100)

Hatamoto Taro (130)

Finally, here are some quick blurbs for C3V/SoV figures, and for figures whose power ranking changes because of the new figures:

20th Maine Volunteers: They’re a common ranged squad… but using their defensive power makes it harder to leverage their common-ness, and using their offensive power makes it harder to leverage their range-ness. B-
53rd North Carolina Sharpshooters: A ranged squad that can kite melee and force opposing range off of height. 2 attacks in a turn isn’t ideal but it’s fine if your opponent struggles to shoot back. B
8th Infantry Pathfinder: Dust off Capt. Varan; he's got his running buddies. B+
Achillean Gladiatrix: We know from MBS and others that a ranged figure bonding with a melee squad is a valuable asset. However, a fairly expensive 3-defense common isn’t ideal, and the timing of Javelin remains frustrating. B-
Akumaken: If all you have is low-attacking melee squaddies, weep. Manageable aside from that. B-
Arashara Goshiri: A ton of points to sink into such a frail figure, but if you keep her safe, Shifting Sands can be game-changing. B
Arktos: A powerful boost to the squads in life, and great on any ranged squad in death. B+
Armoc Vipers: Hello, Azurite Warlord. B
Ashi-Dhulu: Matchup dependent and lacking any significant synergy, but pretty devastating against expensive commons. B
Asterios: The 120 point standalone hero field is a crowded one, for sure, and Asterios is far from the top of the heap. But against squad armies Asterios will have little trouble earning his value. B+
Augamo: A wrecking ball who blasts past screening figures to get at those pesky MRSAHs (multiple ranged special attack heroes). A-
Azurite Warlord: A great big hitter addition to the many, many armies he bonds with. A-
B-11 Resistance Corps: A ranged squad of Evar Scarcarvers is remarkably effective. A-
Bahadur: The big bruiser of the Vark faction. B+
Beakface Sneaks: Surprisingly effective as a quick strike force to thin out opposing range. B
Beorn Boltcutter: The cheapest Dwarf Hero, and buffing Zetacron is pretty sweet. Still, not quite on the level of the top Dwarf Heroes. B
Bloodburst Thrall: A thrall that doesn't mind getting in a brawl. B-
Bramcephys: A terrifying army in a box, but struggles to earn his massive cost. C+
Brimstone: Tricky to manage and a cut below other dragons, but a big heat blast in a crowd is no joke. B-
Brute Gruts: Berserk all day long with these guys. Not super consistent but at 65 points they will earn their place more often than not. B+
Calibrax the Kyrie Warrior: Ranged flyers are automatically dangerous, but his aura can be tricky to use. B
Capt. John Varan: Buying a few extra wounds for the Airborne Elite can make all the difference. Not bad with the 4th Mass, either. B+
Cathar Spearmen: Tough on melee, particularly non-bonding melee, but their numbers, toughness, and reach make them effective in a wide range of situations. A
Chardris: Chardris is likely to get left behind in the crowded elf wizard field, but Haduc certainly helps keep this shooter alive. B-
Chen Tang: Quivering Palm is very cool but outside of a handful of matchups it's tough to justify taking him over another squad of monks. B-
Command Courier: Filler for a Vydar army, but tricky to get full value from. B-
Cormin the Dark: Decent in a Deathreaver build, but there are better ways to spend your OMs. An awkward intersection of powers makes it hard to find a spot to use him. C+
Count Raymond: While he's often little more than a discount Marcus for a spearman army, the Maneuver power can be handy at times. B+
Crypt Guardian: Tough, and interesting synergies, but still slow and short on activations B-
Cxurg'gyath: 6 life is nice, but this guy is more of a dungeon scenario figure than a competitive double-blind figure. C
Darkprowl Thrall: Fun power set, but quite reliant on those powers thanks to rather low stats. C
Deathcommander Mark 3: Even before you consider his second and third powers, this is Utgar's strongest soulborg. B+
Deathstalkers: Nice synergies with the Deathcommander, and shifts in the competitive metagame are working for these guys. But still pricey and tricky to use well. B
Deathstrike Thrall: Their powerful self-sacrifice attack synergizes nicely with Nicky and the Preybloods. But it does, you know, kill them. C+
Deathwalker 7000: DW7k is still terrible, but at least now you don't have to waste entire order markers setting up the self-destruct. D
Deathwalker 8000: The most playable Utgar Soulborg before the Zettian Infantry gets a little extra offensive punch with a bonding squad. B
Deathwalker 9000: No hero benefits more from the Zettian Infantry than DW9k, who finally has a figure that really benefits from his Range Enhancement. B
Dreadgul Raiders: Similar to the Death Chasers, these guys have an interesting array of bonding options and the potential to hit hard. B+
Drow Chainfighter: now comes with complimentary Crypt Guardian activation. B
Durgeth Ravagers: shredded by ranged commons, but they hit like a truck and have a solid bonding option. B
Ebon Armor: Potentially effective in Unique Samurai or Agent builds, but challenging to use. B
Eilan Sidhe: Basically impossible to rank. A solid A on a tree-heavy map, warm bodies for the slaughter on a map without them. B-
Elaria the Pale: Even if her cheerleading abilities are tricky to use, she is tough to take down in cleanup. B+
Emirroon: With Haduc's powerful defensive bonus in play, using Emirroon to keep the elf wizards clumped together is more important than before. B
Emperor Andask: Has proven to be a reasonably effective melee booster, and a ranged flyer in endgame is never bad. B
Executioner 616: The math on spending an attack to kill your own figures is rarely favorable. Still, decent stats of her own, and Zettian Infantry and Hoplitrons provide bonding options (and potential explosives). B-
Fyorlag Spiders: They're not quite the Greenscales, but a Quahon/Spider army can be a fearsome combination. B+
Garrett Burns: One power is niche and the other is fairly easy to work around. Still, 3 attack at 7 range. C+
Gorillinators: Still terribly vulnerable to special attacks, but Zaeus+G'Nators is a nasty firebase against common squads. B-
Gorillitroopers: Versatile, powerful, expensive. Add Laglor for obnoxious ranged potential. Hate specials just like their little brothers. B
Grigor & Rogirg: A lot of points, and Krug exists, but they can do some damage. B-
Guilty McCreech: The Me-Burq-Sa of the Dreadguls. B+
Haduc: By far, the strongest Elf Wizard. The Elves aren't tier 1 even with him, but they are dangerous against most opponents. A-
Havech Eradicators: Great stats justify the price. Generally, you're better off taking a melee attack if you can find one, but the risky ranged attack gives you valuable tactical flexibility. B+
Heracles: It’s hard for an expensive non-bonding melee figure to be very good, but Heracles kind of bonds with himself once a round, and throw is nice too. A-
Hoplitron: Large & Soulborg immunities a high defense, and a handy ability to move figures makes them attractive. J15 gives them their needed leader. B+
Hrognak: Adding a ranged attack to a strong melee bonding core is a big deal, but 2 attack at 5 range is only a game changer in a fairly narrow range of matchups. B+
Iskra Esenwein: You don't need the Rechets to play her, and she's a cost-effective add to a Skeletons of Annellintia army. B-
Jarek Guy: Not a powerhouse, but that little bit of range makes gives him the versatility to not feel like a waste when you turn to him. B
Jorhdawn: Still the only crowd control the elf wizards get, and Haduc keeps her alive. B
Josie Whistlestop: Discount Skahen; her range isn’t long enough to keep herself safe from being engaged and taken out. B-
Jotun: Still a ton of points and leaves you wishing for more commons, but he's a heck of a lot better with some Dreadguls backing him up. B-
Kantono Daishi: Ninja Ulginesh is not so shabby. B
Kira Jax: Nice filler figure whose power makes her a nice counter to Krav or Isamu. M-43s can move her into position. B
Knights of Blackgaard: A 4-figure squad with 4/4 stats is nothing to sniff at, even at this price. B
Kon-Tar-Na: Pretty dependent on hitting his first kill to get those double attacks. High mobility is great but the nagrubs can struggle to keep up if he’s your only Hivelord. B+
Kumiko: a beneficiary of Kantono synergy. B-
Kursus: Great if Sonic Fists finds a pile of low-defense figures to plunge into, but a bit too fragile to do that consistently. B
Locksley: His first two powers are useless a lot of the time, but he still packs Major-league range and attacking power and helps a Brigand build establish board control. B+
M-43 Resistance Fighters: Strong as a counterdraft against range+screen builds. Low attack makes them tough to use as bread-and-butter against many armies. B
Major J15: The combination of powers gives J15 lots of options. A-
Manauvi: The weakest of the Vark heroes, but not bad if you have the space. B
Marro Gnids: Cheap, fast, and nasty against low-defense heroes, but die very quickly against range or commons. C+
Martial La Hire: Strong stats for a low price, but tough to get into position before endgame. B-
Master Lao Xin: The Shaolin Street Sweeper (Master Woo + Master Lao Xin + Monks x3) is on par with the old Steamroller. B
Master Win Chiu Woo: The limited range on his influence is a big deal, but at least you don't need a dedicated OM to set it up anymore. B
Microcorp Troopers: They're a 4 figure ranged squad, and they can toss in a high-damage ranged special each turn. Do you need to know more? A-
Mok: Tough and capable of delivering a ton of damage, but his true price of over 250 (after loading dwarves) is a lot to swallow. B+
Morgoloth: Fast and hard hitting. Elevates the Wolves of Badru and helps the Mezzodemons. A-
Moriko: Even with Kantono around, Moriko still costs too much. C
Morsbane: Morsbane gets more benefit from Haduc than any other wizard. Doubling his chance at an instakill is no small thing. B
Myrddin: Effective either as a special attacker with the 4th, or as a booster for high-leverage d20 powers. B
Nhah Scirh Cultists: In many battles they feel like (slightly faster) Heavy Gruts who don't bond. But against special attackers in general and Dragons in particular, these guys are brutal. B+
Nicholas Esenwein: He's no Cyprien, but healing and bringing back a figure with one kill is a solid combo. If stronger Thralls arrive, he gets stronger. B
Ninjas of the Northern Wind: A beneficiary of Kantono, although 2 hero turns can often trump one with the squad. B-
Nottingham Brigand: 2 long range attacks of 3 is already decent. More strong bonding options will open things up for these guys. B
Omegacron: Much like Spartacus, he takes a bunch of points off the top of your army. But in high point games, the 'cronroller can be devastating. B+
Omnicron Repulsors: They still die a bit too fast when Raelin isn't in play, but Omegacron makes these guys useful even when you're not facing soulborgs. B+
Omnicron Snipers: 3 attacks of 3 with doubled skulls will wreck just about anything, and Omegacron makes that much easier to pull off. B+
Patrick Ferguson: His negative power really cuts into the benefit of his positive power. Still, one of the toughest heroes for the price. B-
Pel the Hill Giant: Pel is a nice beatstick that bonds with everything. His negative powers are not too crippling. B+
Preyblood Thrall: Nice in cleanup against wounded heroes. Nicky+Thralls could be really good in a heroes-only format. C
Prince al'Kahora: His power combo seems odd at first, but actually gives him nice options in cleanup. B-
Priscus: The adjacency requirement prevents him from being truly effective as a low-cost replacement for Spartacus, but he remains a solid gladiator hero that brings a much-needed special attack. B
Quahon: Nilfheim's toughness and maneuverability still makes him the stronger choice overall, but it's close. When you are rolling hot for LBSA, big Blue is tough to beat. A
Quorik Warwitch: A ranged flyer with a defensive power is devastating in the right matchup, if underwhelming in others. B+
Racheim: Hey, remember when Dragons didn't bond? B+
Red Ants of Aunstrom: 4-figure squads that only cost 10 points per figure can’t be that bad, but the Red Ants don’t really have any particularly good matchups. C+
Runa: Andask helps. Still bad. C
Rygarn: Boosts the efficiency of many armies before he dies, and does solid endgame work after that. A-
Seleena: Cheap range makes her a near auto-include in any WWL army, and decent filler in an Agent build. Outside of those armies, better filler options are available, though. B
Sentinels of Grax: Kind of like melee marro warriors with double the stats and price and half the figure count. Awfully swingy, but like Marro Warriors they can be a near auto-win in some endgame scenarios. B+
Shaolin Monks: Double the Masters equals double the fun. B
Shieldsmiths of Granite Keep: Plenty of hitting power and staying power. Turns out good stats are good. B+
Shiori: Easily the biggest beneficiary of Kantono. B-
Siiv: A cheap filler hero who is great against some high defense figures but is usually going down quickly. B
Sir Orrick: A cut below most other human champs, but still solid. B
Skeletons of Annellintia: Devastating with a hot d20, but can require subtle play to take advantage of the animation mechanic. B
Skull Demon: Obnoxiously hard to kill for common squads. Effective either as a standalone hero or as a booster for the Death Knights, who can really use the extra attack. B+
Sudema: Certainly helped by Crypt Guardians, but still expensive and fragile. C
Teeth of the Makwa: Only stingers deliver 3 attacks of 3 at range for a cheaper cost. B+
The Varja: A unique figure that can change the dynamic of games by its presence. Combos well with Deathreavers. Fairly matchup dependent but rarely bad. A-
Tomb Skeleton Archers: Same price, same attack/defense, and same potential 4 attacks at range 7 as Blastatrons. Their figure movement and attack boosts are less impressive, though. Skeletal form cements them as an anti-range ranged squad. B-
Tomb Skeletons: Their powers are nice but not enough to keep many competitive armies from hacking through these guys at great speed. C+
Tomoe Gozen: Tricky to use but makes playing the unique Samurai squads together much more attractive. Enjoys Ebon synergy. B
Tyrian the Kyrie Warrior: Fragile, but capable of doing quite a bit of damage as a midgame assassin, or in endgame. B
Ulfrid Hornwrangler: A strong frontline hero with a powerful special attack that can be used to assassinate a key hero or clear a key space. And even if it backfires, at least your Axegrinders are fast. A-
Urk: Worse than more cutters or brutes whenever that’s an option. A good option when figure limits force you to fill in. B-
Van Nessing: More than just a counter to undead, Van Nessing is a tough hero who can deliver multiple ranged special attacks using Divine Mission. B+
Varkaanan Blade Dancers: Do well when they can get blade defense working, but high price and relative weakness against range makes them tricky to play. B
Varkaanan Darkclaws: The big bruisers are deadly in cleanup for the Varks. B+
Varkaanan Greyspears: The engine that makes the Vark build go. A-
Varkaanan Quickblades: Special attacks are nice. So is high defense. B+
Varkaanan Swiftfangs: The early strike force that establishes board position for the Varks. B+
Viceron the Blood Knight: Bloodstorm is most useful early, and Viceron will struggle as a leadoff figure. But just the statline and healing makes for an intimidating cleanup figure. B-
Vulcanmech Incendiborgs: If they can work their way to high ground before their markers are gone, they will often dominate the game. A
Warden 816: Handy as an add-on in Zettian Infantry builds, and ZI+816 is a decent ranged component in other guard builds. B
Werewolf Lord: Rather than playing with the Wolves of Badru, you can load your OMs on the WL from the start, and get some bonus activations with Van Nessing. B
Wolves of Badru: Morgoloth gives them exactly what they need, but they still cost a lot for how long they stay alive. B
Xualtiaca Fire Ants: Require large numbers to be effective, but swarm sting can be great in Heat of Battle or against numerous or high defense foes. B
Yi Feng: The least useful offensively of the Monks, but cheap and easy to throw into the fray. B-
Zaeus: A potent if expensive hero in his own right, Zaeus brings the Gorillinators into play. B
Zettian Deathwings: Their ability to dart in and out and ping opponents is nice, but in order to hit hard they have to destroy themselves. B-
Zettian Guards: A nice addition to Deathcommander armies if you lack the points for other HSCB options. B
Zettian Infantry: They're a ranged bonding squad that can find room in the startzone for Deathreavers; that makes up for poor move/range and expensive, brittle heroes. B+
Zhen Yuan: Not much more than a heroic version of the Monks but useful for taking pressure off the squad figures and masters. B-
Zogross Hardscale: A tough and effective Lizard King, but doesn't bring quite as much to the table as the big dragons. B
Zombie Hulk: They've got some cool tricks, but outside of a certain set of matchups, they're usually not as helpful as another squad of zombies. B
Zombies of Morindan: With so much undead in the game, the zombies have more and more bad matchups. B

flameslayer93 September 24th, 2011 06:55 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
I like how these power rankings are similar to the ones on my blog. Although I haven't done the blog for thee last 3 units, I'm sure they would be similar.

I'm thinking the Gnids are getting a little too much credit, as guys like Q10 or Q9 will laugh at them, and now even the elf wizards with Haduc will be even more of a threat to them. I'm not seeing how they are a B+ unit yet, sorry :?

dalu September 24th, 2011 07:02 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
Thanks dok, awesome work.

When people will have learned to use them well, I think the Blade Dancers will go closer to the HSB.

On the other hand, I am still convinced that the need for a double line of sight when using Directed Fire (both Omegacron and the attacking figure must have LOS) makes Omegacron weaker that he seems.

I have added the rankings for Van Nessing and Kira in their book.

killercactus September 24th, 2011 09:39 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
*Theoryscape Alert!* (hey - it's what I do, right?)

I just don't know about the Resistance fighters at B. Now, I haven't played a single game with them, but I just look at a 3-figure, 2 attack ranged squad and can't help feeling the Tagawa Samurai Archers all over them. I know they're mobile and they can get around screens, but anything they're shooting at that's behind a screen can probably shrug off 2 attack without much trouble anyway, and mobility is only so good in this game it seems (just ask the Gorillinators).

dok September 25th, 2011 01:08 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings

Originally Posted by killercactus (Post 1487036)
*Theoryscape Alert!* (hey - it's what I do, right?)

I just don't know about the Resistance fighters at B. Now, I haven't played a single game with them, but I just look at a 3-figure, 2 attack ranged squad and can't help feeling the Tagawa Samurai Archers all over them. I know they're mobile and they can get around screens, but anything they're shooting at that's behind a screen can probably shrug off 2 attack without much trouble anyway, and mobility is only so good in this game it seems (just ask the Gorillinators).

I'll admit that the choice was B versus B- with them, for sure. However, the TSAs are at B-, and I'm comfortable asserting that the M-43's special powers are worth one notch more than counterstrike. Priority Targeting means that getting attacks with height advantage is much easier than it is otherwise. And Guerrilla Tactics is more than just "mobility" - it's zombie-style mobility that allows you to move figures from the back while attacking with figures at the front.

That said, consider them on the watch list.

capsocrates September 26th, 2011 12:26 AM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
Their mobility is incredibly useful. EDIT: You can fire on a target, then move other figures up to engage your opponent, or bring up new figures to replace figures that will be destroyed or engaged in the next turn. Of course, the possibilities go beyond that, but they're a very mobile squad.

Filthy the Clown September 27th, 2011 03:39 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
Does Van Nessing justify an increase of the Werewolf Lord to a rank of B? Drafting both of these heroes is a 245 point investment (with decent stats, if not limited attacks), but it bestows a 50% chance of your WL OM's getting a free turn with Van Nessing. Of course, the flip side is that your WL-wielding opponent could also get a turn with Van Nessing, but having 2 opponents with Werewolves seems a bit rare in the competitive scene.

Now, if your opponent also has a WL and Van Nessing, at least you don't have to worry about her taking a free turn with your VN. :)

dok September 27th, 2011 03:47 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings

Originally Posted by Filthy the Clown (Post 1488181)
Does Van Nessing justify an increase of the Werewolf Lord to a rank of B? Drafting both of these heroes is a 245 point investment (with decent stats, if not limited attacks), but it bestows a 50% chance of your WL OM's getting a free turn with Van Nessing.

I considered this recently, and almost made the change. The only thing stopping me is that the WL already has a bonding squad. But given that I like Van Nessing more than the WoB, most of the time, it's easy to argue that the 50% Van Nessing activation is more handy than the 100% WoB activation, when you consider the point investment needed. Still, you usually want one OM directly on VN anyway for Divine Mission, so on average you're only getting one extra VN activation per round, even if you put two numbered OMs on WLs.

Like I said, I was very close on this - I was closer to bumping the WL than I was to bumping Kyntela or Ulginesh or Arkmer, FWIW. I'm still open to bumping the WL, but I'd like to see some non-theoryscape results.


Originally Posted by Filthy the Clown (Post 1488181)
Of course, the flip side is that your WL-wielding opponent could also get a turn with Van Nessing, but having 2 opponents with Werewolves seems a bit rare in the competitive scene.

Now, if your opponent also has a WL and Van Nessing, at least you don't have to worry about her taking a free turn with your VN. :)

Ah, interesting point; it's a variant of the Marcu versus Marcu thing.

capsocrates September 27th, 2011 04:23 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
I don't see how VN makes any noticeable change to WL's value. Werewolf Lord's bonding is instead of taking a turn with WL, isn't it? So having a marker on werewolf doesn't add any extra turns--just an almost negligible amount of flexibility.

EDIT: I stand corrected.

killercactus September 27th, 2011 04:44 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings

Originally Posted by capsocrates (Post 1488208)
I don't see how VN makes any noticeable change to WL's value. Werewolf Lord's bonding is instead of taking a turn with WL, isn't it? So having a marker on werewolf doesn't add any extra turns--just an almost negligible amount of flexibility.

Not true. Moon Frenzy will activate the WL and a Hybrid of your choice when it goes off.

capsocrates September 27th, 2011 05:00 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
Ah. I see. I guess I never noticed because WL has always been killed before he got any use in our games.

I still agree with the party that says that his rating is unchanged.

dok October 13th, 2011 06:03 PM

Re: C3V/SoV-inclusive Power Rankings
Zogross and the Greenscales had a strong showing in Maryland, going 5-0. However, they didn't face the sorts of armies (ranged commons or disengaging melee, most obviously) that would give that army trouble. So, it's definitely on the watch list to move up, but I'd like to see more results.

If anyone else has results from the C3V/SoV figures in a competitive setting, I'd like to see them. The only other use I'm familiar with is the Zombie Hulks that were used in the Michigan Monster Mash event, but they were played as pseudo-commons with full bonding, so I can't really count those results.

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