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McHotcakes July 27th, 2012 04:09 PM

McHotcakes' Hot Customs Updated 8/26/2013
Finally decided to update this thread with all of the cards that I have made for various contests on this site, as well as customs of my own concept.

This one here is a DreamBlade miniature. I saw him at a local shop and had to pick him up.

Spoiler Alert!

This one is a Horroclix figure from the Freakshow set. His name is The Great Slicini. He is currently undergoing the SoV process.

Spoiler Alert!

Contest Customs

Halloween Custom Contest Entry
This guy I believe was actually the first custom card I ever made!

I think he also has bio around here somewhere.

Thanksgiving Custom Contest Entry
This one finished third at the Thanksgiving contest. Not bad for a second outing I think.

4th of July Custom Contest Entry
Yeah I inadvertently skipped the rest of the holiday contests but managed to get back in time for the last one. This guy actually lead most of the way in the polls but was outvoted on the last day giving me a decent second place finish.

Soundwarp's Speed Contest 1 Entry
Spoiler Alert!

Soundwarp's Speed Contest 4 Entry
This time I tied for first with bobinchese

Soundwarp's Speed Contest 5 Entry
With this one I was trying to give the figure a Cyberclaw type power, but had to work around the fact that he didn't have claws.

Soundwarp's Speed Contest 6 Entry
This one I had the most fun with. We had to make two cards and make them opposite of each other. My backstory was that they were a husband and wife caught on opposite ends of the War for Valhalla.

Soundwarp's Speed Contest 7 Entry
This time I once again tied, but with capsocrates.

I also made cards for contests 8 and 9, but 8 never had the winner announced and 9 never had the cards on display. So I'll hold off on those on the off-chance Soundwarp resurrects those threads.

Mortal Kombat Kustoms
These guys were my first real attempt at customs. Looking back a year later they need some desperate re-working. I'll probably redo them along with several other MK Kustoms I have sitting on a file on my desktop.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. :D

JC McMinis July 28th, 2012 12:20 AM

Re: Mortal Kombat Kustoms
Very interesting take on them, Hotcakes. I have made several MK customs myself. You can see them in my classic customs thread.

McHotcakes August 2nd, 2012 02:24 PM

Re: Mortal Kombat Kustoms
Johnny Cage and Raiden added in the OP.

Can anyone tell me how to edit the title of a thread? I'm sure its something obvious that I'm just not seeing. Thanks.

EDIT: Never mind I got it figured out.

Scytale May 30th, 2013 06:35 PM

Re: Mortal Kombat Kustoms Johnny Cage and Raiden added 8/2/2
Man, I used to play a lot of MK back in the day. It's been a while though. Here are some comments on what you have here.

What does "continously occupied" mean in Lightning Bolt Special Attack? Occupied during the duration of the attack? Occupied all game? Same thing with "continous water spaces." Aren't all water spaces continually water? I guess not if a Greater Ice Elemental gets near them. Lightning Teleport is a fine idea, but unfortunately a figure cannot move to a space that's within clear sight of itself. Clear sight needs a figure to look and a figure to look at. I suggest using something like "same level" like Tul-Bak-Ra's Teleport. Pointwise he should be in the 300s, at least, comparing him to Marvel figs.

Johnny Cage
For Shadow Kick Special Attack it says he must move one additional space. So he is unable to move upward with that movement, correct? Or onto Heavy Snow or Slippery Ice. Can Johnny use Split Punch before he uses Shadow Kick? Thematically I don't think you mean them to be used together, but rules-wise there's nothing preventing it. Using Split Punch as a counter to normal attacks is mostly ok, but giving Johnny a normal attack back is problematic. In general, out-of-turn attacks are problematic due to "duration of the attacking figure's turn" powers. An auto-wound like Engagement Strike would work better here. I'm Too Cool For This is a neat concept, but "targeting" isn't clear for all special powers. For example, can it protect him from Marro Plague? That doesn't do "targeting" per se. Points-wise I'd expect low-to-mid 100s.

Get Over Here! is a good reuse of Chain Grab, but what does "may not use any special abilities" mean? Are always-on abilities like Tough turned off? Does a Fire Elemental roll defense in water? Can a Deathreaver that is attacked not scatter, but other Deathreavers can? Can Scorpion use Fiery Teleport after moving and attacking normally, or can he only use the extra attack after using Fiery Teleport initially?

Like Scorpion's Get Over Here!, the "may not use any special abilities" in Freeze and Ice Clone Counter is unclear. Not all abilities are clearly "used," some are used, some are always on, and some don't necessarily affect a single figure. Ice Clone Counter also has the problem of an out-of-turn attack like Johnny Cage. Nice reuse of Ice Cold.

McHotcakes August 26th, 2013 11:57 PM

Re: McHotcakes' Hot Customs Updated 8/26/2013
Big Update

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