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Ranior November 3rd, 2020 07:51 PM

Re: Diplomacy

Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper (Post 2427168)
. . . still waiting on the check-in from @Ranior .

Aye apologies. I am not too active on scapers anymore. But I'm in for this diplo game.


Originally Posted by Dad_Scaper (Post 2427147)

I do very much like the idea of random power assignment, though. Thoughts on that?

I prefer random powers in general, but am sympathetic if some beginner wants an "easier" nation. But I usually play random. (And then get stuck with Turkey an absurd amount it seems, but alas)

Dad_Scaper November 3rd, 2020 08:29 PM

Re: Diplomacy
Ok. It will be random powers unless I’m persuaded otherwise. Anyone can write me privately about this stuff too. I’ll make the call on the press settings soon, but I remain leaning yes for minor phase press. I’ll decide tomorrow.

The game is already set up. I just have to tweak it, if I decide to, and flip the switch to “on.”

Kinseth November 3rd, 2020 09:23 PM

Re: Diplomacy
The game of Diplomacy was written to have no press during the retreat and build phases, while yes this game was originally played Face to Face, I do not think this was the reason this rule is in place.

It is in place to build political intrigue, second guessing and giving players opportunity to make their actions without threats. There is time for diplomacy and there is a time for action.

If you play diplomacy long enough, you will start to understand that there are opportunities that come up during these phases, that without Press, you have to make some judgement calls.

English player might wonder why did Germany and France bounced in Burgandy, how did Germany suddenly gain Belgium with both English and French support?

If you have press you can negotiate some builds and smooth over alliances much easier. Or threaten someone into building a certain way, especially if they are the lesser part of an alliance and do not want to be on the short end of the stick and has to continue to play the beta in the alliance. You can play off a safe build or a threatening build much easier if it there is isn't time to discuss it.

When you take out those negotiations you allow the players to make moves that are unorthodox or unplanned and then allow the diplomacy to adjust after the fact.

It just adds way more excitement!

We also will have more time for diplomacy at a week instead of 3 day deadlines, plenty of time to discuss possibility of builds if you are a forward thinker. I also do not love the mad dash of diplomacy on build phases sometimes, especially when they are only 24 hours long. It is too easy for someone go ghost you(Scorp) and claim they got busy on a 24 hour deadline.

I'd ask we try it for once and see how it goes, re-evaluate after.

Dad_Scaper November 3rd, 2020 11:47 PM

Re: Diplomacy
Ok, fine. If there is a convenient way for me to remove minor phase press, I will. I'll kick us off tomorrow, which gives you all a last few hours for objections or requests.

scorpiusx November 4th, 2020 02:00 PM

Re: Diplomacy

Originally Posted by Kinseth (Post 2427192)
It is too easy for someone go ghost you(Scorp)

Aye; I still have that bag of dicks you gave me sitting in my closet for safe keeping. ;)

I am cool with random selection, though I do hope I get a nation I have not played previously, (England or Turkey.)


Dad_Scaper November 4th, 2020 04:39 PM

Re: Diplomacy
Ok, fellas. I've left it random powers and I've also disabled minor phase press. That switch also turns off late press, which means if a deadline has passed, nobody can send press.

You can find our private game "hrognak" here, and the password for entering is - in honor of the new member of the Heroscapers community - UCONN.

Game on!

quozl November 4th, 2020 04:58 PM

Re: Diplomacy
For those new to this, send an email to dplodge@uk.diplom.org with the subject hrognak.

Then type this in your email:


JOIN hrognak *** UCONN
where *** = your password that you'll need to login

Dad_Scaper November 4th, 2020 05:38 PM

Re: Diplomacy

Thanks, Q. I forgot that you can't just log directly into the interface. I remember not that long ago, when everything was that email programming language with the judge. "Get package" to start it all off.

Or maybe it *was* that long ago, now that I think of it. . .

Dragon Ruler November 4th, 2020 10:43 PM

Re: Diplomacy
Having technical issues already. Trying to get this set up. I sent an email with a password -- I think I did it correctly. Should I be receiving a reply?

quozl November 4th, 2020 11:40 PM

Re: Diplomacy
Yes, your reply should have the subject:


DPjudge e-mail reply (hrognak)
It should be from:


and it should say:


You are now 'Power#_' in game 'hrognak'.

Welcome to the DPlodge.

Dad_Scaper November 4th, 2020 11:58 PM

Re: Diplomacy
We won't start without you, and once we're underway then you'll be able to work directly with the online interface to do everything. It's fine. Nobody other than me knows which of you is signing up when. It's all anonymous.

Thanks, Q, for answering the question.

Ranior November 5th, 2020 05:35 PM

Re: Diplomacy
I tried to sign up, and I know I have in the past, but not getting an email back yet confirming. Guess I will have to try again later.

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