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Muskie March 30th, 2021 08:49 PM

Halls of Valhalla Customs from 2005 and 2006
Someone wants to use a custom "Standard Bearer of Weston" in our game next week. It is a fun event, so I am okay with him using them. What happened with these? Were they excepted as customs back then? Do people still use them? Just curious about these early Customs and an organization that approved them.


lefton4ya March 31st, 2021 11:59 AM

Re: Halls of Valhalla Customs from 2005 and 2006
This was pre C3V/SoV. Basically someone would make a customer, someone would nominate, there was 2 weeks of discussion, then six Judges would have to vote with minimum of 4, preferably 5-6 YES votes. See HALLS OF VALHALLA (Best Of Custom Units) - Nominate Here!.

If you want to still play them, go for it! I don't think hardly any "sanctioned" tournaments (Online, regional) have allowed them in years, but some used to before SoV/C3V. Play at your own risk as since they are so old designs, that both later waves of official units as well as SoV/C3V units may "break" them, plus they were designed with older meta of less points, more range-friendly maps, no large bonding armies, etc. But I am sure some of them are a blast. I think I played by Blix along with older HorrorClix based customs, and remember they were fun.

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