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Matt Helm March 7th, 2009 05:38 PM

HelmAverse Supers - Raven, Cyclops, and Aquaman
Alternative Expansion Packs for Marvel Heroscape

"I recently bought a printer and just got done with my first official HelmAverse match with my son... it was a blast to play... Thanks for making such great cards." - Balantai

“Well me and my dad have kept using your Fan4. I must say, you are a master. I finally got to use them the other day. And I think they are just about perfect.” - tcglkn

“Matt's Fan 4 are great, I have played with them even, and his ability to create awesome ideas and quickly/instinctively know what to do and what not to do is why he is… my number 1 favorite single designer on the site.” – Griffin

“In fact, if you value playing Superheroes alongside Classic, these are the customs you want to play. I think most, if not all, of them would actually play very well with Classic Scape.” - davidlhsl

“I've just finished playing our third game of Helmsverse HeroScape with my wife. She asked to play HeroScape with me! The awesomeness of your cards cannot be overstated. PS - You rock!” - streaky2007

"There's a lot of great stuff out there in personal threads and I can't remember it all, but I've always liked Matt Helm's Mighty Thor." - Sherman Davies

"The fact that you created your own realm of heroscape is downright impressive. The fact that your designs continue to be some of the best anywhere is a bit mind blowing." - Tornado

"I'm digging these newer customs; I may print some out to play with my sisters... they love the Hasbro Marvel set, which your customs fit into perfectly." - Arch-vile

"Just wanted to... say again how revolutionary your take on the turtles is. Any time I think of a Unique Squad they pop into my head. May be the best, most thematic, well designed Unique Squad on the site or in the game. (Not that I've seen them all, but I believe anyone would hard pressed to top this.)" - Spidey'tilIDie


Knights of Gotham - DC

Teens, Titans and Outsiders - DC

Super-Gods of Metropolis - DC

The Brave and the Bold - DC

Heroes of the Golden Age - DC

The Forces of Speed - DC

Rogues and Villains - DC

Avengers Assembled - MARVEL

Heroes of the Fantastic Four - MARVEL

Fantastic Friends and Fearsome Foes - MARVEL

Mutants and Mutations of Foreign Lands - MARVEL

Patriots and Partners - MARVEL

The Armed and the Armored - MARVEL

Marvel Street Fighters - MARVEL

The Age of Ultron - MARVEL

The Uncanny X-Men - MARVEL

Agents of the Paranormal - DARK HORSE

Shinobi and the Sohei - MIRAGE AND CRUSADE

Armies of the Secret Invasion - MARVEL

Lawmen of the HelmAverse

All Art by the amazing A3n:
Abe Sapien
Agents of Shield (NM24)
Aquaman Updated 11/16/2019
Azrael (Marvelous Custom)
Batman Beyond based on the card by Garada
Beast 12/27/2016
Black Adam
Black Canary updated 12/21/2014
Black Flash 11/01/2019
Black Knight
Black Lightning 10/23/2019
Black Manta lil’Helm design 11/04/2019
Bucky updated 8/15/2016
Captain Marvel
Crimson Dynamo
Cyclops 10/24/2019
Doctor Octopus updated 10/20/2019
Doctor Strange (NM24)
ESS-1 Police Force
Flash updated 10/20/2019
Giant Man updated 2/5/2015
Green Arrow
Green Lantern
Green Goblin 10/23/2019
Guardian (NM24)
Human Torch (Original)
Human Torch
Invisible Woman
Jean Grey 10/20/2019
Joker updated 11/01/2019
J'onn J'onzz the Martian Manhunter
Lex Luthor Updated 10/20/2019
Liberty Belle
Liz Sherman
The Lobster 11/16/2019
Luke Cage
Moon Knight lil’Helm design 10/27/2019
Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Freeze (NM24)
Namor the Sub-Mariner
Plastic Man
Professor Zoom Updated 10/25/2019
Quicksilver updated 10/20/2019
Rasputin updated 12/21/2014
Raven 11/27/2019
Robin updated 8/15/2016
Roger the Homunculus
Scarlet Witch
Shi 10/23/2019
Skrull Warriors
Solomon Grundy
Storm 10/13/2019
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 12/16/2018
The Thing
Mighty Thor
Titanium Man
The Torch
Toro updated 8/15/2016
Union Jack
Vibe Helm Jr. design 11/03/2019
War Machine
Wasp updated 2/5/2015
Wonder Man updated 09/30/2016
Wonder Woman updated 10/20/2019

Official HelmAverse Cards done by A3n:

My advice on Building a SUPER Custom
The Matt Helm Chronicles: "The Amateurs"

Please visit the threads of those great creators helping me with the art:
A3n's great Dr. Who customs here.
Garada's custom page is here.

Matt Helm March 13th, 2009 03:31 PM

Re: Commisioning a Custom - Hecate from Hellboy
HelmAverse Card Work Shop

Since all of the links in this post were broken, and they originally led to my early designs that I wouldn't necessarily recommend anymore (other than to admire the artwork done by A3n and Garada), I'm editing this post to be the workshop where A3n can find my requests for new cards or updates of older cards.

New Card Designs

Update Card Requests

My advice on Building a SUPER Custom
The Matt Helm Chronicles: "The Amateurs"

Please visit the threads of those great creators helping me with the art:
A3n's great supers customs are here
and Dr. Who customs here.
Garada's custom page is here.

Matt Helm March 20th, 2009 01:44 AM

Re: Commisioning a Custom - Heroes and Villains from Hellboy
I wanted to share Garada's awesome take on Hecate. I think it's great already but would love it if others offered him feedback on his thread.


... and Garada's other entries to the world of Hellboy...


Matt Helm March 24th, 2009 12:58 AM

Re: Commisioning a Custom - Nessie, my first try
OK, now I'd like to try my own hand at a custom but unfortunately don't have Photoshop. Therefore, once again I seek the help of my great customizing friends willing to make up an official looking Army Card for me.

I just won a Horrorclix "Nessie" on ebay and can't wait to get her involved. Not only do I think she'll fit in great in Garada's Hellboy-scape, but I tried to design her to battle with Hi's Namor as well. Never mind that she is a perfect fit for classic Heroscape. Therefore, I invite a Hellboy style card, a generic Grey Owl designed Marvel card, or even a classic (Aquilla most likely) card.

When I designed the Specials, I tried to combine the powers given to her by her Horrorclix creators (on that card) with the nature of the Loch Ness legend.

So here it goes, somebody please create a card for me and even more importantly, provide feedback so that I can get some community input.




Points: 230

Before moving Nessie, choose an unengaged friendly small or medium figure adjacent to Nessie. After you move Nessie, place the chosen figure adjacent to Nessie.

When Nessie attacks, she may attack one additional time.

Each time Nessie destroys a figure, you may remove a wound marker from this Army Card. Nessie can only use Snack Bite once per round and cannot Snack Bite destructible objects.

Nessie does not have to stop her movement when entering a water space. When completely in water, Nessie may double her remaining available move allowance. Add 2 to Nessie’s defense when she is completely in water.


Garada March 24th, 2009 02:54 PM

Re: Matt Helm's Commission a Custom (UPDATE) Nessie, my firs
Wow, that's a different Nessie than I was thinking! At least, it's different from the one pictured on miniaturemarket.com! I hope I'm getting what I think I'm getting... but either way, I'd be happy!

I'll get crackin and have something for you tomorrow!

- Garada

Matt Helm March 24th, 2009 03:08 PM

Re: Matt Helm's Commission a Custom (UPDATE) Nessie, my firs
I noticed that Miniature Market had the wrong photo for Nessie (I think you're right, they pictured Grendel who can also be a nice piece to consider). From what I found, there is no real stock photo of Nessie to be found so most sites didn't show her or put up the wrong pic. That's why I posted 2 pics in this thread to give you something to work with.

I so excited that you've agreed to take it on. I've always loved the ridiculous legend of the Loch Ness Monster and now I'll get to play with it.

Tell me what you think of my custom ability suggestions. When you get the Horrorclix card, you'll see why I chose Double Attack, Carry and the Snack Bite options. I just made them more Heroscape official. The actual stat numbers were derived from looking at all of the Heroscape dragons and then considering that Nessie would be weaker on land but tougher to deal with in the water. I then took a guess at cost by lining up the dragons and determining who was more powerful and who was less. I also peaked at your Hellboy and Hi's Namor to try and get some balance when fighting them.

I hope I did it right... and can't wait to see what your card will look like.

Garada March 24th, 2009 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by Matt Helm (Post 778675)
... and Garada's other entries to the world of Hellboy...

Abe Sapien
Johann Kraus
Liz Sherman
Lobster Johnson

Brine Witch

Hey, I appreciate you doing this! Unfortunately, due to me frequently updating the cards, some of the links are broken. But have no fear! Just go here:
Index of my HELLBOY for HEROSCAPE custom Army Cards
And you will find the most recent version of all of my Hellboy cards... soon to include the brand new Nessie card!

Speaking of which, I hope you don't mind if I add her to the Hellboy Universe. She just seems like she will fit in so well, especially since Hellboy has the Giant Killer power and there are currently no Huge figures in the series. Plus, thematically she just fits right in anyway. Add to that the fact that there are already several other Hellboy figures that have water-based abilities, and we have a winner!

Based on the Nessie research I just conducted [yes, I always do too much research before starting a new custom], I have a few minor changes to propose before I get going on her tonight.

1) I think instead of Sea Monster for species, a good alternative would be PLESIOSAUR. I just think it'll look and fit a little better on a Heroscape card, plus it is the most scientifically-sound theory on what Nessie might be if she actually exists... a divergently evolved plesiosaur.

2) Instead of Beast, I think MONSTER would be a better choice. Mainly because she's The Loch Ness Monster! ;)
I know this cuts out a tiny bit of possible ClassicScape compatibility, but you still have the official Tricky for her personality [which is perfect]. One of my other customs, Frankenstein, is also a Monster, and I may do a future custom with some kind of Monster bonding.

I totally agree with you on using the 'Clix card for ability naming and ideas... I use them all the time [in addition to my library of nerdy reference books]. It's too bad that not all Clix came with a card.

Speaking of the powers on Nessie's card... do you not want Snack Bite to be Bite-Sized Snack [and have it only affect small and medium figures]? Or is the idea that she can take a nibble off of anyone and get some life back?

Man, I can't wait to get off work and go home... so I can get crackin' on Nessie! Making customs is to me what trimming banzai trees is to others. 8)

whitestuff March 24th, 2009 06:45 PM

Re: Commisioning a Custom - Nessie, my first try

Originally Posted by Matt Helm (Post 780549)
OK, now I'd like to try my own hand at a custom but unfortunately don't have Photoshop.

You don't need photoshop - check out my GIMPtute in my sig. It has everything you need. You'll be creating customs, no problems. ;)

Garada March 24th, 2009 06:48 PM

Re: Matt Helm's Commission a Custom (UPDATE) Nessie, my firs
whitestuff is the Gimp Guru!

I use PhotoShop, but I still found many of the techniques in his tutorial useful when I was first starting out. Great stuff, whitestuff!

Matt Helm March 24th, 2009 07:37 PM

Re: Matt Helm's Commission a Custom (UPDATE) Nessie, my firs
Garada - I'm good with the changes. Beast was pulled from official scape and "Sea Monster" seemed almost necessary but I really did consider plesiosaur and think you've hit it on the head. Go ahead and replace "Sea Monster" with "Plesiosaur" and then switch "Beast" to "Monster".

As for the Hellboy label on the card... of course you can. If you haven't noticed, I feel an attachment to your sudden addiction and wanted to assist you as much as a I can. Give me a Hellboy label.

On Snack Bite, I just thought that "Bite Sized Snack" didn't sound right for Heroscape so I changed the name. Then, I forgot to limit it to small and medium (my original intent). But now that I think about it, I'm torn. If you killed a huge figure by taking out a chunk, shouldn't that be the same as completely eating a smaller figure? But I'm OK if we limit it to small and medium figures if you think it's better... I'm really on the fence and can go either way.

Matt Helm March 24th, 2009 07:37 PM

Re: Matt Helm's Commission a Custom (UPDATE) Nessie, my firs
Whitestuff - Does GIMP allow me to make official Marvel looking cards in the fashion of Grey Owl? Or do I have to reinvent the wheel? I'll gladly try GIMP if it works well with amateurs.

Simpsons Scaper March 24th, 2009 10:22 PM

Re: Matt Helm's Commission a Custom (UPDATE) Nessie, my firs
Nessie has a crazy looking sculpt!

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