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Porkins February 24th, 2013 11:14 AM

Welcome to Heroes of Star Wars Scape (HoSS)
Heroes of Star Wars Scape (HoSS)

There is a ton of potential for Star Wars in Heroscape. There is a surplus of miniatures and a large fan base. Here, a portion of the Heroscape community brings Star Wars Heroscape to our galaxy.

1) To have a collection of mainstream Star Wars Custom Cards that are compatible with each other and the official Heroscape License in addition to Vallhalla Customs cards.

2) For each custom card to accurately reflect the character or characters on its face and to maintain a thematic feel to its design.

3) To create maps that reflect the theme of locales depicted in the movies, TV shows and books.

http://heroscapers.com/hoss/Thread i...cape scene.JPG

Group Members
Spoiler Alert!

Project history
This project began on May 19, 2009. It was originally formed by Balantai and began its life as a small group workshop project to create Star Wars custom cards. Over time, the group membership has changed and the project has picked up steam. As a public workshop group, HoSS has created dozens of cards including: Bounty Hunters, Jedi and Sith, Trooper Squads, Droids, Spies, Explosive Charges and Scoundrels. Additionally, a few Force powers have been created that can be used by most Jedi and Sith. A HoSS card template has been designed by mac122. mac's card template was based on work originally created by A3n.

In 2012 the group decided to begin a more rigorous playtesting process to perfect and finalize our cards. Thanks to the administrators of this site and the advocacy of Xorlof, the HoSS project was granted our own sub-forum, including a private section. The intention of the group is to continue designing cards and releasing them to the public. Additionally, some designs will be done as public group projects.

Project Future
HoSS plans to continue expanding the Star Wars universe into the Heroscape format by creating and playtesting existing and future Star Wars characters. We also design and test both competitive style maps as well as scenario maps.

New members are very important to the group and anyone is eligible to earn a spot in the group. The quickest way to earn group membership is through helping out with playtesting. As with any custom project, the more playtesters we can get, the sooner we will be ready to release the Star Wars goodness to you!

HoSS Links
Archives of HoSS Thread - listing of the Holocrons for all released items (cards, rulebooks, etc.)
HoloNet News Thread - the latest HoSS news
HoSS Public Playtesting Thread - help us release the next wave

Battlefields of Star Wars Scape thread (BoSS) - HoSS Map thread
HoSS Question Dump Thread - any questions about HoSS
HoSS Cantina Thread - any HoSS or other Star Wars related chatter

HoSS Master Set 1 Rulebook + Scenarios (Heroscapers Download section)
HoSS Master Set 1 Rulebook + Scenarios (MediaFire link)
Adventure Pack 1: Battle of Hoth rulebook and scenarios
HoSS Item Glyph Rules - the special rules developed for Item Glyphs - watch out! He's got a thermal detonator!
Battlefront Game Rules

HoSS Card backs - Back sides for printing the cards with some spoilers for upcoming units
Minis list - List of official and alternate minis
HoSS Sortable Index - Stats, powers, minis, and more for all released HoSS figures!
HoSS Unreleased Figures List - list of minis planned for future releases.


Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

In order to meet our goal of perfecting and releasing our designs, we need your help! We are testing our cards with Classic Heroscape cards and released VC cards as well as with released and unreleased HoSS cards. So playtesting HoSS units could get you a sneak peek at additional cards that are yet to be released. Check out the Public Playtesting Thread today!

Release History
1 July 2013 - Episode IV: A New Hope Master Set
5 Dec 2013 - Greedo's Bounty special power revised
1 March 2014 - SSE 1: Commanders
27 June 2014 - Adventure Pack 1: The Battle of Hoth
2 July 2014 - HoSS Public Design #1: 2-1B
24 November 2014 - Small Expansion 1: Bounty Hunters
1 April 2015 - HoSS Public Design #2: FX-7 Medical Droid
2 April 2015 - Small Expansion 2: Cloud City
4 May 2015 - Small Expansion 3: Force Users
24 Aug 2015 - Worlds Collide Public Release (Admiral Ozzel, Han Solo (on Taun-taun), Swamps of Dagobah map, Hoth Generator Ruins map)
18 Nov 2015 - SSE2: Sands of Tatooine (Tusken Snipers)
18 Nov 2015 - SSE3: Droid Revolution (IG-88A, C and D)
27 Jan 2016 - Adventure Pack 2: Jabba's Palace
4 May 2016 - Small Expansion 4: The Emperor's Throne Room
4 May 2017 - Small Expansion 5: Reinforcements for the Battlefront
16 Oct 2017 - Adventure Pack 3: The Forest Moon of Endor
4 May 2019 - Small Expansion 6: May the (Dark Side of) the Force Be With You - Darth Maul
28 Nov 2019 - Small Expansion 7: Attack of the Clankers
1 Jan 2021 - Small Expansion 8: Liberation of Naboo
4 May 2021 - SSE5: Into the Maw

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