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chas April 10th, 2015 09:13 AM

The Illinois Smith Memorial Treasure Hunt

BY CHAS, NYCG4 (5/3/15 draft)


Good morning Mr. Player. Last night a war damaged Kree spaceship entered Earth’s atmosphere, and was immediately shot down by an advanced nuclear defense satellite of a certain power. Unfortunately, it crashed deep in the Amazon rain forest. Recovery teams from several competing governments are now being scrambled to salvage any high tech items that may be scattered near the ruins of this vessel. Because these governments wish to keep their expeditions a secret, no high profile superheroes will be sent. Instead, you team will be comprised of several minor superheroes, available squads of Super or Classic/VC varieties, and one Tech Squad as detailed below and provided by the sponsoring nation. Transportation will be provided to the crash site in 24 hours.

If you or any of your team are killed or captured, the Secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. This DVD will self destruct in 60 seconds. Good luck, Player.



Each player army may be composed of 800 points, and must include one C Level Super (201-240 Points) and at least one D Level Super (Up to 200 Points), one and only one Tech Squad of 100 Points (see sample card below) plus any one other Super/Classic/VC squad. It may include a further number of D Level Supers and/or Super/Classic/VC squads (only one of any Unique Squad per player as usual). Supers Cards may be of either alignment (Good or Evil); squad from any Classic General mixed together or not as desired (including the new April/May 2015 C3V release, except for Zettian Deathwings). There are no space limitations, due to an offboard entry mechanism (see below).

Armies must be submitted to the GM and duplicate Supers will not be allowed. However, duplicate squads are permissible among different players—squad members (and all Tech Squad proxies) must therefore be individually marked (usually on top or bottom of their bases) so as to be identifiable by player ownership.

Supers Game cards may be drawn for any of the approved designers on the Chas Qucik Scan Master Lists, but all cards are subject to the usual pregame review and GM approval.


1. C3G Equipment Glyph Rules are in effect:

If your glyph carrier is wounded or destroyed, choose a player to place the glyph within 5 spaces of that figure. Glyphs may be transferred between adjacent figures at the beginning or end of the carrier’s movement. Only one glyph per figure may be carried/used at a time. Glyphs may be voluntarily dropped and picked up at any time during a figure’s movement--no glyph may be dropped where another already exists.

2. Only Tech squads may defuse/ignore traps on glyphs, and analyze them. Once the trap is defused, it no longer has any effect on anyone. Tech Squad members may also use glyphs. Other figures who pick up glyphs not yet recovered by Tech Squads must roll for traps. Glyphs when recovered after their trap is defused (no damage taken from it) are turned over to their power side (Brandar’s Chest) indicating they may now be safely carried by any eligible figure.. Note that they are not identified (usable) unless Analyzed by a Tech Squad member).

3. Unique/ Uncommon Heroes may pick up and carry glyphs, but are subject to traps and may not analyze (and therefore use) them. Heroes can however use glyphs once they are analyzed (both turned face up and identified by the Game Master). Only analyzed glyphs may be used at all by anyone.

4. Common Heroes/Regular squad members may pick up and carry but not use glyphs, even after analysis/identification.

5. There are no “original” glyphs started or identifiable in this scenario (see Tech.
Squad Powers on that card).

6. Note that once a glyph is analyzed it is placed power side up, and may then be used by any other player’s Tech Squad member or Unique Hero.

7. Glyphs used will be C3G Equipment Glyphs chosen by the GM and placed on a random D20 roll table. Once a glyph is successfully analyzed (identified), we will roll randomly on the Scenario Glyph Table to see what it turns out to be, and its identity will be written out and the description given to the owner. Glyphs with powers not relevant to the scenario or of ‘cosmic’ strength will not be used.

8. Glyphs may not be flown, teleported, or leaped. Glyphs may not be walked more than five spaces per turn. Glyphs may only be carried by one figure each turn (not chain passed).

9. Glyph Traps will function as normal Treasure Glyph traps: a D20 roll of 1-5 will give one wound. If a wound is generated, the trap remains in effect. If not, the trap is “defused” and the glyph is placed power side up (Brandar’s Chest).

10. All cards which say “when standing on a (Regular) Glyph” or “when carrying a Treasure Glyph” are changed to “when carrying a C3G Equipment Glyph.”


TEAM INSERTION ZONES: At game start, players will roll for entry order, and may in that order choose one of the marked three hex wide Team Insertion Zones (near the map corners on the long sides), where all of their figures must enter the board, with the first board hex counting as the first movement space. No powers of figures still off the board will be considered in effect.


1 VP for each unanalyzed glyph in the possession of any owned figure

2 VP for each analyzed glyph in the possession of any owned figure

3 VP for each unanalyzed glyph exited off the board from the original team insertion zone.

5 VP for each analyzed glyph exited off the board from the original team insertion zone.

(3 Figures)

1 Life
Range 5
Attack 1
Defense 2
100 Points

Unique Squad
Medium 5

May pick up, carry, and use any one "original" Equipment/Treasure Glyph specified by name at game start. This particular Glyph may either begin the game equipped by a Tech Squad member or be picked up during the game.

Tech Squad members may automatically defuse any trap on the glyph, taking no damage. Any Equipment/Treasure Glyph may be picked up and carried by any Tech Squad member according to the Glyph rules being used.

This ability may be used for a squad member carrying a Glyph other than the "original" glyph named at game start. If the squad member possesses a glyph picked up or handed to him on a previous turn, and does not move this turn, he may, instead of attacking, roll the twenty-sided die: 11-20: Glyph Analyzed.
Place a marker on this card after an unsuccessful attempt. Add +1 for each one when a subsequent attempt is made on the same Glyph. Once a particular Glyph has been successfully analyzed, any Tech Squad member may use that Glyph for the remainder of the game.

Good OR Evil
This squad may be chosen by teams of either alignment, and is considered loyal to that side.



When any figure not immune to lava damage enters a Molten lave hex, roll one combast die, performing the following actions depending on the results:

Blank: Figure takes no damage; but remove an Order Markers on that card; the OMs removed are not revealed to other players. For squad cards, on the affected figure(s) may not be activated for the rest of the round.

Skull: Roll three combat dice, taking one unblockable wound for each skull rolled. This may result in no damage.

Shield: Roll three combat dice, taking all wounds possible (down to) the number of shields rolled. If no shields are rolled, the figure is destroyed.



The Amazon rain forest. The steamy, stinking, slimy, snaky jungle. No roads or other man made structures exist in this wild, forsaken, humid wilderness. From a hilltop that marks some of the highest terrain in the area, any recovery party must descend down into a morass of swamp, sandbars, shadow, swamp and other water, sheer rock outcrops, and the thick cover of jungle tree and bush. The hearty adventurer in search of high tech treasure near the forbidden wreckage of a crashed alien spaceship must trudge to the center of this maze. But there, on an island of solid land, await dangers known only to the strange gods that rule this land of desolation!


*Number of glyphs scattered about the map; probably so many per player

*Other surprises known only to the Game Master!

(Note: if you want a complete copy of this scenario, you must add the separate document “Game Master Only File—Illinois Smith,” see two posts downthread)

chas May 14th, 2015 11:34 AM

Re: The Illinois Smith Memorial Treasure Hunt
For the teams that are being used for this game by my player group, The New York City Gang of Four, as well as other commentary, see our thread in the General Discussion section.

chas May 28th, 2015 11:27 AM

Re: The Illinois Smith Memorial Treasure Hunt

The Following is known only to the GM:

1. Kree Security: Zettian Deathwings (new C3V Squads)
Two squads of Kree Zee Dees (or one ZD for each player) are hidden inside the shiprwreck. After the first sequence of Order Marker Ones are revealed, each player in turn other (which varies each turn) declares a target player other than himself (and one not yet so targeted by a ZD) and moves his ZD from any space next to the ship into the Radiation Zone through it (taking no effect from it) to at least one space beyond the RZ. The owning player may move that ZD as he wishes, but may only target figure(s) in that original player’s army. The The ZD is eliminated if its entire target army is wiped out. However, if a ZD detonates adjacent to a target player’s army figure, any other figures caught in the blast as well other ZDs, are also affected! If all of a players figures are killed, that ZD tracking his characters will go inactive and be removed from the board.

One ZD is run by each player against a different player’s team, such that only one ZD target’s each player. ZDs continue to move after each Order Marker sequence ends, in the sequence of that turn’s initiative turn order.

2. Kree Mutational Trap
The first non Tech squad figure of each player to trigger a glyph trap or pick up a glyph, if any, will instead transform into a D Level Super! If the glyph is still Trapped, the regular trap roll is made, with mutation only following a successroll disarming the trap. If the glyph is Untrapped, roll D20; 1-4 take a wound; otherwise mutate. Only one mutation may take place for each player army. A mutation immediately ends the figure’s turn.

The player will randomly choose this type of character card from the GMs fanned cards (one for each player), and replace his squad figure with a new one placed by the GM on the same space.

D Level Random Mutation Cards

1. Animal Man 150 (Garada)
2. Avalanche 145 (C3G)
3. Lizard 200 (C3G)
4. Mantis 150 (Drewman-chu)

3. The Shipwreck Radiation Zone
The crashed Kree spaceship is represented in the center of the map by an inactive Marro Hive. In a perimeter around it are lava hexes, which instead represent the radioactive zone around it. Any character entering such a Red Rad Hex must immediately roll a combat die, taking 1 wound if a skull is rolled. A separate roll must be made for each hex entered, whether entered voluntarily or involuntarily.

4. C3G Equipment Glyph Random Generation Table

Each time a glyph is analysed by a Tech Squad member, roll to see which glyph has been found. If a glyph is generated which is already in the game, roll again on the D20 There are ten different glyphs that can affect the game. Modifications are shown by (Mod); added or changed text is also shown in parentheses. If a player choses a character who starts with one of these glyphs, substitute another in its place. All glyphs should affect the scenario, but not be too powerful –hence the modifications made here.

1-2 Experimental Medicine After revealing your OM but before your turn, you may inject: Remove up to 4 wounds, but D20 roll 1-7: you are destroyed!

3-4 Holdir +1 on normal attacks.

5-6 Makluan Electromagnetic Rings After moving but before attacking, his figure OR one within 3 clear sight spaces teleport to any space within 3 of its current position.

7-8 Makluan Energy Rings (Mod) (Once per round): Roll D20 after your turn. For a figure within 4 spaces 1-6: Nothing 7-12 1 wound + 1 on one figure adjacent to the target 13-18 2 wounds +1 to all within 2 clear sight spaces of the target 19-20 3 wounds on the target

9-10 Probability Manipulator Reroll your defense dice once on any attack.

11-12 Shield Belt If you are attacked and at least one skull is rolled, roll D20. 1-9 destroy glyph 10+ take no wounds.

13-14 Super Speed (Mod) +2 Movement (Yourself Only)

15-16 Team Up (Mod) After you reveal your Order Marker but before your turn, take a turn with (any one) Unique Hero within 8 spaces.

17-18 Utility: Infrared Goggles Nullifies Shadow or Jungle Piece defense bonus of a target figure(s) you attack.

19-20 Xipta At the start of a round, after Order Marker (OM) placement but before Initiative is rolled, choose an opponent who must move any two OMs to different cards from where they are placed.

5. Glyphs Number and Placement

Two glyphs per player should be placed in the central shipwreck area, with two actually in the Radiation Zone.

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