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DrLivingston October 28th, 2008 03:24 PM

3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
I will be attending the North Texas Shoot Out in December.

It is a 300 point tournament where all games will be 3 or 4 player free for alls.

While I realize many of you will not be in the neighborhood for the Shoot Out in December, I thought I'd see what the Heroscapers Brain Trust comes up with--it's an interesting theoryscape exercise at the least.

Here are the rules:


Each player will command a retinue. This will represent a particular hero and his bodyguards. Here are the rules for army construction:
1. Each army must contain at least 1 hero between 50 and 150 points (figures above 150 points are not allowed)
2. Each army must contain at least one squad.
3. Armies will total 300 points. However, armies consisting only of units from one general my have units totaling 310 points.
4. Maps will limit army size to 14 hexes
Tournament Format

Players will compete on three or four player maps in a free for all battle. During the battle, players will score points for every figure they destroy. If a unit figure is killed, the player receives points for the individual unit using fractional scoring. If a hero is killed, the player inflicting the killing blow receives all the points for that hero, regardless of who inflicted any previous wounds. Battles will rage until only one player has units left. At that point, the player with units remaining will receive points equal to half his remaining units.

At the end conclusion of the match, the points for each player will be totalled up. Players will then receive "tournament points" based on their result as follows:

4 player game:
1st: 6 tournament points
2nd: 4 tournament points
3rd: 2 tournament points
4th: 0 tournament points

3 player game:
1st: 6 tournament points
2nd: 3 tournament points
3rd: 0 tournament points

After three rounds, the player with most tournament points will be declared the winner. Points received from each battle (the actual points of units killed) will be kept track of and used as tie-breakers.


1. What happens when I kill my own figure (falling, lava, etc)?
A. If it is a squad figure, it is simply removed and no one scores points for it. If it is a wounded hero, the last player to wound it gets all the points for it (unless you were the only player to wound it).

2. Who gets points for a figure killed by counterstrike?
A. The samurai's player gets the point when counterstrike kills a figure.

3. If my Wolves of Badru fail a pounce and are killed, who gets the points?
A. The defending player gets the points if he survives a pounce.

4. What does zombies' Rise Again and Marro Warrior's Water Clone do for point scoring?
A. Figures coming back to the board from death work the same as they do in a regular game. Everytime they are killed they give points to the player killing them, regardless of them coming back.
It's an interesting balance between getting an army that will kill your opponents and grab points and an army that will not give a lot of points away.

Deathwalkers have been a bad idea.

Sentinel have also been bad as my BroInLaw always brings Grimnak.

Range has not been as important as you'd think in a free for all as the smallish maps throw you together very quickly.

Don't let me down, guys, I need all the help I can get against Dignan!

Aldin October 28th, 2008 03:44 PM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
I think conceptually at least that your bro-in-law has the right idea - bonding! I would be seriously tempted to go with 3xKoW and Sir Denrick. Tough to kill, easy to manage, hard hitting and five attacks per activation. Slow, but that's not necessarily such a bad thing in a free for all.

~Aldin, pondering other possibilities

GromBloodboy October 28th, 2008 03:56 PM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
x1 Khosumet-75
x2 Anubian Wolves-215
x1 Wolves of Badru- 295
x1 Isamu-305

Aldin October 28th, 2008 04:22 PM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
So for a non-bonding army, you want to be able to simplify OM management. What about:

Laglor 110
KMA 100
Isamu 10
2xRoboRat 80

The Rats are great shields and in a point scoring game are rather unappealing to attack. Isamu is likewise unappealing to attack and is potentially devestating against any Raelin or Human Champion army. The Krav are unlikely targets from a distance and with Laglor's boost outrange most opponents anyway. Laglor would need to hang back early on, but is a wonderful cleanup unit. The disadvantage is that you're giving up nearly 30% of your points on an almost purely defensive unit, but I think it may pay off.

~Aldin, who can always find room for a few Rats

kolakoski October 28th, 2008 04:26 PM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
Parmenio 90
2 x Sacred Band 100
2 x Roman Archers 110

Khosumet 75
2 x Anubian Wolves 150
Dumitef Guard 25
Me-Burq-Sa 50 or 2 x Dumitef Guard 50

1Mmirg October 28th, 2008 04:44 PM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
I only have a moment, but let me add that I recommend range highly in FFA games. Getting tied up with melee can be devastating. Range gives you the ability to choose your targets and adjust your plans on the fly better (i.e. adapt to the much more dynamic nature of FFA).

(I believe there are some great 3 player and FFA links in my Index, but I can't recall for sure and have to run--just wanted to add that piece of advice: Go range, if possible. MW are often great for FFA, btw.)

Matthias Maccabeus October 28th, 2008 05:34 PM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
What about the hounds? They have a chance of plaguing multiple people at a time and attacking. With 5 defense they're pretty tough to take out, and Grimnak can't chew on them.

Hounds x 2 - 180
Krug - 300
14 spaces

If Krug gets plagued in his start zone at the beginning...who cares?

And of course I agree with Aldin about the knights. 8)

dok October 28th, 2008 07:49 PM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
With no Q9 and with Glad/Blast builds unlikely, this seems like a good venue for the vampires. Particularly since stealth flying lets you nibble at the edge of a fight between two other players.

Start with Cyprien + Sonya. Then add ratsx2 + Marcu + Isamu, or MW + Me-Burq-Sa + Isamu, or MW + rats + Marcu.

Another alternative is 4th Massx3 + Raelin. Nice, boring turtle strategy.

CheddarLimbo October 29th, 2008 12:28 AM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
Bonding and passive abilities like Toxic Skin, Vanish, and Scatter are going to be very important in this tourney. I've got about 2 dozen builds working for this already.

Marcu is definitely going in my army. Even if you lose control of him, you get to choose who gets to take the reins, so he essentially becomes a bargaining chip. "So, if I give him to you what will you do?"

I've also been toying with the idea of regenerating units like the Marro Warriors and Zombies. It's kind of double-edged, though. It allows you to recuperate from early losses, but it also allows your opponents to gain more points from you than they normally would.

I day-dreamed a scenario in which one player (who would probably be Dignan) scored very well and was then eliminated from the match. But he had such a huge lead they'd still win the round. So, to combat that, the remaining players conspired to allow one player to keep cloning Marro Warriors over and over and killing them to rack up enough points to steal the win from the first player. Sounds pretty fun, but probably in poor form.

rym October 29th, 2008 12:57 AM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
It's not in poor form against Dignan! :p;)

DrL, I like the idea of the knights so far the best, and not because I played them either. But because that defense of 4 is a tough nut to crack and you can usually get engaged pretty quickly to the opponent on Dig's smaller maps like he's using.

What about:

Knights x 2 140
Marro Warriors 50
Valguard 110

Knights bond with Valguard, 5 attacks per turn; the cost factor is relatively cheap per figure, and you have the regenerating Marro for some range, if you feel the need for it.

Valguard should be able to take care of Grimnak pretty handily in a turn or two, providing BroInLaw doesn't get lucky on his d20 rolls. But with your luck, he probably would...

CheddarLimbo October 29th, 2008 01:04 AM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each
Sorry rym, but Valguard is a Warlord, not a Champion. He bonds with the Sacred Band, or Romans.

DrLivingston October 29th, 2008 01:10 AM

Re: 3 & 4 Player Free For Alls at 300 Points Each

Originally Posted by CheddarLimbo (Post 698711)
Sounds pretty fun, but probably in poor form.

Not if it's Dignan.

Range, though it seems important with it's ability to change targets on the fly, just hasn't been that great because all the maps we've played on have been smallish and in-your-face.

That being said, I am insanely undefeated after 3 games with:

110 Laglor
180 Gorillinators x 2
10 Otonashi

(Admittedly against attack 3/melee bonding type armies w./no special attacks...)

Right now I'm thinking some sort of bonding melee with Marro Warriors and Marcu thrown in...

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