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RoninValentina April 27th, 2010 01:58 AM

SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
Hey Bay Area Brawlers, it's time for another Draft Pool Tournament!


July 31st, at GameKastle in San Jose.

Set up will begin at 11am, tournament should start at 12pm.


Now, for the format. It's pretty simple- I may make a few subtle changes in the near future, but the following will more or less outline the mechanics of the event.

Each player will bring 16 army cards and their accompanying figures to the tournament- this is their drafting pool. For purposes of counting cards, each squad in a player's draft pool will require a separate card. Each player is also limited to 4 “A List” cards from the Heroscape power rankings (A+, A, A-).

Once paired with an opponent, players will combine their cards to create a draft pool of 32 cards. Players will get a couple of minutes to review their opponent's draft pool, and then each player will roll a d20 to start the draft. The point total for each match will be 500 points. Winner chooses who drafts first. The person who drafts first gets first pick of the combined pool, but the second player gets to draft two cards to compensate for going second. Afterwards, the draft proceeds one card to each player, until both opponents have reached their point limit or no longer wish to draft. As units are drafted, they should be placed into your starting zones on the map, and cannot be rearranged once placed. After all players present are done drafting, play will commence in standard Swiss Tournament style.

Glyphs: Valda, Wannok, Dagmar, Lodin, Ulanvia, and Kelda.
(If you are bringing a map, please try to provide this glyph set for each map unless the map specifies fixed glyphs.)

1.) cmgames
2.) FishTako
3.) Killz + 3
4.) Menchi
5.) S1R_ART0R1US
6.) Winin (Excellent!)
7.) Grimfang
8.) Dnutt99 (Party time!)
9.) TartanDoc
10.) fresno bob +1
11.) jerry22 (?)
12.) Daftfighterz64 (?)
13.) Ronin Valentina


Jotun's Gap - Dignan
Requires 1 RotV and 1 BftU
Provided by Ronin Valentina


- Dignan
Requires 1 RotV and 1 TJ
Provided by FishTako


Just Passing Through
- Dignan
Requires 1 RotV and 1 RttFF
Provided by Dnutt99


Elswin Plateau - Mooseman
Requires 1 RotV, 1 FotA, and 1 TJ
Provided by Dnutt99


Infected Glade - Panopticon
Requires 1 SotM and 2 RttFF
Provided by Ronin Valentina


Radiator Springs - Gamebear
Requires 1 RotV and 1 VW
Provided by cmgames


Glacial Overflow
- FishTako
Requires 2 BftU and 1 TT
Provided by cmgames


Thirsting Sands V.3 - Ronin Valentina
Requires 2 BftU
Provided by FishTako


Ticalla Sunrise - GameBear
Requires 1 SotM and 1 TJ
Provided by Ronin Valentina


I cheated a bit and picked a number of maps that will be present at this year's Gencon, if you couldn't tell. The rest I will select to give a good rounding out for the tournament. If you would like to supply a map- and please do, I'll need the help- please just post what you'd be willing to supply. Thanks!

So? Will you be there to Draft like whoa?! Let's do this!

cmgames April 27th, 2010 12:10 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
Not the 10th please. I'll be out of town.

Otherwise, count me in!


FishTako April 27th, 2010 01:01 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
Thanks for setting this up Ronin.

I can only make the 17th--got weddings on both the other weekends.

Killometer April 27th, 2010 02:50 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
After EtS I checked my calendar in anticipation of this event and unfortunately the entire month of July is terrible for me. :(

I hope that everyone else has fun, though, and I'll catch ya'll next time. :thumbsup:

Utgars Servant April 27th, 2010 05:18 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
That sounds fun. As far as I can see, I can try to make it. The Draft thing may take a while to start the game but it is a nice twist to most tourneys. Also i could play with some figs I don't have! Oh the 17th would be good.

RoninValentina April 27th, 2010 06:54 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
So far the 17th is looking the most likely, yes.

The drafting portion of each round should be about 8 minutes average. That keeps pace with a 60 minute round, 10 for opponent matching/drafting, and 50 minutes to play. I should make it clear that this format was done in early 2008 with great success, so there's really nothing new here. In fact, here's that event thread for reference.

cmgames April 28th, 2010 12:01 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
Two questions:

What about Marvel?

What grade do I give the Wave D1/11 units until they are 'officially' ranked?


Killz April 28th, 2010 12:28 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
I hope to be able to make it, Just have to confirm with my parents. Also, John, Sam, and David are up for it. The 17th is probably best for us, unless something comes up.

RoninValentina April 28th, 2010 04:49 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
Marvel will be out, and without "official" grades for the newest units I will likely leave them as Bs with likely a couple exceptions. Those details will be forthcoming soon.

Winin April 29th, 2010 07:23 PM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
I had a lot of fun at EtS, so I will try to make this one (on time even). I have the 17th tentatively set. My schedule tends to fluctuate last minute, but I'll do my best to keep it open.

RoninValentina May 2nd, 2010 12:39 AM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
So, a snag. GameKastle is not available the 17th of July; they have their own promotional event occurring that day. So. We have a two options, keep the day, or the venue. I like GameKastle, so I'd rather ditch the day, but then the question becomes, what day?

Couple of options come to mind. We could try early, and aim for the 26th of June, or go late- the 31st of July.


cmgames May 2nd, 2010 04:12 AM

Re: SF Bay Area - Draft Pool Tournament - July
July 31 is better for me.


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