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TreePowerz March 14th, 2019 08:04 PM

Play-tested Custom Terrain Sets
Hey all,

I am continually amazed with the incredible custom squads and heroes that the various groups here on Heroscapers put out (SoV, C3V, and C3G come to mind). The extensive figure play-testing and creativity brings many affordable and unique characters into the fight for the Wellsprings.

I am curious if anyone has gone through a similar process to make custom terrain sets, particularly for the classic-scape realm (as opposed to the superhero figure world). Similar to the TJ, RttFF, FotA, etc...

I have seen some beautiful custom heroscape terrain on the site, but can't find any groups that playtest and release terrain sets "officially," similar to how SoV, C3V, and C3G operate. Does such a group exist?

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