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kevindola November 13th, 2019 02:50 PM

Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss Public Playtesting

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Suggested R&Cs:

Q: Can movement powers like Flying be used with the movement from Maddening Visage?
A: It depends on who is doing the movement. Mandatory effects such as Disengage and Glide always apply to Maddening Visage movement. Optional effects such as Flying can only be used if the owner of the figure is moving the figure. If the owner of Z'Thoth is moving the figure, that player could not use any of that figure's optional movement abilities. Note that some powers, like Levitation, have both a mandatory effect and an optional effect.

flameslayer93 November 25th, 2019 02:01 PM

Re: Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss Public Playtesting
Can Z’toth move himself with Maddening Visage? Strict reading of the card suggests yes, but some folks like to argue otherwise.

kevindola November 25th, 2019 02:16 PM

Re: Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss Public Playtesting

kevindola December 5th, 2019 12:02 AM

Re: Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss Public Playtesting
400 points

Pure Gold
Glyphs: Rannveig

Army 1: Z'Thoth Mouth of the South, Knights x2, Eldgrim, Finn
Army 2: Mohicans x5, Brave Arrow

Survivors: Z'Thoth (2 life), 3 Knights

Eldgrim started in the center of the map and gave his move boost to Z'Thoth after Mohicans took him down. The Mohicans took some strong position knocking out a few knights, but a pair of Westons engaged Brave Arrow and put 2 wounds on him.

Z'Thoth then had a huge turn that swapped the board position. He hit Maddening Visage on Brave Arrow that caused 4 Leaving Engagements that got killed him. Then killed 2 Mohicans with Shatter Minds.

The damage allowed the Knights and Finn to regroup and push their advantage. Finn eventually went down but Knights held the high ground. Z'Thoth got a few more kills with normal attacks after the Mohicans dispersed.


Maddening Visage: 3/5
-Moved Finn 1 spot closer and helped get better road positioning
-Forced a Mohican into engagement with a Knight
-Forced Brave out of engagement with 2 knights for 4 LEA

Shattered Minds used 4 times
-Killed 2 MRT
-Killed 1 MRT, 1w Brave Arrow
-Missed both attacks
-Killed 1/2 MRT

Killed 1 MRT with Normal Attack

Total Damage: 5 MRT, 3w Brave Arrow: 160 points

All Your Pie December 7th, 2019 09:34 PM

Re: Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss Public Playtesting
(Same test as one posted in CotDS thread, unit-specific comments below).
Map: Ruins of Rennoc
Glyph: Gerda

Army 1: CotDS x5, Z'Thoth (440)
Army 2: Microcorp Troopers x4, Kaemon Awa (440)

Final: Outsiders win with 4 Children and 4 life Z'Thoth remaining.

Game Summary: The Children massed along the left while Z'Thoth approached from the right. The Microcorp's shots weren't terribly effective at slowing down the Children, who were able to rush into engagements early and often. The Three turns of 4 followed by 2 turns of 5 in rounds 2 and 3 were particularly brutal, and ended with the Children occupying Gerda with the Microcorp fairly well thinned out. 6 move was very useful in accomplishing this and a lot of 2-shield defense rolls helped as well.

Afterwards, Z'Thoth saw most of the action, apart from a single OM used to send the Children towards Kaemon. Maddening Visage was incredibly useful in their skirmish, forcing Kaemon to defend from low ground against the two attacks that killed him. Plenty of times, it would have caused either a bad position or an LEA even on a roll of 1-10, but apart from a fairly inconsequential usage in round 1 Z'Thoth rolled 11+ every time. Spirits of the Void was never used or needed.

Unit Summary: Maddening Visage 4/5 (forced an LEA microcorp kill, moved Kaemon into an extra engagement and next to high ground, forced Kaemon LEA, moved Kaemon to low ground.)

Shatter Minds: 1 Microcorp.

Total Damage: 4 Microcorp, 4 wounds Kaemon.

Thoughts: I was initially concerned that 2 turns with the Children and 1 turn with Z'Thoth would just be worse than 3 turns with the Children. Sometimes that felt true, but it's close enough that it's an interesting tactical choice to make. Ultimately, it feels appropriate that the Eldritch Horror monster affects the game more by its presence and underlings than by directly taking turns and wrecking shop in the early and mid game. I mostly used him in the endgame after the Children were thinned out, but still present enough that they gave Maddening Visage plenty of options.

"Inscrutable" strikes me as a fitting personality for the unit but not really the general. I'd kind of prefer the unique Outsiders to be more varied in general as opposed to all following Valkrill, as Otherworldly Stench seems to imply that they will. Eldritch horrors all being loyal to the same general seems a little odd to me.

kevindola December 27th, 2019 10:34 PM

Re: Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss Public Playtesting
410 points

Grounds of Ashra
Glyphs: Dagmar, Wannok

Army 1: Z'Thoth Mouth of the Abyss, Hounds x3
Army 2: Arrow Gruts x3, Swog Rider x3, Hrognak (mounted), Marro Warriors

Survivors: 4 Hounds

Z'Thoth opened to move a Hound 1 space then Hounds played against Arrows/Swogs with a hot Plague ruling the day. Hounds took down all the Arrow Gruts and Swogs and 2 Marro Warriors while only losing 2 Hounds.

But then Hrognak charged in. He failed his first attack to an already engaged Hounds, but then was forced to disengage by the Abyss and then Charged to the extreme killing 3 hounds (1 to Howdah) and killing Z'Thoth in 2 attacks before Hounds and Wannok finally brought him down


Maddening Visage: 1/3
-Hound one space out the SZ
-Fail against Hrognak, Maklar chooses to disengage (wound) to get Hrognak onto road and start Charging at the height figures
-Fail against own hound that Maklar used to move him from an engagement point to free up a charge against Z'Thoth

Shattered Minds used once
-Killed 2 Marro Warriors with a 2/3 attack

Total Damage: 2 Marro Warriors (25)

-Z'Thoth was used more passively this game and used to stay behind the hounds lines and try to set up position better with Visage. He got dropped by 2 big attacks from the Trihorn though.

Comments from Maklar: Z'thoth is cool

Maklar the Silver Prince January 9th, 2020 12:26 AM

Re: Z'Thoth, Mouth of the Abyss Public Playtesting
Check out this playtest I also posted over in the CotDS thread. Going to put it in spoilers here.
Spoiler Alert!

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