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Rocktroll October 16th, 2007 08:37 PM

Heroscape collection guide
Updated 16th Jan 2011

Any Usefull information that you think should be added to this list please let me know and I will try add it if possible.

This guide is collaboration by members of this board and information gathered from various sites on the net. This is not an official list but is going to be as close as fans can make it, we hope this helps old and new Scapers alike!

Alot of pictures came from Boardgamegeek.com and cyberfab.fr; Kudos to them.

Click on the unit name to link its “book” ( Thread with the units card and extra information)

The complete Heroscape Collection List
Great list that includes all figures and sets, just copy and print out to make a checklist. Not sure where its from, it was off a thread on these boards but I don't know who made it, can some one let me know so I can make a link and give credit to the author?
Spoiler Alert!

HeroScape Figure and Tile Count Stats
This is a very detailed list of all the items found in every pack and expansion, the type and amount of terrian that each brings and how many figures plus duplicates. All in all a very detailed list created by Wind Lane.
Spoiler Alert!

Master Sets

1st Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie
Spoiler Alert!

2nd Master set: Swarm of the Marro
Spoiler Alert!

3rd Master Set: Battle for the Underdark
Spoiler Alert!

Small Expansions ( Boosters )
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 1 - Mallidon's Prophecy
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 2 - Utgar's Rage
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 3 - Jandar's Oath
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 4 - Zanafor's Discovery
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 5 - Thora's Vengeance
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 6 - Dawn of Darkness
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 7 - Fields of Valor
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 8 - Defenders of Kinsland
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 9 - Blackmoon's Seige
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 10 - Valkrill's Gambit
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 11 - D1-Champions of The Forgotten Realms
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 12 -D2- Warriors Of Eberron
Spoiler Alert!

Wave 13 - D3 - Moltenclaw's Invasion
Spoiler Alert!

Large Figure Expansions

1st Orm's Return
Spoiler Alert!

2nd Raknar's Vision
Spoiler Alert!

3rd Aquilla’s Alliance
Spoiler Alert!

Terrain Expansions

1st Terrain Set Road to the Forgotten Forest
Spoiler Alert!

2nd Terrain Set Volcarren Wasteland
Spoiler Alert!

3rd Terrain Set Thaelenk Tundra
Spoiler Alert!

4th Terrain Set Fortress of the Archkyrie
Spoiler Alert!

5th Terrain Set Ticalla Jungle

Crest of the Valkire - Flag Bearers
Spoiler Alert!

Unique characters;
Jandar's Flag Bearer
Spoiler Alert!

Utgar's Flag Bearer
Spoiler Alert!

Ullar's Flag Bearer
Spoiler Alert!

Einar's Flag Bearer
Spoiler Alert!

Vydar's Flag Bearer
Spoiler Alert!

Marvel Heroscape

Spoiler Alert!

Promotional Exclusives
Spoiler Alert!

Unofficial Figures
Spoiler Alert!

2007 Official Heroscape Guide Poster Scans
Spoiler Alert!

Future releases

Useful Links

Wikipedia for heroscape Lots of good info can be found here, most of it has been copied into this list

The Books of Heroscape Awesome list of every official unit, Card scans and useful information

- Need more links -

Taelord October 16th, 2007 08:41 PM

This is great. Good job for taking initiative and making it.

tt612hs October 16th, 2007 08:43 PM

well there is a colection guide that came out with sotm it list all the expansions up to wave 8

netherspirit October 16th, 2007 08:46 PM

There is a thread out there just like this. Let me see if I can dig it up...

EDIT - Okay so its not completely the same...but it does have a complete list of all the expansions and stuff.


Rocktroll October 16th, 2007 08:50 PM

with pictures?

Hmm I hope there wasnt already a list out there and I went through all the trouble of cut/paste/ paraphrase/ search for images for nothing !!

I know a collectors guide poster came out last gencon but I cant find it any way so decided to make this

I need help with the release dates on the expansions

netherspirit October 16th, 2007 08:52 PM


Originally Posted by Rocktroll
with pictures?

Nope no pictures.

I posted a link above, its similar in that it lists all the expansions, I could have sworn there was on that had release dates too. Either way I don't remember seeing one that had pictures in it...

Eirikr October 16th, 2007 08:52 PM

Here's a checklist I made up and use for myself. Not definate about all the dates but I'm pretty sure.
By the way my collection is now complete, including at least 2 of each common but not including the EOV and GENCon Exclusives.
Oh, and no Marvel. Not my thing.

heroScape Checklist

Master Set: Rise of the Valkyrie (2004)
Mimring (dragon, unique hero) 1/30
Finn the Viking Champion (human, unique hero) 2/30
Thorgrim the Viking Champion (human, unique hero) 3/30
Tarn Viking Warriors (human, unique squad) 4,5,6,7/30
Agent Carr (human, unique hero) 8/30
Krav Maga Agents (human, unique squad) 9,10,11/30
Ne-Gok-Sa (marro, unique hero) 12/30
Marro Warriors (marro, unique squad) 13,14,15,16/30
Syvarris (elf, unique hero) 17/30
Deathwalker 9000 (soulborg, unique hero) 18/30
Zettian Guards (soulborg, unique squad) 19,20/30
Raelin the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie, unique hero) 21/30
Izumi Samurai (human, unique squad) 22,23,24/30
Sgt. Drake Alexander (human, unique hero) 25/30
Airborne Elite (human, unique squad) 26,27,28,29/30
Grimnak (orc, unique hero) 30/30

Malliddon's Prophecy Expansion (2004)
Arrow Gruts (orc, common squad) 1,2,3/25
Blade Gruts (orc, common squad) 4,5,6,7/25
Roman Archers (human, common squad) 8,9,10/25
Roman Legionnaires (human, common squad) 11,12,13,14/25
Venoc Vipers (viper, common squad) 15,16,17/25
Omnicron Snipers (soulborg, common squad) 18,19,20/25
Kelda the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie, unique hero) 21/25
Marcus Decimus Gallus (human, unique hero) 22/25
Taelord the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie, unique hero) 23/25
Venoc Warlord (viper, unique hero) 24/25
Tornak (orc, unique hero) 25/25

Utgar's Rage Expansion (2005)
Marro Drones (marro, common squad) 1,2,3/22
Minions of Utgar (kyrie, common squad) 4,5,6/22
Swog Rider (orc, common hero) 7/22
Knights of Weston (human, common squad) 8,9,10,11/22
4th Massachusetts Line (human, common squad) 12,13,14,15/22
Anubian Wolves (wolf, common squad) 16,17,18/22
Sir Denrick (human, unique hero) 19/22
Me-Burq-Sa (marro, unique hero) 20/22
Khosumet the Darklord (wolf, unique hero) 21/22
Krug (troll, unique hero) 22/22

Orm's Return Expansion (2005)
Su-Bak-Na (marro, unique hero) 1/5
Deathwalker 8000 (soulborg, unique hero) 2/5
Dund (doggin, unique hero) 3/5
Charos (dragon, unique hero) 4/5
Brunak (trolticor, unique hero) 5/5

Road to the Forgotten Forest Expansion (2005)
Dumutef Guard (fiantooth, common hero)

Jandar's Oath Expansion (2005)
Alastair MacDirk (human, unique hero)
Concan the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie, unique hero)
Deathwalker 7000 (soulborg, unique hero)
Johnny "Shotgun" Sullivan (human, unique hero)
Saylind the Kyrie Warrior (kyrie, unique hero)
Gorillinators (primadon, common squad)
MacDirk Warriors (human, common squad)
Marrden Hounds (wulsinu, common squad)
Microcorp Agents (human, common squad)
Sentinels of Jandar (kyrie, common squad)
Shaolin Monks (human, common squad)

Volcarren Wasteland Expansion (2005)
Obsidian Guards (moltarn, common squad)

Zanafor's Discovery Expansion (2006)
Aubrien Archers (elf, common squad) 1,2,3/25
Gladiatrons (soulborg, common squad) 4,5,6,7/25
Deadeye Dan (human, unique hero)
Sacred Band (human, common squad)
Guilty McCreech (human, unique hero)
Tagawa Samurai (human, unique squad)
James Murphy (human, unique hero)
Armoc Vipers (viper, common squad)
Morsbane (elf, unique hero) 21/25
Parmenio (human, unique hero) 22/25
Valguard (human, unique hero) 23/25
Sudema (undead, unique hero) 24/25
Major X17 (soulborg, unique hero) 25/25

Raknar's Vision Expansion (2006)
Braxas (dragon, unique hero) 1/5
Major Q9 (soulborg, unique hero) 2/5
Theracus (gryphillin, unique hero) 3/5
Jotun (giant, unique hero) 4/5
Nilfheim (dragon, unique hero) 5/5

Thaelenk Tundra Expansion (2006)
Dzu-Teh (dzu-teh, common squad)

Thora's Vengeance Expansion (2006)
Blastatrons (soulborg, common squad) 1,2,3,4/26
Deathstalkers (soulborg, common squad) 5,6,7/26
Retiarius (human, unique hero) 8/26
Crixus (human, unique hero) 9/26
Spartacus (human, unique hero) 10/26
Nakita Agents (human, unique squad) 11,12,13/26
Warriors of Ashra (elves, common squad) 14,15,16/26
Deathreavers (soulborg, common squad) 17,18,19,20/26
Ninjas of the Northern Wind (human, unique squad) 21,22,23/26
Kozuke Samurai (human, unique squad) 24,25,26/26

Fortress of the Archkyrie (2006)
Fortress Door (destructible object)

Crest of the Valkyrie (Flag Bearers; 2006, Toys R Us exclusive)
Acolarh (elf, unique hero)
Hatamoto Taro (human, unique hero)
Laglor (primadon, unique hero)
Ornak (orc, unique hero)
Sir Gilbert (human, unique hero)

Dawn of Darkness (2007)
Shades of Bleakwoode (undead, common squad) 1,2,3/21
Heavy Gruts (orc, common squad) 4,5,6,7/21
Einar Imperium, The (kyrie, common squad) 8,9,10/21
Tagawa Samurai Archers (human, common squad) 11,12,13/21
Zombies of Morindan (undead, common squad) 14,15,16/21
Eldgrim the Viking Champion (human, unique hero) 17/21
Empress Kiova (kyrie, unique hero) 18/21
Runa (kyrie, unique hero) 19/21
Kaemon Awa (human, unique hero) 20/21
Kee-Mo-Shi (marro, unique hero) 21/21

Master Set: Swarm of the Marro (2007)
Sgt. Drake Alexander (human, unique hero) 1/16
Raelin The Kyrie Warrior (kyrie, unique hero) 2/16
Sonlen (elf, unique hero) 3/16
Major Q10 (Soulborg, unique hero) 4/16
Shiori (human, unique hero) 5/16
Tor-Kul-Na (marro, unique hero) 6/16
Marro Hive (marro, unique hero) 7/16
Marro Drudge (marro, common squad) 8,9,10/16
Marro Stingers (marro, common squad) 11,12,13/16
Marden Nagrubs (marro, common squad) 14,15,16/16

Promotional Figures
The Elite Onyx Vipers were part of a specialedition of the Master Set which was sold in Wal-Mart stores in late 2005.
Nerak the Glacian Swog Rider (orc, unique hero)Promotional Figure (GenCon 2005)
Sir Hawthorne (human, unique hero)Promotional Figure (GenCon 2006)
Master Win Chiu Woo (human, unique hero)Promotional Figure (GenCon 2007)

Rocktroll October 16th, 2007 08:56 PM

woot thanks Eirikr!

Will correct the dates in a bit first hunting down as many pictures as I can :)

milking the hasbro site for all I can, then going to have to check ebay :)

allskulls October 16th, 2007 09:04 PM

Good stuff, Rocktroll. Idea- Link the unit names to their books :D

Rocktroll October 16th, 2007 09:12 PM

will do , first hunting down pictures once done will fix dates, then will link them to their books

Soon as I find out what the books are and where they are and how to make a link :)

Yes I am total a newb :)

Hey guys I need help, found pictures for every one except good pictures of all 3 gencon figures and a good close up of the EOVs

dickflea October 16th, 2007 10:50 PM

The books are actually detailed descriptions of the unit in question with card pics. Example The book of Tornak etc.

By the way great job in consolidating this stuff. :D

dnutt99 October 17th, 2007 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by Rocktroll
will do , first hunting down pictures once done will fix dates, then will link them to their books

Soon as I find out what the books are and where they are and how to make a link :)

Yes I am total a newb :)

Hey guys I need help, found pictures for every one except good pictures of all 3 gencon figures and a good close up of the EOVs


That's the best Sir Hawthorne I could composite at the moment. :wink: I snagged them from the net and the gallery. I'm sure someone who actually owns one can take a better photo,... :(

This collectors guide is AWESOME. Very nice indeed. :up:
I'll ask the Rev to add the link to the 'Books of Heroscape' homepage, and try to find some more xclusive pics! :D

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