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dnutt99 May 7th, 2007 10:01 PM

The Book of Morsbane
The Book of Morsbane
Zanafor's Discovery - Collection 4 - "Heroes of Trollsford"

If you cannot see the Army Card graphic, check Hasbro's Unit Page for stats and special powers, plus "character biography" and other non-game unit info.

Character Bio: The ninth generation Banisher in his family, Morsbane wields the Rod of Negation in the service to his queen. Enemies are brought low, the powerful become powerless, the mighty become meek. In some cases, the Rod is powerful enough to negate a being's very existence. (Hasbro)
-Rulings and Clarifications-
  • - ROD OF NEGATION : When to use
    When can I use Morsbane's Rod of Negation?
    At the end of any turn taken by Morsbane; after he has moved and attacked. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - ROD OF NEGATION: Negated Moresbane
    What happens when another Morsbane negates Morsbane's powers? Is the new negation marker just added to Morsbane's stock?
    No. The Negation Marker from the other Morsbane would automatically negate the opposing Morsbane's Rod of Negation special power. Any remaining Negation Markers still on the negated Morsbane would be rendered useless. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - ROD OF NEGATION : When to use negation markers
    If I roll a 20 and destroy a figure using the Rod of Negation, does that use one of my Negation markers?
    No. If you read on Morsbane's card it says if you roll a 16-19, place a negation
    marker on the card, but if you roll a 20, destroy the figure. You would not waste a negation marker if you are lucky enough to roll a 20. (Hasbro FAQ)

    - ROD OF NEGATION : Rolling without negation markers
    If you roll a 20 for Morsbane's Rod of negation, you don't have to waste a Negation Marker. If you don't have any Negation Markers left, can you still attempt the rod of negation only for the effect of the 20?
    No. Per the card you can only attempt to use the Rod of Negation "If you have at least one Negation Marker on this card" Even though the 20 would normally not use a Negation Marker, you exhausted the Rod of Negation's abilities
    when you used the 3rd marker previously. (Hasbro FAQ)
-Combinations and Synergies-

Synergy Benefits Received
  • - ACOLARH : Leaf of the Home Tree Aura
    As an Elf, Morsbane may benefit from Acolarh’s LEAF OF THE HOME TREE AURA defensive bonus.

    - ACOLARH : Ullar’s Amulet
    As a follower of Ullar, Morsbane may benefit from Acolarh’s ULLAR’S AMULET movement bonus.

    - KYNTELA GWYN : Strength of Oak Aura 1
    As an elf, Morsbane may benefit from Kyntela Gwyn's STRENGTH OF OAK AURA 1 defense bonus.

    - ULGINESH : Mind Link
    As an Elf Wizard, Morsbane may benefit from Ulginesh's MIND LINK activation synergy.
Synergy Benefits Offered
  • - JORHDAWN.: Rain of Fire
    Morsbane adds an additional attack die, as an Elf Wizard within 3 clear line of sight spaces.
C3V and SoV Custom Synergies
Spoiler Alert!
-Strategy, Tactics and Tips-
  • - TBA
-Heroscapers Community Contributions-

Power Ranking and Master Index

Originally Posted by MKSentinel
Power Ranking
Morsbane- Morsbane is cool, but I'd much rather kill a unit than disable it. D+

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Unit Strategy Review

jcb231 May 9th, 2007 04:48 PM

Worth noting that if he kills a figure with a roll of 20, he doesn't lose a negation marker.

Hex_Enduction_Hour May 10th, 2007 05:49 PM

Essential to note that even if Morsbane is engaged, he may still attempt the Rod of Negation on another opposing figure up to 6 spaces away.

riledguy May 24th, 2007 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by MKSentinel
Power Ranking
Morsbane- Morsbane is cool, but I'd much rather kill a unit than disable it. D+

Then you my friend have not seen the look on the face of a player who just had his Krug or Ninjas of NW get their powers taken away.

Morsbane is worth it for that look alone :)

I agree that in tourny' play he is not going to see any table time but that certainly does not make him any less fun at home.

Eclipse May 24th, 2007 03:13 PM

For some reason I have almost no luck with this guy. His negation just isn't reliable enough to waste turn markers on him, and he can't do anything else very well. I REALLY wish his attack was ranged so he could do a bit od damage before he tries to negate. I swear, Heroscape must be the only game that expects Wizards to get into melee range to do damage. As is you're much better off spending the points and turn just trying to kill whatever you're trying to negate.

IAmBatman May 24th, 2007 06:35 PM

All the same, he's got just as much of a chance (1 in 20) of killing a figure as Runa does. She's just likely to get a lot more chances. Of course, she also has to be in closer range, and take similar shots at any of her own figures that are close by. Then, on top of it, you get a 4 in 20 chance at wiping out the enemy figure's powers if you don't actually kill the enemy figure, which in cases like Krug, or Mimring, or even the KMA, can hurt a great deal. All this for 20 points less than Runa.
That said, I'd probably never really take Morsbane into an army over the Krav, or Runa over the Nakitas if I were really looking to be competitive.

Jandars_Hope June 30th, 2007 04:07 PM

I finally rolled a 20 with Morsbane!
I was in a random-draft game today with my dad, who had a rather better army than me, and it was getting down to now-or-never strategies so Morsbane took charge and went for Major X17 (who we know gets extra defense from normal adjacent attacks) so i wanted to neutralise his abilities. So i rolled the D20, praying for a 16-19 but got a 20 instead! My dad wasn't happy! :lol:

Vlad the Impaler July 18th, 2007 09:47 PM

I happen to love morsbane. he's very good for tying up the big heroes if you have a good ranger to back him up.

bluekitsune13 July 19th, 2007 07:24 AM

I bet Morsbane will get a little more use if Marvel units come into the fray. However, I doubt he would last long against the Hulk. I suppose a good tactic would be to pair Morsbane with some Gladiatrons, or Major X17. That way they can lock down the Hulk while Morsbane attempts his negation rolls.

mechastar August 4th, 2007 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by bluekitsune13
I suppose a good tactic would be to pair Morsbane with some Gladiatrons, or Major X17. That way they can lock down the Hulk while Morsbane attempts his negation rolls.

This is a good tactic, one I hadn't thought of. Locking down anybody dangerous so Morsbane can work them over is viable, you just have to screen Morsbane so he can work relatively freely. :ponder:

AgentCarr August 8th, 2007 02:23 AM

Finally got the Flagbearers last week and played a game against my brother with themed armies. I won the initiative and Ornak waved the Red Flag of Fury. Brunak carries Kee-Mo-Shi and Kee-Mo-Shi takes the second turn to occupy the centrally located hill. Theracus calls on Ullar's Amulet worn by Acolarh and Morsbane mounts up for the ride. I take a turn with a different unit thinking Kee-Mo-Shi is safe for the moment. Morsbane has Turn Marker #2...Rod of Negation on Kee...D20=20. 130 points flushed.

I hate the elf. One of Mrs. AgentCarr's favorite pieces. Charos was eating her alive with flying and Counterstrikes...til he got negated.

morgonis August 15th, 2007 08:51 AM

my persona; best in a 1v1 game was negateing Saylind's, Krug's, and Mimring's powers in 4 turns, that being one of those crazy good rollingdays.....however in general ive found he works a bit better in team games with your team mate provideing cover while you attempt to negate from a lighty safer vantage point.

and lets not forget his negation scares people usually makeing him a prime target thus he can be used as a second option..BAIT!..sure it may seem like a bit to many points to throw away as bait, but sucking in the opnnent(s) to a deathtrap and with the possibility of negateing said suckers failing for the bait is a viable tactic...AND when said tactic works as planned it makes Morsebane even MORE intimidateing on the field :)

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