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superfrog July 12th, 2019 02:32 PM

Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting



MOVE = 5

GRAY AREAS: Weapons, Shields


At the start of the game, you may choose any or all Unique Demon Heroes you control to be Bound Heroes of the Acolytes of Vorganund. Place those Heroes on this card. Instead of moving normally with an Acolyte of Vorganund, you may destroy that Acolyte and place a Bound Hero from this card on the space that Acolyte occupied.

After taking a turn with the Acolytes of Vorganund, you may take a turn with a Bound Hero you control. After a Bound Hero takes a turn with Dark Pact, if no wounds were inflicted on a figure other than the Bound Hero and no figure was destroyed during that turn, you must roll one attack die. If a skull is rolled, destroy an Acolyte of Vorganund you control.

The figures used for this unit are Pathfinder figures. The names of the figures used are Thrune Enforcer, Thrune Agent and Priest of Asmodeus.

Zeldarck July 14th, 2019 05:34 AM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
I didn't test them yet but I found the "any or all" unclear. As I understand it by reading is either one or all heroes. For example if we have 3 heroes, we can choose only 1 or 3 heroes.
So if I am wrong on the understanding and the goal is if we have 3 heroes we can choose either 1, 2 or 3, so I think it should be write "any number" instead or "any or all"

UtahScott July 14th, 2019 07:33 AM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
I agree with Zeldarack that the "any or all" wording is confusing and should be modified, but I read it as allowing for any number of Undead Heroes to be placed on the card.

Scud-O July 14th, 2019 08:19 PM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
Change it to "...any number of Unique Demon Heroes you control..."

superfrog July 15th, 2019 11:56 AM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
"Any or all" is very established Heroscape language (see any figure with Whirlwind Assault, as well as Glacier Traverse, Stealth Leap, Charging Assault, and Crag of Steel).

kevindola July 24th, 2019 11:11 AM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
500 points

Map: Mountain Pass
Glyphs: Dagmar, Ulinavia

Army 1: Acolytes x4, Morgoloth, Skull Demon, Heirloom
Army 2: Blade Gruts x3, Ornak, Grimnak, Nerak, Marcu, Isamu, Iskra Esenwein

Which units survived?
Marcu (4 life)
Ornak (full)
1 Blade Grut

Ornak activated the vampires and had Marcu take Unique +1

The acolyte team led with an heirloom rush and he was able to get a Force Orb into the startzone which killed 2 Blade Gruts and did a wound to Grimnak. He was caught on OM3 though by the lumbering dinosaur and a d20 roll later, the only thing left of Heirloom was a spinning helmet the T-Rex had burped out.

A lot of slow rolling next as Nerak, Ornak and the Blade gruts came forward while the Acolytes moved up. The battle engaged near the middle when Morgoloth was summoned to the fight and he laid attacks into Nerak killing the Glacian Swog Rider. But Morgoloth's defense was not as solid as his attacks. He was surrounded by blade Gruts who were receiving +1 attack from Grimnak and symbol shield from Ornak. And they brought the Demon low. He took a few blade gruts with him and managed to get Grimnak down to 1 life.

The acolytes had a lot of trouble getting into this game, because Ornak had activated Iskra a 2nd time and she had flown engaging several preventing them from getting into the fight when Morgoloth did. They did take out some Blades during the fight, but Grimnak had some good maneuverability with the Blade Screen and chomp was working well.

When there were 2 squads of Acolytes left, the Skull Demon was summoned. Ornak's 4 attack and the Blades boosted were able to get some hits.

In the next to last Marcu left Ulinavia to engage the last pair of Acolytes before they could get to fight, killing 1. The skull Demon was able to kill Grimnak, but in the final Round Ornak activated Marcu (and Isamu), and Marcu was able to put the last wound on the Skull Demon.

How useful were playtesting units' powers and how often did they come into play?

-Summoned Morgoloth and Skull Demon who immediately got into the fight
-Dark Pact was used bonding style 8 times and once (Skull Demon) was not able to inflict a wound. skull was rolled killing an Acolyte
-2 Acolytes died when summoning, 1 died Dark Pact
-Acolytes killed Iskra, 8 Blade Gruts
-Never received a Skull Demon attack boost, but Chomp and Marcu/Iskra engagement made it very difficult for the Acolytes to get next to the Skull Demon

Any additional comments (theme, balance, fun factor with and against)?

Fun game with the acolytes. They are a fun unit. I thought they played as expected in this matchup. Had some bad luck with Heirloom, and Grimnak was just tough for them. If Morgoloth had been able to get the kill on the dinosaur during his battle it would likely have swung things.

kevindola August 13th, 2019 02:40 PM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
420 points

Map: Trouble Lurked Beneathe
Glyphs: Kelda, Dagmar

superfrog: Heavy Gruts x3, Grimnak, ???????, Marcu Esenwein
kevindola: Acolytes x5, Corvor

Which units survived?
Corvor (2 life)
4 Acolytes

Very much a slow roll battle of Acolytes and Heavies and Grimnak (??????? made an appearance somewhere in the 2nd roundish doing the usual shenanigans). An acolyte would pick and choose when to make an attack and we traded units in that way for a time.

When the board state was how I liked it, I summoned Corvor and he was monstrous at being able to clear away the eastern part of the board of Heavies (while Grimnak was on the other side of the board by Kelda)

The acolytes hung back somewhat content to let Corvor do most of the heavy fighting, especially with Chomp in play, but a few charged into the SZ to attack Marcu.

Corvor had poor defense (3/16 to take 5 wounds in first 8 attacks), but dreadful pccrescccencccce is very good (superfrog's preferred spelling on the final card). And once the Heavies were gone (which cost me 2 acolytes to avatar of corruption), I disengaged (miss) from Grimnak to get height and Grimnaks 1v4 did not yield result. Grimnak took Kelda, then whiffed a 5 skull attack from Corvor.

While Corvor was finishing off Grimnak, the Acolytes finished off ??????, and Marcu (losing 1 to Marcu when he woke up)

How useful were playtesting units' powers and how often did they come into play?

-Summoned Corvor
-Dark Pact was used bonding style 8 times (Corvor failed to inflict a wound on one of those 8 times. Pact roll - safe)

Any additional comments (theme, balance, fun factor with and against)?

These guys are really fun to play. The summoning of the demon right into the battle makes for a fun early part where you are setting up your acolytes, but also a critical decision point on when to have the summoning occur. And then Morgoloth and Corvor are just such fun figures to play with especially when summoned right into the thick of your opponent.

superfrog August 13th, 2019 02:45 PM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
Shenanigans, I tell you.

flameslayer93 August 18th, 2019 12:40 AM

Flameslayer vs LoveElemental * 2
Hey hey! @LoveElemental and I got two games in today!!

Originally she was going to play the Demon Summoners, but she decided to play Dreadguls and the Giant instead.

Battlefield info: Deadlock by the excellent mapmaker @Dignan . We played normal snow/ice because I didn't read the instructions right. :p

Glyphs were Healing and Recall (AotV)

Skull Demon x2
Mezzodemons x2
Acolytes x3 (580)


Dreadguls x3
Tarns (580)

Disclaimer: I forgot Corvus gave the attack drop, so these reports reflect that. I don't know how much the games would have changed if played correctly. Probably not much considering how they played out.

Game 1: All 3 Demons are off map.

The first game started off quickly, with LE rushing Jotun across the bridge. I quickly drop Corvus to engage Jotun, inflicting some good wounds on him, but also hurting my own Acolytes via Avatar of Corruption. Corvus goes down fast, but my mixing of Mezzos and Acolytes quickly brought down Jotun as well. I used Recall to ressurect an Acolyte which was nice. For a while there was some back and forth between her Dreadguls and my Acolytes/Mezzos, as I slowly brought over my first Skull Demon by her SZ but over the river and hills. My Acolytes start wearing themselves thin from the battle of the bridge and the other half of the hills. Additionally some lucky hits managed to wipe out my Exoskeletons out in the first 4 attacks, putting a strain on my scattered SZ Mezzos. As the battle drew on, I was able to wipe out much of her Tarns with a Skull Demon, but Valguard came by to aid the Tarns. Valguard changed focus to deal with the rest of the board when a couple of Dreadguls came to play. My forces were dying quickly now, and I pulled the plug on my second to last Acolyte to summon my other Skull Demon who prompty got killed by Valguard's hammer. I lost by forfeit (becasue I wanted to jump into another match). :)

Remaining: 1 Mezzo vs 2 Dreads, 1 Tarn, and a 6 Life Valguard.
Recall was used (Acolyte). Heal Glyph was not used.

3 Summons were made (Corvus 1st, then each Skull Demon).
Only 1 Dark Pact attempt had been made, and it failed to harm me.
1 Acolyte died to Corruption.
Avatar of Corruption hit for a total of 3 damage (1 Acolyte, 1 Dreadgul 1 on Jotun). I believe Corvus only got 1 or two turns in this game.

Game 2: Corvus and 1 Skull Demon off map.

The second game I learned my lesson about sacrificing an entire squad for pushover Skull Demons. Instead I marched 1 Skull Demon to my side of the bridge (just out of non-charging Dreadgul reach but not out of Jotun reach) to act as a beacon of +1 attack. It paid off well, as Jotun came at him with a an excellent attack with was perfectly blocked (phew!). Again, I dropped Corvus right away to handle the Giant but this time he wasn't nearly as effective in hurting him. Jotun tried a wild swing against Corvus/Skull Demon/Acolyte but flubbed with a single skull th was pretty easily guarded. For a few turns the Birdskull Demon and an Acolyte boosted by Skull Demon wailed on Jotun with Corvus even flying over Jotun to the other side of the bridge to start Corrupting encroaching Dreadguls and not my own figures. Jotun wailed on Corvus back, but the demon survived in the end. After corrupt killing an adjacent Dreadgul he grabbed the Healing glyph to recover 6 damages. At some point LoveElemental got to the Recall glyph to bring back a Dreadgul. The Dreadguls took advantage of Corvus in the river and used Height Advantage + bonus from not bonding to attack the demon. Corvus flubbed a turn, killing nothing more than his own ally with Dark Pact. Soon, Corvus managed to clear the Dreadguls on the hill above him, but not before taking ~5 wounds again... Next up Valguard started approaching, but Corvus's wings got him engaged first. This time, Corvus was able to inflict a bit of damage via his normal attack to Valguard and eventually killed the last Dreadgul. But, a couple turns he failed to damage figures so my Acolytes got to pay the price via Dark Pact. Corvus did eventually die from a Tarn Viking's attack. Soon, I burned an Acolyte to bring in the reserved Skull Demon, who could be used to help fight/stall the Tarns and Valguard. It worked, and eventually the Mezzos made into the thick of battle to start pelting the viking army with their ranged attacks. My figures held fast against Valguard this time and eventually brought him down to 1 life (and the Tarn Vikings too). We called the game on time.

Demons win! :)

Remains: Valguard with 1 life vs Skull Demons each with 2 life and 4 mezzos with all Exoskeleton markers.
Recall was used (Dreadgul). Healing was used (Corvus - 6 life healed).

Summons: Corvus and 1 Skull Demon.
Dark Pact ravaged me killing 3 figures, and being triggered 4/5 times.
Avatar of Corruption deals 3 wounds (1 on Jotun and 2 Dreadguls), despite being triggered 6 times with most attempts vs 2 figures (1 attempt was vs solo Jotun).

Holy crap is this a fun squad/hero combo!
I had to play extremely aggressively to compensate for Dark Pact and Demon Summoning, and in both games I competely exhausted my Acolyte stash. It leads me to wonder if Acolytes x4 is stronger with 3 demons.
As stated, Skull Demons are pushovers. They do compensate with the attack boost however.
Getting the squad turn before triggering Avatar of Corruption was a nice touch. It means you have a chance to make the puny humans run away from the demon they summoned which is pretty thematic.
I absolutely dig the theme on the Acolytes, even if I nicknamed them cultists.
Corvus is pretty strong too, but his 4 movement is kinda restricting. I realize he's supposed to summoned onto the battlefield, but it does mean he's a one trick pony, especially if your opponent is using big units that only he is equipped to handle.
I can't really comment on Corvus's theme because I don't know enough about his intended theme. If he's supposed to be a D&D demon for example, I'm sure he's portrayed well.
Overall I can see the Acolytes getting a price bump, maybe starting with 55. Their defense held tight often enough in the second game to make a difference. In the first everything was just super attacking everything :lol: A movement of 5 also deserves recognition over other 3/4 squads who are priced higher (although don't have glass cannon problems).

Overall I can see Corvus taking a price drop, perhaps to 165? Although this test didn't accurately reflect his defensive power (again, the way dice fell it probably wouldn't matter much), it did reflect just how painful it is to play him. He requires being Summoned to not be a strain on your SZ, which burns points, and has a restrictive movement, which can make moving him from a conquest extremely painful Dark Pact wise. Killing Acolytes by accident via Avatar of Corruption hurts a lot too, because they are basically paper from their powers.

Awesome units C3V!

kevindola August 19th, 2019 03:22 PM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
Glad you liked taking them out for a test! Love Elemental will have to take the next try and summoning the demonic hoarde.

I find them tricky to decide how many acolytes to balance per demon and when to pull the trigger on that summoning. Summon those demons too far out of the battle and you could use up valuable turns moving them, which means they aren't getting attacks, which means you are rolling to kill your own acolyte! :shock:

Maklar the Silver Prince August 25th, 2019 05:51 PM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
Map: Soaring Leap by superfrog, 2 random glyphs (Dagmar and Gerda)

Army 1: Microcorp Agents x2, Minions of Utgar x1, Taelord, Otonashi (500 points)
Army 2: Acolytes of Vorganund x4, Mezzodemon Warmongers x2, Corvor the Tainted One (500 points)

The Microcorp Agents and Taelord podded up behind the battlements of their hill, while the Minions took up some spots to block advances. One Minion grabbed the glyph of Dagmar. Meanwhile, the Mezzodemons and Acolytes advanced. The Acolytes were getting ripped apart by Taelord backed Agents on height, so I had to drop the Mezzodemons down into the fray to take some fire. This ended up working alright, and at the end of the second turn I decided to summon Corvor on height on the opposing hill where he could get into the fray. Wasn't perfect, but I was afraid I was going to lose all the Acolytes before I could get it right. Corvor took some swats at Minions as he flew into the opposing pod, and the agents dispersed to avoid a mass corruption. In afterthought, this may not have been the right move, since they controlled all of the height there, and an Acolyte found the defense glyph, making Corvor pretty impenetrable when he had height. Corvor ate through Taelord and a few agents but eventually he went down. 2 agents put up a fight and got most of Acolytes but the Mezzodemons took care of them and Otonashi after that. All 4 Mezzodemons survived (without any exoskeletons) and so did the single Acolyte on the defense glyph.

Just about every turn after Corvor was summoned, the Acolytes used Blood pact. Of the 6 turns taken with Corvor, he scored a wound in 4 of them, while going 1/3 for Avatar of Corruption (a wound on Taelord). In the 2 turns that Corvor didn't get a wound, the die rolls were 1 skull, 1 miss. Being able to summon a demon and then pretty immediately take a turn with it proved to be pretty game-changing. I thought the Acolytes were goners, the agents were throwing 3 attacks of 5 dice a turn and really ripping through the Acolytes, but as soon as Corvor got there, he got all of that fire, and 3 attacks of 4, or 3, or 2, or even 1 don't get you as far. Dreadful Presence felt like his most powerful ability, really extending his longevity as he scared people off height with the threat of Avatar of Corruption (and his big attack). He also allows the Acolyte to butcher figures while the big demon draws the fire; the Acolytes are pretty powerful in combat once they get there. Seemed like a pretty powerful combo.

I'm inclined to say a bit too powerful... but that was just one game and I have to remind myself that I sunk 180 points into Taelord to face the horde of cultists and the big bird demon.

Maklar the Silver Prince August 25th, 2019 11:22 PM

Re: Acolytes of Vorganund Public Playtesting
Copying this over from the other thread. Acolytes a total blast to play!

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