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Yodaking October 14th, 2012 12:34 AM

Comic Book Conflict Zone
I've been making more comic book themed boards on Virtualscape of late but they have been getting posted in random threads. So it is time I had a thread dedicated to those maps others might find fun to play a comic book inspired game of Heroscape on. I'll be adding to it as I go along but for now I'll just start out by getting some of the maps I already have the build directions completed for listed here.

Finger River Walk - 1 RotV, 1 Marvel, 2 RttFF, & 2 Castle Sets

Under Construction - 1 RotV, 1 BftU, 1 Castle, 6 Turbo Lift DO's, & 2 Parked Card DO's (in the shape of construction vehicles or work trucks)

Slums of Rio - 2 RotV, 2 Marvel, 2 BftU, & 2 Castle Sets
Scenario for Slums of Rio Map

Skyjack - 2 Marvel & 1 Sky Mat

Yodaking October 14th, 2012 12:55 AM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
First up is one I made for the C3G map design contest held this summer. The contest was a Gotham City themed one so it is named after one of the rivers in Gotham City, but really it can be any river walk in any city around the world.


Build Directions:
Finger River Walk

Set Requirements:
1 RotV, 1 Marvel, 2 RttFF, & 2 Castle Sets.

This is one I would deem a casual map. Just a fun little map featuring a river, a bridge, a set of stairs, & a couple cafe tables. Only 12 starting zone spots for a more hero centric battle rather then mobs of squads. C3Gs' Sub-Mariner (Namor) is a particularly fun unit for this board with his Water Avenger power being used to good effect.

Those with a particularly large collection, or have friends willing to bring more tiles over, and interested in a larger River Walk battlefield need only build a second one and connect the two. Two or more of these maps can be easily and seamlessly joined to double the length of the board.

Yodaking October 14th, 2012 01:38 AM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
Next up is my second submission for the map building contest held by C3G. A classic location for a superhero show down, an out of the way partially built building.


Build Directions:
Under Construction

1 RotV, 1 Castle, 1 BftU, 6 Turbo Lift DOs, & 2 Parker Car DOs (Any type of work truck or piece of heavy equipment will look good).
Here and here are some info one where you can pick up construction vehicles.

This one is great for a classic Sandman vs. Spider-Man throw down. Of course you will want each to bring some allies along for the ride or it will be a short game. Criminal gangs are also fond of such locations for their nefarious dealings, which means they are a prime location for vigilante patrols.

There are several notes at the end of the build direction but I should also mention that you should not plan on moving this map very far once built. If you do have to move it, chances are the building will come apart on you due to the partially built building aspect of the design.

IAmBatman October 14th, 2012 01:10 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
Great stuff! :up: I definitely hope you'll submit some more of your maps in C3G!

Yodaking October 14th, 2012 01:50 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
At some point I will. Just waiting my turn. I'm pretty sure I'll end up with more maps than will ever get added to the C3G list though, which is one reason I started the thread. Plus it is nice to get some feed back and thoughts on some of the ones that are still a work in progress in order to improve the design before submission.

I'm actually working on a full blown scenario right now. I have the parameters worked out, just need to play test it to make sure it works as intended.

IAmBatman October 14th, 2012 09:51 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
More thematic maps we can get C3G approved, the better. It'll help me in a couple of years when I switch my focus full on to scenarios and campaigns. :-)

Strange_Love October 15th, 2012 03:20 AM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
These look great Yoda!

I have to convince Chief to get to building!! Must try them all! My favorite though is the partially built city

Yodaking October 18th, 2012 11:07 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
A while back someone, I don't recall at the moment, was talking about wanting a Rio themed map based on the Ed Norton Hulk movie. I though that was an interesting idea so I gave it a shot. While I liked what I came up with on the virtualscape program I didn't take it any further. That was until now. I went ahead and built my original map concept, made some improvements, ran some play tests, made a few more tweaks, and now here you have the........

Slums of Rio


Set Requirements:

2 Marvel
2 BftU
2 Castle
2 RotV

Note that the only types of tiles showing are concrete, asphalt, shadow, dungeon, and wall walk tiles. This means that all the tiles from the two RotV sets were only used as filler to build up the lower layers. So if you are short a RotV set or two, you may still have enough swamp, snow, road walk, and lava field tiles to build this map. The thing you really need from the RotV set to make this map work are the ruins, which a similar shaped and sized item could be easily made from Popsicle sticks and/or card board.

I have created a scenario for this map inspired by the Hulk movie using C3G units and will discuss it in the following post.

Yodaking October 18th, 2012 11:12 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
Slums of Rio Scenario

Part 1 – The Hulks Blood

After a harrowing experience at the hands of the vile and manipulative Loki, the Hulk finds he is deeply conflicted and has decided to walk away from the Avengers team. As a result he has reverted to the human form of Bruce Banner. Bruce has then returned to a place he once found a home, the city of Rio, to try and sort through the conflicting emotions his dual personalities are experiencing. The Avengers have not forgotten about their powerful ally and have dispatched Ant-Man to watch over Bruce. He is not the only one keeping an eye on the comings and goings of Bruce Banner however. The SHIELD Agency has also taken note of this development and dispatched a team of agents, lead by the Black Widow, to Rio. Their assignment is to try and procure a sample of the Hulks blood, something that can only be done while Bruce is in human form.

Bruce has taken up work at a local bottling plant fixing the machinery when it breaks down. On one such day at the plant, Bruce cuts himself while working on a machine near the roof. His blood drips down from the rafters and falls among the bottles below. While he successfully manages to shut down the plant and clean up the spilt blood, he realizes too late that a few drops had fallen directly into an open bottle immediately prior to being capped. These bottles represent a perfectly preserved and sealed sample of the Hulks blood, which have since been shipped out. Bruce manages to narrow down the area in which two of the contaminated bottles were delivered and has set out to find them before anyone else does. Ant-Man, learning of the danger presented, has revealed his presence to Bruce and joined him on the hunt. Unfortunately, SHIELD has also become aware of these two preserved samples of the Hulks blood and has moved in to claim a sample at any means necessary.

The Blood Samples: Take out two glyphs of Brandar and any four other glyphs from the Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set. Shuffle all six glyphs together and place them randomly face down in the locations designated on the map build instructions. For this scenario treat these glyphs as if they were equipment glyphs, following all C3G rules for such glyphs, with the additional rule that squad figures and common heroes may not reveal an unrevealed equipment glyph when standing on it. When a unique hero ends its movement on one of the glyphs, that figure may flip it over to reveal what it is. If it is one of the two Brandar glyphs, you have discovered one of the bottles containing a sample of the Hulks’ blood. That unique hero may immediately pick it up and place it on their card, remembering that only one equipment glyph can be picked up and carried at a time. If it is any glyph other than the glyph of Brandar, remove that glyph from the game. When Bruce Banner or the Hulk locates, or is handed, a Brandar glyph and it is placed on either one of their cards, he immediately consumes the sample, removing that glyph from the game.

Team 1: Bruce Banner (70) + Incredible Hulk (C3G) (380) + Ant-Man (30) + Fire Ant Swarm x2 (20) = 500

Team 2: Black Widow (170) + SHIELD Agents x3 (330) = 500

The Set Up: Team 1 places the Bruce Banner figure, Ant-Man, and two Fire Ant Swarms on the 4 Orange Start Zone spaces designated on the map. The Incredible Hulk figure starts the game on his card. Team 2 starts the game with the Black Widow and 4 SHIELD Agents in the Red or Blue Start Zone. Place the remaining 5 SHIELD Agents anywhere in the opposite Red or Blue Start Zone. Players A and B should play through this scenario twice, switching teams after the first game is done.

Win Conditions:

Team 1 immediately wins this scenario if Bruce Banner can consume the two loose samples of his blood and escape from the net cast by SHIELD. To do this either one of the two Bruce Banner figures must first locate the two glyphs of Brandar and remove them from the game. Once that is completed, move either one of the two Bruce Banner figures to any edge of the board while being unengaged, this will constitute his escaping capture and thus end the game.

Team 2 immediately wins this scenario if the Black Widow can acquire one of the two blood samples and then make a tactical retreat. This is accomplished by Black Widow having one of the two glyphs of Brandar on her card while standing in the outside row of either the Red or Blue Start Zone while unengaged. An alternate way for team 2 to win the game is for them to capture the Hulk should the Hulk dispose of the two blood samples. In order for team 2 to capture the Hulk they must fully subdue both of the two Bruce Banner figures, Ant-Man and the Fire Ant Swarms need not be eliminated to win this way.

Part 2 – A Return to Rio

Months after Bruce Banner has left Rio, rumors begin to surface of people turning into monsters in a particular neighborhood of Rio. It appears as though not all of Bruce Banners blood has been accounted for. Interested parties have come to investigate.
The results of Part 1 will determine how Part 2 is played.

If Bruce (team 1) won 2-0, then SHIELD (Player A – Blue SZ) vs. MoE (Player B – Red SZ)

Setting: SHIELD was not pleased with the results of the previous Rio operation. They are determined to insure that if there is any truth to these rumors, they will not fail to obtain the bottled blood sample. As a result Nick Fury himself, along with a full team of agents, has descended on Rio. They are not the only ones whose interest has been piqued however. A newly formed Masters of Evil has also come to Rio in search of a preserved sample of the Hulks’ blood. What they intend to do with such a thing is unknown, but it is sure to not be something good.

If SHIELD (Team 2) won 2-0, then MoE (Player A – Blue SZ) vs. Avengers (Player B –Red SZ)

Setting: Bruce Banners’ previous failure in Rio still haunts him, and so he has returned as the Hulk. To make sure history does not repeat itself, he has brought along some friends. This time it is not SHIELD that has arrived in Rio looking for the sample though, rather a newly formed Masters of Evil. Both sides are determined not to leave empty handed.

If the teams split 1-1 with Player A winning both times, then SHIELD (Player A – Blue SZ) vs. Avengers (Player B – Red SZ)

If the teams split 1-1 with Player B winning both times, then Avengers (Player A – Blue SZ) vs. SHIELD (Player B – Red SZ)

Setting: History repeats itself in Rio, only this time the scale of the confrontation has increased. The Hulk along with a full team of Avengers squares off against the full weight of SHIELD, led by Nick Fury himself.

Teams for Part 2

1600 – Avengers
Incredible Hulk (Marvel) (370), Thor (430), Captain America (C3G) (240), Iron Man Hulk Buster (360), & Black Panther (200)

1600 – MoE
Baron Zemo (170), Abomination (C3G) (360), Red Hulk (370), Loki (420), & Mandarin (280)

1600 – SHIELD
Nick Fury (220), SHIELD Agents x3 (330), Iron Man Stealth Suit (270), Black Widow (170), Hawkeye (150), Mocking Bird (130), Gorilla-Man (160), SHIELD Spotter x2 (50), & SHIELD Sniper x3 (120)

The Blood Sample: All rumors are not based on any form of truth, and this is one such case. Unfortunately the warring parties will most likely be too preoccupied with each other to fully discover this fact until after the dust settles. That is not to say they will find nothing of interest hiding around this particular section of Rio though. Some of what they find may even come in handy in the coming confrontation, while other items, not so much so. Take out six glyphs of Utility and shuffle them together, then randomly place each one face down on one of the glyph locations designated by the map. Figures placed onto the board by the Drop Team or a similar Special Power may not be placed on any of these glyphs. When any figure moves onto a Utility glyph, whoever controls that figure may pick up and look at the Utility glyph before placing it face down back on the board where it was found. Unique heroes may then choose to pick up the Utility glyph, placing it face down on the figures’ card. The Utility glyph need not be turned face up until the glyph is actually used, to use the Utility glyph it must be turned face up and revealed to all. When a figure loses control of a face down Utility glyph, the glyph should be placed using the C3G equipment glyph rules with the exception that it should be placed on the board face down and the opponent may not look at the glyph prior to doing so.

Special Rules: Each player begins the game with a piece of paper containing the names of the six Utility glyphs placed on the game board to start the game. Each time a player identifies a new Utility Glyph, that player should cross the name of the glyph off their list. Also when a Utility Glyph is used and revealed to all, any player that had not yet identified that glyph may cross it off their list. The first team to discover the truth of the matter, that there are no blood samples to be had, by crossing all 6 glyph names off their list may choose to add or subtract 8 from their initiative rolls for the rest of the game.

Win Conditions: Completely eliminated the opposing team from the board.

quozl October 18th, 2012 11:17 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
I am this >< close to proposing you be made a member of the mapmaking team. That is really good!

Yodaking October 18th, 2012 11:18 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone
I play tested the scenario, which was actually very beneficial as it resulted in me making several changes from it's initial conception. For example I originally had Wasp instead of Ant-man as Hulks ally in part 1 but testing quickly pointed out some issues with that idea so the change was made. I'm posting notes from the remaining tests for anyone that is interested.

Part 1 Play Testing Results: The very nature of having randomly placed glyphs and instant win conditions based on the glyphs in question leads to swingy results. My first play test lasted quite a while and came down to the wire. Hulk had 5 wounds on his card when he won the game with Ant-Man, both Fire Ant Swarms, & Bruce Banner all eliminated. On the other side, Black Widow had 3 wounds on her card and only 2 SHIELD Agents remained. With the last blood sample getting knocked out of Black Widows hands and a mad scramble for it at the end it was pretty exciting. The second play test though had Bruce Banner finding one sample on the first glyph he went to in Round 1. Black Widow then found the 2nd sample on the first glyph she went to, this was in round 2 so in round 3 Black Widow won initiative to get the free move and promptly escaped soon after. It was a very quick game with only one Fire Ant Swarm being destroyed and no other wounds given out. This is why it is set up to play through Part 1 twice, it betters the odds of getting at least one close/exciting game and both players get to explore the board a bit with different units before the big show down in Part 2 takes place.

Part 2 Play Testing Results (done before adding the special rules for part 2): Played through this part twice so that each army could be utilized on the map. The first one was the Avengers vs. MoE, with MoE winning a close one. Loki used his God of Evil power to redirect 3 wounds back at Hulk for the win, had he not Hulk may have proved the stronger as they were the last two figures standing. In the second test the MoE fell to SHIELD in what turned out to be a route at the end. Both tests seemed to focus around the lower half of the map for the most part as the battle kicked into high gear right way. In the first test Thor rushed out to lightning strike the MoE while still clumped together near the Start Zone and in the second one Abomination super leaped over to attack Stealth Suit ironman while he had no OM on his card to run away with. Then Red Hulk super leaped into the SHEILD Start Zone hoping to Release the Heat on a bunch of units at once and take down the long range units threating Zemo from outside of his glue traps range. While both suicide attacks were generally successful, it is interesting to note that both teams that made a suicide attack on the others start zone ended up losing the game. The equipment glyphs did not play a major role early on, only once Loki was left all alone did he start teleporting around looking for the First Aid Kit. In the second match had SHIELDS Start Zone not been assaulted right away the many agents may have been more interested in seeing what they could find but never really got the chance. Then the game suddenly took a quick turn and ended before any of the MoE could go searching for the First Aid Kit. Actually in both games once Mandarin died and his rings dropped on the board they became the focus. They were known commodities (revealed) and much more powerful than anything the utility glyphs could offer.

Follow up: After running the Part 2 Playtests I added a reason to look at all 6 of the Utility glyphs in the game. You don’t need to look at all 6 to win, but if you are the first do so you gain significant control over who goes first each round. This control can definitely help a savvy player win so it should help create a little more interest in the glyphs, if nothing else to at least deny your opponent that control.

Part 2 Play Test Results Take 2 (done after adding in the special rules for Part 2): This time went with SHEILD vs. the Avengers to complete testing of the 3 possible match-ups. I really like the addition of the special rules. Stealth Suit Ironman started zipping about checking out the glyphs and the Hulk leapt out to do the same. SS Ironman took a quick lead in the uncovered glyphs race, even blasting a glyph out of Hulks hands and hyper speeding onto it. Hulk then just gave up on the glyphs and chased SS Ironman around smashing him when he could. Soon team SHIELD had seen 5 of the 6 glyphs with the last one being held onto by Hulkbuster Ironman. SS Ironman was killed so without a quick way over they were stuck at 5. At this point the battle picked up the pace with a heavily wounded Hulk smashing Gorilla-Man and becoming the Gorilla himself. Then he shot down 2 of the snipers before Hawkeye killed him and became the next Gorilla-Man. Nick Fury dropped in and Kill Boxed Thor a few times, wounding but not killing him. As the battle passed the middle point, the Avengers suddenly became interested in the glyphs again and pulled up tight in that race at 5-5. SHIELD had left the last glyph out as bait for some more Kill Box action, which the Avengers eventually took. The Avengers now had an advantage on initiative rolls as it entered the end game and it looked like they were going to clean up the remaining agents, but SHIELD pulled out a win with just 2 Agents left. It was a close and excited match that saw a little bit more of the action spread out across the board, although the main fight still took place around the lower half of the map.

MegaSilver October 18th, 2012 11:22 PM

Re: Comic Book Conflict Zone

Originally Posted by quozl (Post 1698068)
I am this >< close to proposing you be made a member of the mapmaking team. That is really good!

:thumbsup: :word:

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