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toyhandle May 2nd, 2021 06:35 AM

Re: Godzilla and friends
Awesome collection. Can you take a pic of Biollante on a 7 Hex?

Showa Gigan can be a Tag-Team type character, since he appeared alongside Ghidorah and Megalon, and Final Wars Gigan would have the double chainsaw hands and hook wraps.

BeardBeyond May 6th, 2021 06:51 AM

Re: Godzilla and friends

Originally Posted by toyhandle (Post 2462195)
Awesome collection. Can you take a pic of Biollante on a 7 Hex?

I certainly can when I get the chance, but that might be a ways away as I'm on a 7 day work week indefinitely and devoting the little spare time I have to organizing and sleeving Millennium Blades Collusion All-In Kickstarter that just came in. It's gonna take an extra while because I'm making custom dividers for the ones they messed up on and cataloguing every card in the game because apparently no ones done this yet and how am I supposed to know if any cards are missing otherwise? XD

I'll likely take a short intermission next week and bust out some tiles and Biollante, but the odd shape of the figure will likely mean I'll have to trace its perimeter to get a few clear pics of how it sits best on x number of hexes (as its upper body blocks the view of how most of its lower body touches the ground).

toyhandle August 24th, 2021 02:45 AM

Re: Godzilla and friends




LIFE = 4

MOVE = 5


At the start of the game, place one Glyph of the Oxygen Destroyer on its card, and set it aside. You may place any figure destroyed by an opponent's Kaiju on this card. When # or more figures are placed on this card, you may remove them and place the Glyph of the Oxygen Destroyer on this card. If Daisuke Serizawa is destroyed, remove the Glyph of the Oxygen Destroyer from the game. Instead of attacking with Daisuke Serizawa, you may place the Glyph of the Oxygen Destroyer power-side up on any empty space within 3 clear sight spaces of Daisuke Serizawa and no more than 4 levels above his base. After placing it, immediately follow its rules and then remove it from the game.




When this glyph is placed on the battlefield power-side up, any Hero or Squad figure that is on or within 4 spaces of this glyph immediately receives 4 wounds.
Then, roll the 20-sided die for each affected Hero or Squad figure on the battlefield, one at a time. Add 4 to the roll if that figure is a Kaiju.

If you roll 3 or less, that figure receives no additional wounds.
If you roll 4-19, that figure receives one additional wound.
If you roll 20 or higher, that figure receives four additional wounds.

Androids and Constructs are not affected by the Glyph of the Oxygen Destroyer.

Ronin August 24th, 2021 02:16 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
That's no friend of Godzilla!

Is it worth doing the Oxygen Destroyer as a power on his card instead of as a glyph? It feels like something that's too strong to get used in other contexts much, and the design isn't particularly leveraging its glyph status.

toyhandle August 25th, 2021 06:31 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
Good question, I don't actually know. The Blackout, Cyber, Remote-Detonated and Time Bomb Permanent Glyphs, and Gamma Bomb Temporary Glyph made me think it should be a glyph.

Ronin September 11th, 2021 01:19 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
The main advantages of making it a separate glyph are that other designs would be able to use it, or you could just use it as an option for a glyph pool.

(Or from a just-this-design perspective, having a separate glyph could help with tracking chosen spaces, but with this being a one-and-done vs any kind of lingering effect or multi-space thing, that doesn't seem like a big deal)

It seems so wildly powerful that I'm just not sure any other card would ever bring it into play. (And thematically there aren't really other cards that should do so, thanks to Serizawa's sacrifice. :p)

toyhandle March 24th, 2022 05:17 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
I was thinking about Megalon, and his role as an Ally to Gigan. In my opinion, Megalon belongs in a different class to King Ghidorah.

From the Great Class Change of '21: "We're moving some older squads to the Invader class so we can use that as a synergy hook for alien invaders."
I take Alien Invaders as meaning extraterrestrial, and more aligned to conquest or evil. Megalon is a native to earth, and guided by a people who are not evil or seeking domination.

TLDR; In a Scientist vs Genius or Agent vs Spy type division of hero/villain classes, I think Guardians vs Deities could work for Kaiju along the lines of Megalon. A lot of them are fairly neutral characters, but I detail my reasoning for categorization below.

Not sure if thereís been In-Sanctum development on Mothra outside of the Kaiju thread, but for the writeup I had done, I wrote:

Looking at it case by case:

King Kong is a Protector, but I donít think we want to give Excalibur a ton of Giant Monsters to work with.

There is no Deity synergy that Iím aware of. I can only see two Deities: Beyonder and Ares, not heroic characters.

There is no Guardian synergy that Iím aware of. From at the Guardians we have that I can see, it typically leans toward the Heroic, although, there is the Phoenix Force that is a Guardian. Other than that, if Guardians are Heroic, Mothra should be a Guardian.

We do have to get around to doing Gamera, Guardian of the Universe eventually, and heís almost always Heroic, so, perfect fit.

King Caesar
Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

Spoiler Alert!

Final Roll Call-
King Caesar


Cultists are a class in C3G that I always wanted to see expanded on, and it would be cool to see some Cultists that could summon Deities.

MrNobody March 24th, 2022 05:54 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
Fwiw, we did take the Deity callout thing to a group vote and voted against it.

Sounds like you want to LD some Kaiju. :p

toyhandle March 24th, 2022 07:46 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
I spent a good amount of time researching and writing that, can I hear the reasoning behind voting against it?

MrNobody March 24th, 2022 09:08 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
Sure, a few reasons. I'm not a Kaiju dude, so I may be forgetting some or misinterpreting them.

1) I think you're taking a very literal stance on Invader class based on a blurb we quickly wrote to explain some design updates we made. We believe Megalon meets the literal definition of Invader (one who invades) while fitting the general aesthetic the class already has. (Goofy sci-fi stuff!)

2) We felt like some of the justification provided was a bit weak or took some stretches with the source material, such as attributing events in Varan to the supernatural.

3) We didn't want these dudes to have or give synergy with Ares and Beyonder. Like we agreed that Gigan/Ares makes a little bit of sense as a combo (or at least that it doesn't make anti-sense), but giving anybody synergy with Beyonder sounds like a general mistake.

We did take some time to see if another class would fit (like Subterranean or Scourge, as some examples), but everything we thought of seemed to have issues with it.

Ultimately there's also very little thematic pull to play these dudes with each other. We try to always put thought and care into "future-proofing" designs we make, but I think basing part of Gigan's card off of what we might do on Megalon's card if we want Megalon to share a synergy web with a bunch of other C-list Toho monsters (some of which don't have comics and/or figures) was a bit of a step too far for most people. :p

I will say this honestly and earnestly (since I know I've poked a bit of fun in the past), if you want to have an increased voice in C3G design discussions, try your hand at designing! :p It grants you a wider influence in conversations like this and the ability to more greatly shape the direction we take, especially if it's a character you LD.

Soundwarp SG-1 March 24th, 2022 10:03 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
It wasn't something we just dismissed out of hand. I spent a lot of time pestering people to give me thoughts on it :razz: Especially considering I actively dislike Megalon and don't care about him :lol:

Part of the thing with Deity in particular was like... Deity in C3G is for hella big time gods / god like things?

Not just "something somebody somewhere worships". No one really worships Beyonder. The character has to have the power of a deity. Proper world altering stuff.

Like Thor and such isn't even one, so having a 3rd stringer Kaiju like Megalon (or an... idk 8th stringer... like Varan :lol:) up on that level was kinda considered a non-starter.

We did run through some other options, including trying to find a 'local monster god' class that made any sense for Gigan to call out. But nothing really sparked any joy. Especially for Megalon where he fit the C3G definition of Invader fine. They don't have to be exclusively from outer space or anything.

It's just a lot cleaner mechanically for Megalon to have the bad guy monster class and work in that faction naturally than have Gigan call out a different class just for him. And pulling in Varan or samurai thing no one had heard didn't really offer a compelling reason to fight with it any more than we already did since they don't really have a terribly pressing reason to hang with Gigan and Megalon anyway. And have basically a zero percent chance of being designed at all if its not a toy handle LD.

Soundwarp SG-1 March 24th, 2022 10:17 PM

Re: Godzilla and friends
But to be clear, definitely appreciate you taking the time to write out your reasonings and such.

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